Tips To Prepare A Funeral Service Booklet

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Design Tips  |  September 14, 2010

A funeral service booklet is a common thing which is distributed during the funeral service of a person. This is distributed as a memorial keepsake of the deceased. Funeral service booklets are a valuable addition to the memorial service because they highlight a loved one’s life and attendees really enjoy taking something tangible home in remembrance of the deceased.

The tone of the booklet should not make people mourn over the death of the deceased but should rather celebrate his or her life. It should be used to glorify the life of the person. Creating a funeral booklet can be a very emotional event from some and is best left to some close relatives or friend. Here are a few tips to design a good funeral service booklet:

  • Write a good obituary for the deceased. It should include a short biography of the person highlighting his life. Include some interesting facts about the person’s life and his or her major achievements. The obituary should also include the birth and the death date of the deceased.
  • The booklet should also contain the funeral order of service which is one of the most important things during the funeral.
  • A good funeral service booklet should include all the prayers and hymns that will be sung during the funeral service.

  • One of the best things in a funeral service booklet is the inclusion of a poem about the deceased by someone dear to him or her.
  • Use a profile picture of the person in the front page of the booklet. Also try including pictures of the deceased
  • The funeral service booklet should include the name of the priest, minister or other dignitaries officiating the service.
  • It is also good to include the complete address of the cemetery and give directions to avoid confusion for people who would have to reach the cemetery.
  • Including the names of family members of the deceased is also good as people attending the funeral will know whom to pay condolence to.

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