Types of Sign Printing that can be Beneficial for Your Business

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Banner, Posters & Signs  |  May 22, 2023

Do you want to go beyond simple printing materials for your business? If you are then you can consider sign printing. The types of signs you can use for promoting your business are almost endless. You can use them to promote your business creatively.

But before you proceed with sign printing, you need to learn about the different types you can get. Let’s take a look at the type of custom sign printing available.

1.      Yard Signs

Yard signs can be placed in front of your business or on the lawn close to the street. It makes it almost impossible for your customers to miss the advertising sign.

The main aim of the yard signs is to target the audience in a certain area you are placing them in. They help in spreading brand awareness and are affordable.

You can use them for your political campaign, restaurant, construction, lawn care, and other kinds of yard signs at work. It easily grabs the audience’s attention.

2.      A-Frame Signs

A-frame sidewalk signs are outdoor products that are affordable and lightweight. Moreover, people love them since they can be moved around as you like. The signs are all about grabbing the attention of the people passing by.

Put them on the sidewalk in front of your store/office or in its vicinity. You can use an A frame sign for pointing all potential customers in the business’s direction or include the menu of your restaurant. Use the board for informing customers about trading hours.

3.      Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are affordable, versatile, and lightweight. It offers a far-reaching and impactful form of advertising. To print it, you don’t have to break the bank. It is designed to adhere to different types of metals. Magnetic signs can be placed on freezers, doors, and other locations. In fact, you can also print magnetic vehicle signs that will allow you to advertise your business on the go.

4.      Backlit Signs

These are light-based signs. Backlit signs have lights behind them that make them visible even at night. Thus, it easily grabs the attention of people in the dark. It can be used as a sign that points toward your business location. The primary purpose of a backlit sign is they can print important information or message. It is often used by restaurants or stores. But it can also be used for places, such as educational institutions.

5.      Vehicle Signs

Are you looking for a movable sign? You cannot get much mobile than vehicle signs. These are wraps that you can fix for any type of transport. In case you have a business vehicle, you can use them with such a vehicle. For additional exposure, you can stick them to your own car. The best thing about them is they move around no matter where they are going without additional effort. Use them for promoting your business and give out important information, such as your location or contact details.

6.      Window Signs

Visual window displays have a wide range of applications. Usually, the lettering and graphics are printed on perforated vinyl or vinyl and are fixed to a window to promote a business. When it comes to window signs, you have plenty of customization choices to work with. You can use graphics for covering up the whole space. Or you can choose smaller images and a few lines of text.

7.      Die Cut Signs

A die cut sign help in conveying a message in a unique way. It helps you understand exactly how you can stand out. You can get them in different types of shapes. It is being used for promotional purposes for several years, now. Die cut functional and versatile marketing tools.  

8.      Rigid SignAnother sign you can use for your business is a rigid sign. They are durable flat signs, which you can use in different settings. You can use rigid signs for law offices, construction projects, restaurants, open houses, and other places. They can be used for indoors, as well as outdoor advertisements in an effective way.