Why is Postcard Printing Still Your Best Marketing Option?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Postcard  |  February 12, 2024

A few of the most efficacious marketing methods are direct mail solutions. The opportunity to create a lasting impression on customers can be made when you deliver a strategic mailing, which has a valuable offer or perks.

Postcards can be customized and crafted in a way that target customers might be compelled to engage in your products or services. If you own a business, you should not leave out postcard printing and marketing. It does not really matter what business you have or what you want to promote, you can use custom postcard printing.

If you need a little more convincing, you can take a look at them are your best bet.

1.  Affordable Marketing Technique

When you are using postcards as a marketing tool, there is a fair chance that you will print them in bulk. You can save a lot by printing postcards from postcard printing services in larger quantities.

Most printing businesses charge a small amount when you order in bulk. Thus, the cost per card is lowered exponentially. Studies show that direct mail gets a 9% more response rate in comparison to digital marketing methods. You get a considerable bang for your buck. Custom postcard printing and mailing can be as fast as the same day you place an order; you can begin sending them out as per your schedule.

2.  Easy to Create

One of the top features of flat postcards is that you can design them within a very short time. You can find a postcard layout template online that can help you design one. Apart from that, there are postcard designing templates for each industry, which you can download completely for free. In case you aren’t design-savvy, the templates will help in saving time and effort, which you can put elsewhere, such as finding your potential audience. A few companies will also send out the target customers on your behalf.

3.  Widely Read

People do read postcards as they have a simple design and are easily accessible. They can easily pick up a postcard and read it. Recipients will not even have to open the envelope to read it. They are in their face when they hold them and they can’t be ignored.

According to a study performed by the Direct Mail Marketing Association, all age groups take an interest in receiving and responding to emails as opposed to the misconception that it just works for older people.

Even if your recipients have set the card aside, they can read the name and logo of the company. Thus, it is work done. Keep in mind that you aren’t just using folded postcards printing for selling a product. Your recipients who know your brand name through it are quite valuable.

Postcard marketing allows you to integrate multiple channels into your marketing strategies as it works well with other channels.