How to Make Your Business Cards the Perfect Marketing Tool?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Business Cards  |  November 14, 2022

Business cards in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are everywhere. You can hand them out to your clients. They play a significant role in marketing your business. However, many fail to see marketing as an opportunity to grow their business. They can be the best marketing tool.

With a business card, you can market your business to a captive and targeted audience. You are handing it out to your potential customers for a reason.

Here are a few ways to perk up the look of your business card so that it can increase sales rather than collect dust.

1.   Give It a Purpose

It is not just about communication. Business cards that can multi-task will be checked more frequently than regular business cards. Your customers can transform it into a bookmark, note card, event ticket, or sticker.  At times, customers can use it as a conversation piece and your brand automatically become a part of their conversation.

2.   Challenge People

When you are choosing business card printing, you can surprise the recipients with a fun figure or fact. Consider a trivial-style question or a piece of trivia, which is applicable to your business. For instance, you can add a simple fact that will help your customer or can spur supervision. Your aim should be able to amuse or engage people when they check their square business cards. It will make your business cards stand out.

3.   Track It

You can include an SKU or QR code on your luxury business cards. Whenever you hand out the business cards to the customers, give your recipients coupons or discounts to check out your website. It will help you track the rate at which the plastic cards are attracting your potential customers to take an action. In case the incentive or the present design doesn’t work, you can choose some other design.

4.   Use Testimonials to Add Credibility

Customers tend to relate more with other customers. This is the reason testimonials are so important. You should use your card to make a difference. So, you can add a link or a brief quote on the business card. It is an incredible way to add valuable space, which can otherwise go to waste.

5.   Put a Face to the Name

You should put your photo on the business card before you send them out to print at a good business card maker. It will enable people to put a face to the brand name after they meet you. A photo on the plastic business cards will add familiarity to the brand of the company and increase the likability but will paint a picture of you as an individual. Hence, you will be easily recognizable from your competitors.

Hand out your business card physically as it can add more value to the business card.