How to Grow Your Business with Every Door Direct Mail?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Direct Mail Marketing, Marketing  |  August 15, 2022

Want to promote your business but have a low budget? Every Door Direct Mail might be the right choice for you. It can promote your businesses at a low cost. Looking through mails is an everyday occurrence for many. So, with EDDM, you can get your business directly in front of potential customers.

EDDM is the USPS service that lets businesses send their mail piece to specific career routes. Rather than buying a targeted mailing list, blanket the areas close to your business or area where you would like to spread the word about your business. It allows great exposure at an affordable postal rate.

The industries that can benefit from Every Door Direct Mail are given below-

a. Home Improvement or Outdoor Services

Summer and spring are the two seasons when people are looking to clean and upgrade their houses. Your potential customers are looking for ways to brighten their house and make it look aesthetically beautiful from the inside out. Hence, you have to show your potential customers that you can take care of the projects so that they are just able to enjoy the weather instead of worrying about home improvement. Display the areas that you specialize in on your EDDM.

b. Realtors

The real estate market is HOT at present. So, you can use an EDDM postcard to target the customers in your neighborhood to let them know about a house that has recently been sold or listed. With an EDDM, you can also target neighborhood by income to learn about the new seller or buyer prospects, or market an open house.

>c. Financial Institutions

There are many people out there who have to refinance their car, house, or student loans. You can let your community know that you can help them out in a stress-free or easy way. Reassure your potential and existing customers that everything is going to be okay when you handle their finances. Make sure that you show them that you have experience dealing with such things on the full service EDDM

d. Restaurants

People are looking to order out and get their food delivered to them. If you own a restaurant, you have to hand out information about what you offer to your potential customers. You can give out details, such as where they can access the menu, how to order their food from your restaurants, and what’s the current pickup procedure.

Final Thoughts

When you design your EDDM folded mailer, design the art in accordance with the printing regulations of the USPS. The requirements are quite strict. You also have to ensure that the design that you are choosing for your Every Door Direct Mail. So, make it stand out. Don’t forget to include an attractive call-to-action and images that are attention-grabbing. One of the most important things to include is the contact information of your business.