Mistakes You Need to Avoid with Flyer Printing

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  March 28, 2022

No matter you are attending a trade show or developing point-of-sale marketing material, a flyer can be a powerful tool for your business. But more often than not, people make mistakes with flyer printing. Making mistakes with the flyers can reduce its effectiveness and make them useless as a promotional tool. In case you are developing and printing flyers for the first time, there are mistakes that you need to avoid.

So, here are the mistakes you should avoid if you plan to print a flyer for your business.

1.     Using an Image that is Irrelevant to Your Message

You should use an enticing message for your flyers. So, you should include an image that will support the brand’s overall message. The illustration and photo you are using have to be more than attractive. Make sure that it communicates something important. It has to be in line with your marketing strategy. Your target customers should be able to associate the image with the business. Even if an image is aesthetically pleasing, it is not going to help your business. Work with a flyer printing company to come up with the most attractive design.

2.     Adding Too Much Information

A flyer isn’t a pamphlet, it shouldn’t contain large blocks of texts. The flyer has to be attractive and straight to the point. In case you overwhelm your target customers with too much information, they will dump it in the trash can without a second glance. Remember, your flyer’s meaning has to be understood through the images. Your target customers should get the message conveyed by the flyer within a few seconds. Edit your message and cut out details that aren’t necessary. If you are in doubt, you can consult a flyer printing company that can print a rectangle flyer.

3.     Including Illegible Text

No matter it is due to poor font choices or low resolution, you cannot afford to have unreadable text. If your die cut flyer just has a few words, those words have to be effective. Your designer should understand what you want out of the flyer. Test the flyer.

Double-check with your printing service to make sure that the folded flyer you are printing is of high quality.

4.     Printing Only a Few Flyers

In case you have budget concern, it is understandable that you don’t additional flyers that will go to waste. It will lead to money wastage. But printing a few flyers is also a mistake that you should avoid. All types of marketing campaigns depend on visibility. Hence, you should ensure that the flyers you are printing are seen by a majority of your customers. make sure that you don’t print cheap quality flyers.

If you have tons of additional flyers, you have to be creative with flyer distribution. Sure, you might think that you can always print more if you need but it is more affordable if you print them together. Your estimate needs to be accurate and plan out where you would like to distribute after flyer printing.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the mistakes you need to avoid with flyer printing, you can turn your design ideas into reality.