Mistakes You Need to Avoid with Bulk Posters Printing

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Banner, Posters & Signs  |  January 30, 2023

Printing posters in bulk is an incredible way to promote your business. It helps in promoting your show or event, marketing your products, or raising awareness. So, you need to choose a design that stands out. But there are a few common mistakes people make when they are printing posters in bulk.

Some of the posters printing appears to be minute details. These mistakes can cause you to lose customers. Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes you should avoid with bulk poster printing.

1.  Not Knowing the Number of Posters You Need

Printing posters in bulk has never been more convenient. With only a few clicks, you can order posters over the internet at competitive pricing. Nevertheless, you have to plan ahead even if a printing company delivers orders in just 48 hours. No matter the reason to print posters, make sure that you calculate in advance. Even at an affordable cost, a second print run costs you more than ordering a bigger quantity the first time. If you are on a tight schedule, you might not have enough time to print the second batch.

2.  Choosing an Image Irrelevant to Your Message

You should choose a captivating image for large poster printing. However, make sure that the image supports the overall message of the brand. The image you use has to be more than just appealing and should communicate a message. It has to be in line with the marketing theme of your poster so that your potential customer relates the image with your business. Hence, you shouldn’t just choose a stock image for the posters. You can work with a designer to choose an aesthetically pleasing image.

3.  Adding Too Much Information

Keep in mind that the poster isn’t a pamphlet. So, when you are designing poster stand & boards make sure that it doesn’t have large blocks of text. It has to be attractive and on point. If you overwhelm the onlooker with information, they are going to keep walking without taking a look at it. Don’t forget that whatever you are writing on the posters has to be understood by the onlooker. In case you are in doubt, you can talk to the printing company you have hired.

4.  Making the Text Illegible

Regardless of whether it is because of wrong font choices or low-resolution files, you cannot afford to have blurry or unreadable text. Even when your poster has only a few words, they have to pack a punch. You have to ensure that your designer understands your requirements for bulk poster printing and you should test out the design for yourself. In case you are unable to read the posters from a few feet, your prospective customers will not be able to either. It is better to double-check with the printing service.

In case you follow our above guidelines to avoid common printing mistakes, you can save yourself money, time, and stress. You need to make sure that you have chosen good professional printing service. It is crucial to check out their poster printing options.