Tips for Bookmark Printing

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Tips & Tricks  |  May 24, 2010

Bookmarks are must haves for the bookworms! Understanding this business owners are using bookmarks as one of the tools for promoting their business. To get the desired promotion from bookmarks you have got pay a lot of attention to their design and layout. Though these appear to be small pieces of paper but they have huge marketing scope. Bookmarks are very common usage items for school and college students as well as for avid readers.

But promotional bookmarks like all other promotional materials should bear an image of your company and thus they should exude professionalism. So some tips should always be kept in mind while printing a bookmark:

  • Designing: The bookmark should be unique in design. Though bookmarks are utility things but it always pays rich dividends if you add some creativity to it. Then again do not go too far as this will be a portrayal of your company.
  • Shape: Though rectangular bookmarks with standard dimensions such as 2”X6”, 2”X7” and 2”X8” bookmarks but there is nothing wrong in making a triangular, or any other shaped bookmark. So be a touch difference from the rest.
  • Pictures: There are many people who get carried away and use flashy images. While selecting a picture you have to take into account. Firstly, the bookmark should not have flashy images, this will make the promotional material look unprofessional. Secondly, the pictures have to be high resolution ones so that they do not smudge on printing.

  • Text: Content always determines what effect the bookmark will create on the recipient’s mind. So header should be catchy and this should be followed by some of the features of the product or service. Contact details are a must in the text of this business material.
  • Logo and Company Name: The logo should of course be inserted at the top of the bookmark and it should be followed by the company name.  Logo should be clear and more eye catching then the rest of content in the bookmark.

Last but one of the most important decisions for marketeers is to choose the right printing company. There are so many printing agencies available in the market but you have to choose only the best. So that you get quality outputs in terms of prints. Print Papa is one such printing service provider that has a large client base owing to their quality of service. They specialize in printing various types of promotional material such as books, posters, booklets, notepads, etc.