Tips to Choose the Right Paper for Catalog

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Tips & Tricks  |  June 8, 2011

Catalogs are versatile promotional materials that can be used for any industry. They can add significant numbers to companies’ customer base. Though there are many types of promotional materials used by the companies, but the catalogs have proven their worth for many reputed companies. One of the impressive things about promoting through catalogs is that you can target various types of niche audience. If are a business owner and looking to promote your products/services then catalog printing is a definite choice for you. But after deciding on printing catalogs there are various other decisions that will confront you. One such decision is regarding the type of paper you should use. The type of paper chosen will affect the overall success of the campaign. If the paper used in printing catalog is poor it will leave a bad impression in the minds of the readers or the prospective customers. While a good quality paper will make the readers read through the catalog and improve your chances of sale. Thus it is of utmost importance to choose the paper with care. Take a look through the following components before making a final choice.

  • Paper for catalog printing: There are different sizes and weights of paper available. The design of the catalog will be the determinant for the type of paper – whether you should use a 8.5X5.5 or 12X12 sized paper. You should also check for the weight of the paper. High quality papers can be 100lb coated, 80lb uncoated or 70lb coated. These are good options for your catalog printing, but choose the option that best suits your images. For example, a catalog for discount supplies does not require heavy paper weight, while the high ended product catalogs will require more expensive types of paper.
  • Finish that Fits the needs: White offset paper which is also known as uncoated paper is used for books, these are good options for printing basic price list sort of catalogs. While a coated paper, which adds attractiveness to the catalog is a good choice if your catalog has high resolution images. The coated varieties of paper have reflective qualities and a smooth texture which are perfect to print catalogs having colored photos.
  • Environment Friendly choice: Most of the reputed printing service providers offer the option of Green paper. If you are an eco-friendly person and concerned about the effect of your catalogs on the environment, then ask the printing agency how they can reduce the carbon footprint. Many of the printing companies are looking to use recycled paper scraps and the byproducts of catalog to promote green practices.
  • Ask for help: If you happen to take up the services of a renowned printing service provider such as PrintPapa, you may count on their experience and ask for guidance on the choice of paper. PrintPapa has many experts who will advice the best type of paper that will suit your requirements.

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