Top Direct Mail Marketing Strategies to Follow

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Direct Mail Marketing  |  March 6, 2023

A great direct mail marketing strategy is crucial if you have to reach out to the right people and make them act on it. Nevertheless, creating an efficient strategy is not easy.

In case you are new to direct mail marketing, you might not have the insights and data required to guide your efforts. Rather than assuming what is going to work and what is not, we are going to share the best tips for the direct mail campaign to work.

1.  Think Past Brochures and Postcards

While postcards and brochures are valuable assets in direct mail printing, do not stop there. You can think about something unique for your direct mail campaign. It will give you a better response and increase the conversion rate. This is an example of what can be done if you are creative with how to grab the attention of your potential customers.

2.  Get the Design Right

You need to pay attention to the details of the folded postcard mailer you are printing. Every little detail is crucial when it comes to your brand. If you use direct mail marketing, you will be able to give your audience a preview of what it is going to be like to work with you. With the help of direct mail marketing, you can create an incredible impression.

It is an opportunity for you to give your prospective customers a preview of the services or products you are going to offer. Hence, you should not miss out on the chance to shine.

3.  Save Recipients Money and Time

Getting your prospective customers to act on the direct mail is about getting the offer right and what they do after that. The two top resources are money and time. So, when you offer them something they need is going to save you money and time.

4.  Send Out Something Valuable

Today, consumers get less mail than they used to. But your direct mail postcards strategy has to focus on offering value that gets noticed. If you include valuable information, you are actually incentivizing your potential customers to pay attention.

5.  Consider the Size of the Mailing List

Your campaign’s goal should be to reach out to more people at the same time. However, if the list for the EDDM postcards is too long, you might have to reconsider the approach.

If the list is not small enough, you might either be high up the funnel or have to revisit your segmentation and targeting. In case your message is not relevant or hyper-personal, it might imply that you do not your potential customers well enough and it will become spam.

To know if it is the right size, you should consider your ability to research, get to every person, and be extremely personalized. When you have a list of 10,000 people and you get to know them well to craft a personalized message, you should go for it.

6.  Make It Memorable

Direct mail brochure marketing is a great chance to make an impression without spamming emails or cluttering social media feeds.

With full service EDDM, you make your presence known. Even if the target customer doesn’t take the right action, you are getting noticed.