Tip – Basics to an Effective Presentation Folder

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  December 6, 2017

Presentation folders are great ways to market your business without you having to go out of your way to achieve the same. The fact that your presentation folder will be the cover for all your necessary documents that assist the marketing campaign can only emphasize its importance.


A presentation folder can make or break a business deal or create the fine line between closing in on a potential sales lead and losing sight of it. Because your presentation folder is what is representative of the company while in a meeting, presentation or while simply being in the clients’ hands, you need your basics to be right while designing or printing a presentation folder in the first place.


•    Make It Look Good – The most important part of designing or developing a presentation folder is that it should look the part. It should be designed so that it exudes a bright formal design. Colors such as black, blue, gray or white can be used, depending upon the kind of presentation or service you intend to provide. Often fold-builds look better than spiral builds. Also make sure that the presentation folder envelops the papers or documents within. Overall, the presentation folder should look neat and well-equipped to contain the papers it is meant to hold.

•    The Constituent Material – Play with the material that your presentation folder is going to be of. Instead of the conventional plastic, you can use paper, cloth, or even light cardboard/wood for your presentation folder cover. The catch is to use something that would attract attention but will not look overtly out-of-place or gaudy. At PrintPapa, we offer printing of Presentation Folder on 12 Point Card Stock.


•    Add Specials – The addition of pop-ups, bookmarks, folder strings can duly help your presentation folder stand out from the rest. Interactive folders are always welcomed by the target consumer base because it is an appreciation of their intelligence as buyers. Even with business associates or partners, make sure you add something special to your presentation folder – maybe a pop-up detailing the USP of your services or company to help improve the retention criteria of your presentation folder.


•    Shape or Size – Flirting with different sizes or shapes of the presentation folders may also help it attract the attention of the concerned party. For instance, you can design your folder in the shape of a smaller-than-standard rhombus shape – neatly arranging all documents and paperwork in the same order. Thus, not only does your presentation folder become attractive, it also entices the consumer or potential business associate to take it up and peek within – fulfilling the sole purpose of a presentation folder for any enterprise.

•    Labeling and Themes – One should take care in labeling the presentation folder and its contents in the right manner. The theme of the project or your current service/product offered through the presentation folder should be highlighted while designing the presentation folder. Make sure that the folder is personalized and has the right collaborative theme.

Not all printing agencies can print your presentation folders in the right manner. PrintPapa has the right expertise as well as the equipment to print your presentation folders exactly the same as you would have ideally wanted them to be.


Keep in mind the aforementioned ideas and you will be able to create a great presentation folder that will help you to win over both appreciation from business associates and generate sales leads! Check out our section of Short Run Presentation Folders. You can lower quantities WITHOUT sacrificing quality.