Printing Ideas For A Presentation Folder

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Marketing, Tips & Tricks  |  June 3, 2010

Presentation folders are one of the most underestimated marketing tools but they can do wonders for your business. If you thought that presentation folders are just meant for holding loose papers then you are under a big misconception. They have come up as a vital accessory for all the other documents. While designing a folder you will be spoilt for choices. Apply them skillfully though as the folder will represent your company to many people. There is not one industry that can be used which does not use presentation folders in their promotional campaigns. You are printing promotional materials because you want to sell something and a presentation folder helps you immensely to market the services or products.

Now let us take a look at the various things that you should consider while designing a presentation folder:

Size: Deciding the size of a presentation folder is very important. The standard size of such folders is 9X12. If this size suits you then it is well and fine but you can also go for smaller and larger folders. There are various shapes and sizes available in the company. Many features can be found in these folders such as slits for business cards as well as CDs whichever you want to include in your promotional material. Business card slits allow you to place your company material within the presentation folder. If there is some other features that you feel will meet your purpose then the folders can be customized likewise.

Images: The folders that you design should always carry the company name and logo. Quotes and mottos of the company are also inserted by the marketers. The color schemes for the folder should be thought about. Decide about the color combinations that will catch the audience’s attention most – whether you will go for earthy or vibrant tones or a mix and match or any other choice.
Materials: Looks of the folder are crucial. In order to look very professional a coordinated folder with coordinated marketing materials inside are a great choice. It is just like a kit. This will ensure that the client keeps all the information about the company and not just the presentation folder. The presentation folders are made with stock paper that helps the folders to remain in good condition over a long span of time. These are drastically different from the office folders that are made of flimsy paper material. If need be then such paper is glossy coated to make the folders look more professional and stand out from the rest.

The better you design a presentation folder the more you will be remembered by the clients. But all your efforts can go in vain if you do not choose the right printing service provider. It is wise to go for a printing agency such as Print Papa that has a lot of expertise in the field. They offer short run folders, which is very popular, as you can order as low as 5 folders. This company not only prints folders they also offer rack cards, brochures, books, letterheads, etc.