Mistakes to Avoid with Booklet Printing

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Books & Catalogs  |  April 24, 2023

When you are printing booklets, you can easily make mistakes, especially if you don’t have any idea bout how printing works. No matter whether you are responsible for creating corporate booklets or doing it for personal use, you can always end up making mistakes.

But there are ways to avoid such mistakes. Let’s take a look at the mistakes you can avoid with booklet printing.

1.  Choose the Wrong File Type

The right file type is important when it comes to custom booklets. Almost all printing providers prefer PDF formats when it comes to printing. It means you shouldn’t use JPG, Word, or other file types. Convert the files in PDF format and ensure it did not mess up the formatting and alignments of the document.

PDF format is used since the images and text in booklets are embedded. It means you will be able check out the exact images and text in the final print. Surely, your cheap booklet printing might not look good if it has colors in different shades.

2.  Not Being Specific About the Requirements

Before you start searching for a printing provider, it is crucial that you have a clear understanding of the requirements. Often, people prefer the standard size of color booklet printing. However, in reality, there is no standard size when it comes to booklet printing. They can vary in orientation and length.

Prior to asking your printing service for cost quotes, it is best to tell them about your specific requirement for the booklet. Give them the right measurement and tell them what you want to print. Make sure that you have exactly the right measurement for the booklet you would like to print. Hence, there are no mistakes when you print booklets in bulk. Make sure that you are providing useful details.

3.  Adding Excessive Content

You might want to share all helpful information about your business but adding too much content to your custom booklet printing no minimum can make it look crowded. Also, it can make the booklet difficult to read. So, make sure that your content is short and crisp. You have to enter your information with the right number of words.

This is the reason it is better to print info graphics, tables, diagrams, or pie charts. Thus, you will not have to add too much content to your printed booklet. With a graph or flowchart, you will be able to give your readers insightful details on the topic or your business. It will ensure you can attract more customers through the booklets.