Posters at PrintPapa to Cost 25% Less This September

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Marketing, New @PrintPapa  |  September 14, 2009

Posters have always been one of the most effective and one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business to the niche consumer group. Allowing the freedom of creativity as well as employing sharp marketing acumen, posters not only increase lead generation but also help to expand the consumer base considerably.


Of all outdoor marketing campaigns, a poster campaign is one of the most personalized and one-to-one marketing messages one can ever implement. However, a poster campaign is only effective or profitable if it has been executed well, and with the right intentions in mind. A strategically planned poster marketing campaign will have taken into consideration facts such as poster size, color combination, textual matter and places where these posters shall be set up. Therefore, it is advisable to have professionals design, develop and print your marketing posters to achieve the desired effect on consumers, i.e. conversion to sales!


Most corporate organizations seek the help of professionals – both in-house and external hired agencies – for developing posters for their marketing campaign . However, it is the start-up companies as well as small-sized enterprises that decide to venture out on their poster marketing campaigns on their own. This is usually done to cut down on costs – a practice that not only rips apart the marketing campaign itself, but also costs them much more than they would have bargained for.

The amateurish work does not bother consumers, and the resultant ROI is too low to be actually deemed profitable. But most of these small-time enterprises do not wish to go for professional designers or printing agencies for fear of being fleeced a huge sum. So what is the solution?


PrintPapa, one of the premier printing agencies in US has come up with an innovative and affordable solution. The agency is offering a whopping 25% off on poster printing orders till the end of September. The initiative, taken to help companies lacking in large budgets promote themselves through posters, has caught on like wildfire in the industry.


The offer can be availed through a PromoCode and can help you to save up to 25% or max of $100 while ordering poster prints online. With 15 days already over in the month, you need to hurry to reap the rewards of this limited-time offer.

With costs no longer a headache, you can go ahead and execute your dream poster marketing campaign, albeit within 30th September, with the help of PrintPapa!

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