How to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: trade show displays  |  April 15, 2024

To make an impression in a trade show and increase your visitor count, it is crucial to deploy a booth stand that sets a powerful brand image before the audience. For that, you need to make your trade show display stand out.
In this blog, we are going to list some of the top ways to make your trade show booth displays irresistible.

  1. Stick to Your Branding Guidelines
  2. In case you have multiple trade show products, such as trade show banner stand or trade show table covers, you need to ensure that you are printing follow your own branding guidelines. Put the logo of the company and the name on every piece. Maintain a consistent style so that people visiting the booth are able to recognize it from a distance. Consistent branding ensures your pop up trade show displays are memorable and easier to find.

  3. Add Color to Make It Pop
  4. A good trade show display with the right colors will make it stand out from the rest. While you might not be able to predict the color schemes of the trade show booth placed around you, you can always use bright colors, which grab people’s eyes, irrespective of the color schemes of the booths of your competitors.
    Here are a few tips you can follow to make the custom pop up displays for the event tent stand out.

    1. Create a theme that goes with your mission. In case your brand focuses on being eco-friendly, a green-blue color scheme can convey the message even without words.
    2. Use the colors of your brand but do not be afraid to branch out. Using the brand colors makes it convenient for the attendees to recognize your brand. But using a color that contrasts with the brand can draw the attention of your visitors to your booth to parts of the trade show displays you would like them to notice.

  5. Create a Good First Impression
  6. First impression is everything. In case your visuals cannot succinctly explain what, it is that you or your brand does in that first impression, people might not stop by your booth. For making a good first impression, you need to show your potential exactly what your business does through displays, such as trade show table covers or step and repeat backdrop.
    If the text is too small to read from a distance or there are colors that do not fit your style or brand accidentally dissuade the audience from checking out the trade show booth. A well-designed banner draws the attention of the audience and shows that visiting the booth is going to be worth it.

  7. Use Space Effectively
  8. It isn’t enough to have just one banner at the booth. You need to ensure you have a wide range of materials to best represent the company but make sure not to make it too sparse or busy. Make sure you are using space effectively for making it easier for anyone to come to your booth without feeling excessively crowded.