Why Do Small Businesses Prefer EDDM Postcards for the Growth of Their Business?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Direct Mail Marketing  |  September 14, 2020

An EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is a specially crafted mailer that delivers potential customers to your door. This is an affordable marketing tool that works great for local businesses. Every year the USPS raises the rates for better revenue generation. This makes direct mails a costly proposition for many businesses. Apart from the cost of direct mailer products, purchasing the mailing list and paying for the postage charges make the overall expenses quite higher that it becomes difficult for the companies to bear. Though many businesses opt for email marketing to curtail the cost, EDDM can be an effective and less expensive alternative to direct mails and ensure at least 10 to 30 times higher response rate while compared to digital marketing.

Reasons to use EDDM to grow your business

There is no dearth of reasons to choose EDDM for the betterment and growth of your business. Many local businesses now understand its efficiency and thus opt for these postcards. Why should you miss this great opportunity? Let’s have a quick look at why local businesses prefer this marketing technique and how you can make use of this.

eddm postcard
  • EDDMs works the best for local neighborhoods – This is perhaps the most powerful yet affordable marketing technique to target local people. EDDM postcard printing is easy. It’s easy to send them as well because they don’t require any mailing list. All it needs to choose particular zip codes. And this makes this a preferred choice for the small local businesses that don’t have much time to create a mailing list to send direct mail postcards. EDDMs are ideal for any local restaurants, retail stores, dentists, real estate businesses, and so on. Through USPS you can send the mail pieces to each mailbox belonging to any specific zip code. Get assistance from the online mapping tool to choose the zip codes that can be targeted.
  • The postcards help you save money – You can send EDDM retail postcards for as low as $0.191 per piece. EDDM BMEU costs only $0.164 per unit. The postage savings with these mailers is almost 3 cents and 7 cents if compared to postcard first-class rate and standard letter rate respectively.
  • BIG size catches the eyeEDDM postcards are like over-sized postcards. And this size lets them stand out from regular mails while grabbing the attention of the recipients. Since the postcards aren’t posted in a closed envelope, people can hardly ignore them. They pack a commanding punch to convey your message. They accomplish a higher rate of readership and gain a higher rate of response as well. Because of the space available on both sides, you can add photos, coupons, and even a map to your facility.
  • Your marketing technique will remain a secret – EDDM is a great way to market any business sans the rivals knowing. Only your potential customers can see it. And this keeps your marketing agenda and messages from being exposed to the competitions. This little secrecy will give you a new edge.
direct mail brochure

These are the reasons that local entrepreneurs, especially the busy ones love EDDMs and also direct mail brochure. Presently USPS offers a special discounted rate for these mails. Rule their targeted zip codes on a strict budget with EDDM.