What Are Some Common Yet Effective Real Estate Print Marketing Materials?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  August 9, 2021

Are you a real estate agent? Do you wish to be the leader of the local real estate industry? If so, you need to have a solid marketing plan that can be accomplished only with the help of proper marketing materials. A strong campaign will be a perfect combination of digital marketing techniques and the old-school but tried-n-tested print marketing.

Different kinds of print marketing for real estate business

As it comes to standing out from the competition in terms of real estate business, the importance of real estate printing can’t be ignored. Let’s talk about the most effective printing materials such as real estate flyers, brochures, real estate door hangers, and so on.

  • Brochures – Real estate property brochure is pocket-friendly and effective to convey your message along with notable information about the market and benefits of working with you. The size is not a constraint for brochures. So, you will have sufficient space to include in-depth info. They are quite useful for prospects who already have some knowledge of and interest in the real estate industry. People looking for a house or planning to sell their house are likely to grab the chance to read the brochure from a reputable real estate business.  If properly designed and integrated with the right information, brochures don’t seem to be an advert. Try to make them eye-catchy by using a good color combination, clear texts yet a minimalist aesthetic for the expected outcomes.
  • Postcards Real estate postcard marketing is fun yet an active way to spread your note. They are a creative twist on conventional direct mail materials. Use a good image of the property. It would be a simple yet firm strategy that will leave a strong impact on the leads. There is space constraint with postcards. So be judicious with the size of the message. Try to convey your offer briefly. Focus on the properties you have sold in the given area and which properties you have in hand for sale. Though postcards work the way a property flyer does, the former is more original and fresher. EDDM real estate postcards can also be tried out.
  • Business cards – Real estate is an industry where the first impression is the last. So, you must make it as positive as possible. And a memorable realtor business card can make your job easy. Make yourself updated by replacing traditional marketing materials with something unique and impressive. A card containing only the brand name and contact details written in plain small font is uninventive and boring. It is not memorable at all. Such cards are likely to get lost in the garbage. So, think about a card that will represent your brand. Think out of the box. Customize the design to make a solid first impression. PrintPapa can help you with this. Their designers are extremely knowledgeable, innovative, and professional. They can show you something that will look utmost formal. Use heavy and thick paper. Be particular about the coats and finish. Matte finish is undoubtedly classy. On the other hand, stamped foil or inline foil would make the card sparkle. 

Though not all, brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards, and real estate signs are some of the most effective real estate printing materials to take your business to the next level.