What are the Advantages of Professional Custom Book Printing?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Books & Catalogs  |  February 26, 2024

Today’s world is dominated by the internet. It might feel like book printing is not important. However, that is not the case. Studies show that 8 out of 10 books today are ready in physical copy form. Even if people are listening to audiobooks and downloading eBooks the statistics show printed books are still popular.

So, self-publishers should take book printing decisions seriously. Working with a printing service is surprisingly cost-effective, leading to a book that you can feel proud of. Regardless of whether you choose a spiral bound book or a perfect bound book, you will enjoy various advantages of professional printing.

1. Surprisingly Affordable

The idea that book printing on demand is always cheaper is wrong. All book printing services for self-publishers take your budget into account. Many services can raise your per-copy profitability over on-demand services.

In case you let yourself become too worried about excess inventory, you can miss out on crucial opportunities for the profitability of your book. No need to print in big quantities until you understand the sales potential of your book. You can start with a reasonable initial press run and hope you will return to printing more copies soon.

2. Good for Your Brand

Top-notch custom book printing services can take your brand to a whole new height. You don’t ever have to apologize for a beautifully printed book. Branding is a strong tool available to every business or author, and your book represents it. Thus, quality and appearance matter. The books you are printing have to look like they came from a big publishing hour to establish a branding statement. Printing services that can give you quality book printing at an affordable price are ones you should do business with.

Custom printing means you will get a comprehensive range of options, including more paper stock options, embossing on the cover, and any kind of binding you prefer.

3. Gets You Ready for Higher Sales

No doubt, on-demand book printing can be a bottleneck and frustrating for your customers. As your sales take off, you might want to be ready with enough books to cater to the demand. A professional printing service prepared to scale up your requirements helps in meeting your higher sales needs.

Experienced book publishers know the value of professional printers. Self-publishing authors can follow their lead and experience great advantages-

· Lower pricing that depends on the print run size

· Higher volume abilities when required

· Offset and digital printing are available

· A wide range of add-ons are available

Like everything that sounds too good to be true, book printing on-demand services come with their limitations. To print one at a time may not be fast enough.

4. Choose Any Binding

In case you are new to printing books, you might be aware of paperback and hardcover bindings. However, do not forget about spiral or perfect bound book printing. Books printed by self-publishers run the gamut.

But print-on-demand might limit your binding options, hurt sales, and frustrate customers. professional custom book printing services will give you various binding options to choose from. So, you can select one as per your preference.