How to Format Pages for a Perfect Binding?

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Design Tips  |  March 25, 2010

A book is not a collection of pages but a complete unit in itself. The book is held together by binding and thus it plays a crucial role in the printing industry. Binding is of many types but one of the most commonly used types of binding is perfect binding. It is a process which involves adhesive binding of a book or a magazine that allows it to open flat (180 degrees).
This type of binding is very cost effective. Such binding is used for paperbacks and most of the books in your bookshelf will have this kind of binding. The durability of such binding lies often in the quality and amount of adhesive used. However perfect binding isn’t an easy job a few important things that needs to be kept in mind while formatting the page for a perfect binding whether it is a notepad or a letterhead whatever be the promotional material you are printing.

  • Formatting Pages: Formatting pages for perfect binding can be one of the easiest kinds of formatting as it is done only along the spine edge. Unlike spiral binding or comb binding it does not need much of blank spaces on the side of the binding. Also perfect binding is a fast process as the adhesive used for perfect binding settles down and dries up very quickly.


  • Rough Cut on One Side: The edges on the side of the binding should be rough cut prior to applying the adhesive. This must be done to make sure that the surface absorb the hot glue and forms a strong bond between the individual pages. In the final stage the other three sides are face trimmed to give the book a perfect look.
  • Divide When Large: In case the size of the book is too large, dividing the pages into smaller sections is a very good idea. In this process the book is divided into sections and each small section is bound to the other by a strong layer of adhesive. A heavier stock paper is glued to the spine as a cover to make the book stronger.


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