Tips to Arrange Your Wall Arts

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  April 4, 2022

A home looks incomplete without a piece of art. Hanging up wall arts on your blank walls might appear to be a little daunting. However, once you get them up on the wall, you are going to admire your favorite paintings and photos on framed canvas.

Before you start hanging your wall décor, you need to keep a few tips in mind. Let’s take a quick look at them.

1.     Avoid Rushing

Plan out your arrangement. It might be difficult to visualize what an art combination is going to look like on the walls. Hence, you should sketch you’re your plan on graph paper. You can take the help of a computer program to lay out the art.

Rearrange your pieces on the floor until you love what you are looking at. Thereafter, cut out paper in the size of the canvas framed prints and hang them on the wall. It will help in visualizing the final result and offer an easy way to measure when you start to hang them.

2.     Collect the Necessary Equipment

Get the equipment to hang the acrylic prints. Hammer and nails are not going to be enough. Two important tools you need for hanging art are a stud finder for heavier decors and an electric level. You need to make sure that you are using the right mounting hardware. Avoid using sheetrock nails if not required as it might lead to bigger holes that will become visible.

3.     Measure

Make sure that you space out the framed posters and canvas wrap properly. There should be a minimum of 4 inches between the frames. If you place them any closer, the art might start looking overcrowded. When the pieces are placed close together, all imperfections are going to stand out. Hence, you should measure before placing the wall décors on the walls.

4.     Avoid Being Basic

When you are hanging the framed prints, you should think outside the box. Blend art and artifacts on the wall. Even the turning corner should offer a sense of movement throughout the space. The unique groupings and placements will help in capturing the client’s personality while adding some other element to the beauty of art that will upgrade any space.

5.     Allow Your Favorite Pieces to Shine

Choose which one is your favorite. When you arrange wall art, it is important to start with your favorite pieces and start placing them on the walls from there. Make sure that you pay attention to the proportion and scale and what you would like to see first.

6.     Use Different Frames

You should use varying frame styles. Don’t shy away from mixing them up. Almost every home has a variety of finishes. Hence, it is always better that people hang what they love instead of worrying about the rest. In the end, everything is going to come together.