Tips to Print a Book for Your Business

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Books & Catalogs  |  March 3, 2023

So, you are considering spending your business dollars to print a book. Often, organizations go for the e-book. However, standard books are more successful than e-books.

If you are considering book printing for your business, there are a few effective tips that you have to follow.

1.      Find Your Print on Demand Match

Print on demand has been revolutionary for the online casino industry as digital technology enables perfect bound book printing companies to offer smaller batches of book copies at a lower price. It has been primarily beneficial for self-publishers who can take advantage of better-value printing.

It ensures that the quality of the books is excellent. There are many services that offer this option.

2.      Use a Local Printing Company

While online print-on-demand services are affordable and easy to use, you can benefit from the expertise and reassurance of one-on-one service. A local printing service will provide you with a more personalized printing experience and can also provide advice.

There are many friendly printers out there who would take interest in your project and share what they think is good for you. They can advise you about the right paper stock and also offer proof copies for you to assess for your custom book printing.

3.      Choose a Designer

A big publishing house has several departments. Marketers, editors, distributors, and designers have their own special roles. But as a business that is self-publishing their perfect-bound book, they might find themselves bogged down in trying to balance these roles and the printed book’s quality might suffer due to this.

If you need it, you should get some expert help. It will help in focusing on the things you are better at doing and feel confident with them.

 A designer with experience and help in transforming your ideas into reality. They can help you with the type of typography, design, and color palettes you should use for your spiral bound book.

4.      Choose the Size that is the Right Fit

Printed books for your business come in a large variety of sizes but there are standard sizes, which are chosen by publishers because of some reason. Book categories and genres have their own preferred sizes that are recognized as ideal for the potential audience.

When it comes to selecting the right size for the business book, it pays to do your research. Check out the examples of other books, which are similar to yours from the same industry.

5.      Know the Cover Options You have

You have to think about considering a cover design for a book. You might have a robust idea in mind or have been struggling with multiple ideas.

In case design is not your strong point, a specialist cover designer or graphic designer can help you consider your idea and professional approach to the typography, palette, and image choice.

The format of the cover, whether it is hardcover or software will inform the overall feel and look of the design. Hence, you should think about the best cover look you can achieve.

Hardcovers might be more expensive to print, putting them beyond the budgets of several businesses. However, they are also very durable. The luxurious look of the hardcover is worth the extra cost. But make sure that the price doesn’t escalate when you are printing the books. In case your budget doesn’t at all allow it, you can print them in soft covers.