Promoting Your Business Through Envelopes

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  June 2, 2010

Envelopes are one of the most common office stationary but many people fail to realize it’s power as a promotional tool. Along with letterheads and business cards, they play a vital role in branding any business firm. They also have an inherent advantage as they don’t look like a direct promotional tool and don’t end up in trash bins like many other promotional items.

Business houses which send letters in bulk everyday are using envelopes as a promotional tool. Promotional envelopes should however be designed with care as poorly designed and printed envelope can hurt your brand image in the market. There are a few things that you should keep in mind while promoting your business through envelopes:

  • Study Your Audience: It is very important to study the target audience well in advance. Envelopes are not like flyers which can be distributed in bulk. They can’t be sent empty without a purpose so specific targeting of a niche group serves ideal in promoting a business through an envelope.
  • Be Eye Catchy: What catches the eye always has more chances of promoting your business and thus focus on the design of your envelope. Put your logo and your brand name prominently in the envelope. Although the color of the business envelopes is usually white, you can select any other lighter shade but try avoiding darker colors. You can also use your slogan or a tag line to promote your business.
  • Customize Stamp: This is also becoming a common practice in many parts of the world where business houses are being allowed to create customized stamp by the postal departments. This means that you can promote your business even with the top right section of an envelope.
  • Stuff It:  Everyone likes freebies and a stuffed envelope will generate curiosity. You can stuff the envelope with inexpensive things such as pocket calendars or pencils. Such items may seem small but are high on the promotional value as people will recall your brand whenever they use them
  • Address Is Key: Your envelope should have a return address printed usually at the back. This will make it for the interested parties to get in touch with you. A potential customer may lose interest in contacting you if he doesn’t find your contact address immediately.

It is also important that you use high quality paper in making your envelope and get it printed from a professional printer like PrintPapa. All your efforts can get wasted if the printing quality is poor. PrintPapa has over the years developed expertise in printing and design services. They have built expertise in printing booklets, notepads, presentation folders and various other kids of domestic and corporate print materials.