How to Design the Perfect Save the date Calendar?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  September 29, 2021

If you want creative save-the-date ideas for your upcoming wedding, then you have landed on the right blog.

In this blog, we will talk about calendar printing services that are extremely popular amongst would-be brides and grooms. It is a great way to give potential guests a heads up.

After all, you are finally getting hitched and you need to announce it to the world in a special way. Custom calendar printing services help you make save-the-date calendars that are a friendly reminder for your friends and family.

Go creative and know your save-the-date styles and talk to the nearest custom calendar printing company.

Jot down all the essential details related to your wedding and get started. If you want fancy, you can go all the way and get the magnetic calendars. These are also used for baby showers, birthdays, and other kinds of parties. Let your loved ones know that they are blocked on that particular day when your love story will get its happy ending.

You can send them months before the big day so that your guests get ample time to postpone their work or shift travel plans.

They also get time to make other arrangements as well. So how to design save the date calendars?

  • First of all, decide on a picture where both of you look fabulous. You can even hire a professional photographer for this particular picture.

  • After you are done with the same, you need to decide on the wording. The wording might include the names of the couple, the date, the location, etc. However, do not use too many words on save the date calendars. Also, make sure that there is a theme present on the calendar.

  • It is a perfect way to tell your loved ones that they are special and wanted on your special day. I would suggest you send them sooner than later when it comes to etiquette.

  • If you have out-of-station friends, they will appreciate it because they have to purchase plane tickets and book hotels. As long as you choose the right magnetic stock and the right size, you are good to go.

  • The artwork should be spectacular and must contain all the necessary details. When it comes to the background of the magnetic calendar, keep it simple. There is no need to add additional words because you will anyway include them on the invitation cards.

So these are a few things that we wanted to share with you when it comes to save the date calendars. To know about wall calendars, kindly read the other blogs in the series.

We will also talk about desk tent calendar and more.