What are the Best Ways to Make the Back of Your Professional Business Cards Stand Out?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Business Cards  |  January 22, 2024

Business cards are more effective than you know. The primary purpose of these cards is to tell your target customers how to get in touch with you, this small piece of marketing tool says a lot about what you and your brand have to offer.

But when you are printing professional business cards, you should know that both its front and back have a purpose. The front is where you put the name of the brand along with the contact details and the logo.

If you want to make the back of the professional business card printing stand out, check out these tips.

1. Go for Simplicity

The trick to getting an effective a business card is to keep it simple. Keep in mind that business card is a snippet of information about the brand and it doesn’t have to tell the whole story. It should inspire your target customers to learn more about you. It is a difficult task to master when you stare at the back side of the card and try to understand what to put there.

The luxury business cards you are printing have to look pleasant, which means you have to achieve a balance between emptiness and design. Taking your business card as another piece of marketing copy shows why simplicity is important.

2. Blank Does Not Mean Keeping It White

A caveat of the simplicity rule is that a blank does not really have to be completely blank. A photograph or original design is a great way to use the space creatively on the back of the card without overloading it.  That’s particularly true when you are an illustrator, photographer, designer, or another professional in the creative field.

Quality is of primary importance when it comes to your brand image. Aim for 300 dpi or higher to make sure that the design does not appear to be grainy after being printed.  Use the back of the clear plastic business cards to showcase your skills and highlight your work.

3. Share an Evergreen Tip

In the same vein as using the business card’s back as a place to showcase your original imagery, you can also use it for sharing your expertise by adding a useful tip. People are more likely to hold the card if it has information they might require.

For instance, if you are a plumber, share a quick tip on how your target audience can fix a running toilet. When your potential customers hold on to the square business cards for the tip it provides, they will hold on to the contact details.

Custom business cards you get from business card maker shows how much you have to offer. You can talk to professionals to get you the ideal design for your cards.