Vinyl Banner Size Guide to Make Your Business Stand Out

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Banner, Posters & Signs  |  October 10, 2021

Vinyl banners are one of the most efficient marketing tools that help you meet the evolving demands of the market. When you are making these banners a part of your marketing strategy, you need to choose the right size to ensure maximum visibility.

Luckily for you, PrintPapa has been catering to custom banner printing services with multiple sizes at affordable prices. We, at PrintPapa, ensure that you get the right size that will immediately grab attention of your customers and make your business stand out from the competition.

We provide vinyl banner printing of various types and kinds. While some look attractive from a distance, others look amazing up close. Get the ones that are in sync with your campaign and goals. Keep the art in mind while you choose the size.

1. 13 oz vinyl banners: These banners come in various sizes up to 5 feet. They are great for hanging on walls or using in front of your shop! Make sure that the artwork is eye-catching. These banners are easy to put up with little assistance. Always remember that the right-sized banners play a huge role. The popular sizes you can get include:

  • 3ftx4ft
  • 4ftx2ft
  • 5ftx4ft
  • 6ftx5ft

2. XL Vinyl banners: Available from 5 to 16 ft., these banners do justice to the name! Grab attention the BIG way with these building banners. They are highly visible and anyone crossing the point will notice it, even if they are in their cars. From events to using them in front of apartments, these are a go-to for many businesses. You can choose the following sizes:

  • 6ftx7ft
  • 8ftx10ft
  • 11ftx14ft
  • 15ftx20ft

3. Double-sided vinyl banners: Printed on 13 oz smooth blockout vinyl, the double-sided ones come for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They come in full color and are super attractive. Provides great ROI. And you can choose from multiple sizes including:

  • 3ftx2ft
  • 8ftx2ft
  • 6ftx3ft
  • 10ftx3ft

4. Pole pocket vinyl banners: Cute little pocket-size vinyl banners that come in 2" and 4". Can be used for many purposes! They last up to 3 years, which makes it great if you are looking for optimum return. For the single-sided ones, we use the 13 oz Scrim Vinyl Banner – Matte finish, with white background. And for the double-sided ones, we use the 13oz Block-out vinyl. The popular size we offer include:

  • 2ftx3ft
  • 2ftx5ft
  • ftx5ft

5. 13 oz Vinyl Banner with Rope Insert: With a height variation of 12 inches to 56 inches and width of 12 inches to 25 feet, these banners come with pre-inserted nylon rope! They can be easily hung and are apt for events, school functions, grand launches, storefronts, etc. If you have an event coming up, we suggest you get these banners in 13 oz Scrim Vinyl Banner – Matte finish, with white background. Go for the following sizes:

  • 5ftx3ft
  • 8ftx3ft
  • 10ftx4ft
  • 10ftx3ft

So pick the one that suits your purpose. We are open to customization.

In this regard, we must inform you that we are BBB accredited and have a 4.8 rating, which instils our customer’s confidence in us. We believe that our customer is the king and strive hard to meet different needs of different customers.