How to Best Distribute Your Custom Brochures?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Brochure  |  May 1, 2023

No matter how well-written or well-designed your brochure is, it is ineffective if you fail to distribute it to the right people. While good design and content are important for brochure printing, you also have to consider a good distribution strategy.

After your custom brochure printing, you need to focus on how to distribute them. To help you out, we are going to list the top ways to distribute your brochures.

1.  Person-to-Person

You can go for the person-to-person brochure printing distribution method. It is a proactive approach, which ensures higher customer engagement. People find it difficult to say no to people who are handing our brochures. Hence, a personal approach will help customers relate better to your business.

You can hire a small distribution team to help you out with the process. Train them to give a short sales pitch to passers-by. You can dress them in branded uniforms for increasing their legitimacy.

2.  Leave a Stack in High Traffic Locations

You can just leave a stand or rack of brochures out in public. It is a less aggressive way of distributing your tri fold brochure printing, The method depends more on content, design, and presentation. Even if there is a small risk of damaging the brochures, leaving them in high-traffic locations ascertains they get noticed.

You can leave them in waiting spots, such as bus terminals, lounges, or train platforms. They can get the reading materials for people who are looking for transportation.

3. Direct Mail Marketing

For a quick delivery of folded brochure printing is to mail them to the address of the customers. Use your customer database, particularly if it includes a physical address. It is an excellent strategy to promote your business.

Here is how you can go about it-

·   Coordinate with a mailing house, specializing in brochure delivery

·   Mail the flyers yourself

·   Choose an exclusive shared plan or delivery

4.  Business to Business

It is important that you foster good relations with local brands and businesses, particularly when they are from the same industry. Strike a deal that will be beneficial for both. A simple arrangement that displays your A3 brochure printing will help in effectively promoting your brand.

For instance, if you have a real estate business, you can leave your flyers in a furniture or hardware store.

5.   Multi Drop Distribution

If you target customers of a specific area, you can insert the A4 brochures in a local newspaper or magazine and get them delivered in a bundle with the subscription of the customers.

While the strategy might cost you a little money, it can be an effective trick as you can easily reach out to the right audience.

6.  Door to Door

In case you are a local business planning to send out brochures within the community, the door-to-door distribution method is an easy way to go. Go around your neighborhood and leave the brochures at the doorstep of your target customers. You can also drop them in their letterbox.

Brochures are effective marketing tools. You should not let poor brochure distribution methods get in the way of their potential.