Why Should Businesses Explore Door Hanger Marketing?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  September 22, 2021

Marketing strategy keeps changing and thus the marketing materials. Advertisement with door hangers is a new technique sweeping across the industry. The introduction of new technology and the eternal need for minimizing marketing budget while optimizing sales are other important factors contributing to these innovations. With the market moving towards more lucrative business models, your business is also likely to do the same! And low-cost marketing like door hanger marketing is something that you can think about. The technique is even more suitable for small businesses that want to spread their wings in any particular neighborhood.

Need to invest in door hanger marketing

  • They never get missed – People can hardly ignore this. Unlike billboards or mails, door hangers remain in front of the target audience. Ads placed on the door knobs can’t be skipped. As someone goes through the door, he/she can’t avoid turning the handle and thus looking at the door knob hanger. And thus, they will definitely have to look at your hangers. Here the impression is created along with the possibility of attracting more leads and thus more sales.

  • They ensure more targeted marketing – This marketing technique is quite effective as it targets desired customers. If you want to target any specific group of people, this technique would allow you to take your advertisements directly to them. You don’t have to display your ads randomly. And thus, you can expect impressive ROI.

  • Door hangers are highly cost-effective – This is one of the key reasons to choose door hangers for marketing your brand. The expenses of designing, printing, and distributing a bulk of hangers in a target community are much cheaper than the costs of mounting digital displays or billboards even for a day.

  • You can expect a higher ROI – The average ROI that you can expect is between 4 and 8 percent. As you compare this statistic with the expenditure of printing about 5000 custom business door hangers, you will be impressed with the outcomes. You can hardly expect such an ROI at such a rock bottom cost from any other marketing options.

  • There are chances of multiple exposures – The more people use a specified entrance you will have more chances of reaching more people with a single door hanger hanging from that doorknob.

To conclude, it can be said that whether paper door hangers or plastic door hangers, they just can’t be ignored. With them, you will have a greater chance of generating more leads. They are inexpensive and thus they are the juice for your business.