Tip – What Is The Letter Visibility By Distance For Posters Or Banners?

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  January 12, 2018

Ever wonder if your text size is too small for traffic to be able to read your message? Most folks either cram too much small text or overcompensate and enlarge the text too much.

Luckily, you found our Letter Visibility Chart to help you determine the best size for your text based on distance you are trying to accommodate for.

Letter Visibility Chart
Use this chart to determine distance for maximum  impact and readability distance
Letter HeightDistance for maximum  impactReadable Distance
3 in.30 ft.100 ft.
4 in.40 ft.150 ft.
6 in.60 ft.200 ft.
8 in.80 ft.350 ft.
9 in.90 ft.400 ft.
10 in.100 ft.450 ft.
12 in. 120 ft.525 ft.
15 in.150 ft.630 ft.
18 in.180 ft.750 ft.
24 in.240 ft.1000 ft.
30 in.300 ft.1250 ft.
36 in.360 ft.1500 ft.
42 in.420 ft.1750 ft.
48 in.480 ft.2000 ft.
54 in.540 ft.2250 ft.
60 in.600 ft.2500 ft.
*Please note all values are an approximation and can vary by environment