The Best Tips to Distribute Your Business Card

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  April 18, 2022

Business cards are important for your business. It is the first impression your target customers will have about you and your business.

However, many businesses distribute their business card without the right strategy. Business card printing can prove to be multi-functional. Surely, you don’t want to be careless about where you are placing your business cards. Your business cards are created to reach out to a broader set of audiences.

In case you are want to know the best tips to distribute your business card, keepreading.

1.  Old Clients

Clients who are already impressed by your business cards is the right people to hand out your new business card. Even though you don’t have control over word-of-mouth marketing, it can surely increase the effectiveness of the marketing method.

You need to keepa check on which clients are sending referrals your way, regularly. Thereafter, you should give your loyal customers additional business cards for passing it along to family and friends. The referral incentive can get the ball rolling.

2.  Food Courts and Malls

At times, when you are distributing luxury business cards, it is challenging to find out who you can target beyond your user segment. Shopping malls are a place where you find a diverse crowd. This is where you can find secondary markets for your business.

Shopping malls are full of people strolling around, sitting, and hanging out. People will stopand check your card when they are roaming around idly and not busy shopping.

Keeping this in mind, look out for spots where people can gather or rest frequently. Some such places are the food court or sitting area. In case you come across willing vendors, you can leave your square business cards on kiosk counters or store for any potential customer passing by.

3.  Public Bulletin Boards

Look for businesses in your area that allow anyone to post on the public bulletin. After you get the business card from the business card maker, you have to look for common places where you will be able to display it, such as-

  • Community centers

  • Grocery stores

  • Churches

  • Libraries

  • Laundromats

  • Gyms

4.  Waiting Rooms

In waiting rooms, you will come across interested audiences. Often people are unable to resist the temptation of flipping through a brochure or a magazine. You can use this to your advantage. When you are not handing out plastic business cards in person, you can put regular business cards inside magazines or on lobby tables. Here are some high-traffic areas with lounges-

  • Hotels and airport

  • Restaurant

  • Auto repair shops

  • Bus and train stations

  • Bookstore lounges

  • Nail and hair salons

  • Employment agencies

Bottom Line

A business card can only be effective if you are able to distribute it right. With the helpof these tips, you can easily achieve that.