What Are The Various Options Provided By PrintPapa For Self Publishing?

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Print News  |  July 26, 2010

Self publishing of books has become very popular in the industry. More and more authors are preferring to publish their books themselves rather than knocking the doors of a publisher. Self publishing lets you have full creative control of the website and retaining the copyright for the book. You will have to make a sizable investment from your side but the benefits clearly outnumber the drawbacks.

As a self publishing author you will need the services of good printing agency. Self published books are no compromise to a book published by established publisher if it is printed well. You should opt for a professional printer like PrintPapa who have expertise in the job and are ideal for self publishing author especially if you are getting your first book printed. Some of the services that are provided by PrintPapa to the self publishing authors are:

  • Your book might be in the form of word document or some other word processor. PrintPapa would convert it into a Print Ready PDF on your behalf. This process will take care of all the formatting required for the book.
  • PrintPapa also provides proofing service for self publishing authors. It is ideal to opt for this service as many errors are corrected in this stage.

  • Book cover plays a very important role in deciding the success of a book. PrintPapa helps you with the art work of your book. Designers at PrintPapa will design very attractive cover for you which will include the front, back and the spine cover.
  • You will have the option to print the exact number of books you want. This will allow you to make a measured entry into the market as a first time author.
  • As a part of it’s offer to the self publishing package, PrintPapa gives Perfect Bound with a soft cover which is the market standard.
  • PrintPapa’s self publishing package also allows you to include pictures, graphics and other artwork in their books which can be printed in full color depending on your needs.

PrintPapa uses high quality paper and ink for self publishing books. Apart from printing books for self publishing authors, PrintPapa also undertakes all kinds of printing and designing jobs. Over the years they have built expertise in printing booklets, brochures, rack cards, catalogs, newsletters, door hangers and presentation folders. They use the latest printing technology and have a well trained team for the job. PrintPapa’s greatest achievement has been the long list of happy clients that it has built over the years.