How to Stand Out with Your Direct Mail Printing?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Direct Mail Marketing  |  June 6, 2022

Are you planning to use direct mail marketing to promote your business? Well, you will have to tap into your creative side. When you are designing a direct mail, you have to unleash your imagination and trigger your artistic capabilities.

Your direct mail printing campaign can only be successful if you are able to create an attractive design. So, here we are going to list a few design tips that will help you to stand out.

1. Pay Attention to the Format

Before you are choosing the finish or stock for the direct mail, you have to decide on the format. For this, you have to consider what your target audience usually responds to. Don’t forget to focus on how you would like to present the brand.

For instance, with a printed letter you can easily set a formal tone and make the campaign appear authoritative. But if you printdirect mail postcards, you can appear more playful. With EDDM postcards, you can grab the attention of the younger market. Again, if you use a custom shape for your direct mail brochure, it will help you to stand out in the crowd.

2. Check the Paper’s Weight

The thickness or weight of the paper is measured in grams per square meter. So, the higher is the number, the thicker or heavier the paper is. For instance, a good quality folded postcard mailer will weigh about 350GSM, while a lightweight flyer might weigh only 130GSM.

 If you choose higher-weight full service EDDMmaterials, it will improve the quality of the end product. Thicker paper stock is surely going to feel heavier in hand. Customers tend to associate them with premium brands.

3. Consider the Paper Coating

Don’t forget about the paper coating. Uncoated paper generally works well for materials with heavy text. But they do not require a professional feel. If you want the material to have a professional look, you should opt for matte or gloss coating. The matte coating prevents glare and gives the printed material an understated look but the gloss coating makes all bold colors on the postcard or brochures pop.

4. Focus on the Finishing Job

Print finishes tend to add a wow-factor to all direct mail materials. For instance, embossing will add a tactile element and you can use it for spotting UV for highlighting a key message using a high-gloss varnish. Another way to make your direct mail material look unique is to go for foil stamping. It is best for materials intended for long-term usages, like a membership card or a discount card. The finishing of the direct mail brochure or postcards plays a significant role.

5. Customize the Print

Today, technology has made it possible for you to personalize all direct mail materials. Printing the recipient’s name or address is just the beginning. It is now possible to change the graphics and text on the materials to make them look more attractive to the customers. thus, it becomes possible to target a wider range of customers through a single direct mail campaign.

Bottom Line

Direct mail marketing can transcend your online gambling experience and send out a message to the customers. The stock, format, and coating finish that you choose will influence how people are perceiving your brand.