Why Will It Be a Good Solution to Use EDDM Service to Reach the Target Audience Easily?

By: Steve Morgan  |  Posted In: Direct Mail Marketing  |  October 22, 2021

EDDM is a program run by the U.S Postal Service. This helps local small businesses reach the target audience in particular zip codes or neighborhoods without any mailing list. This is an affordable and effective marking solution that businesses can opt for. Through the service, businesses can send their printed ad materials to each home along the selected zip code routes.

The EDDM postcard size requirements may vary from company to company. To ensure maximum success, the quality of the product must be good enough that people would like to hold it and read the content. And there the need for a reputable printing house like PrintPapa comes into play. We provide both print-only and full-service EDDM facilities.

Features of EDDM postcards

The key features of EDDM that help you grow your business by gaining more leads are as follows:

  • Target audience – EDDM postcards allow you to saturate your chosen neighborhood with the ad campaign. Your postcards will directly go to the hands of your target leads.

  • Get the most out of your money Every Door Direct Mail may include event calendars, coupons, store maps, menus, and many more that can bring leads to your doorstep.

  • Ease – EDDM postcards are available in different sizes so you can choose one as per your content type – be it a detailed service/product description or a short product launch announcement.

  • Choices – Choice of formats are many with EDDMs.

Benefits of Every Door Direct Mails

There are many benefits that as a business owner, you can reap and some of them are as follows:

  • Local marketing – The mails don’t need any mailing list and thus you can save money on it. The mail carrier carries your message through EDDM to each house along a particular route without needing any individual address. You can get your ad out to the whole community and into the hands of the prospects effectively. All you need is to identify the carrier routes and decide the dropping date. The postal service will take care of the delivery part.

  • Spreading discount offers – Through EDDMs, you can provide discount offers to your customers directly. This is a great way to retain existing customers while bringing in new ones. Skincare or body care product lines and shoe stores are perfect to use this technique. They can offer coupons through the mails that can be redeemed while the customers visit the store.

  • Cost-efficient – These are the most inexpensive kind of marketing and are best for small local businesses. They can design their postcards or brochures and get them printed by a reputable printing house at an affordable cost. You can also send out batches at a low postage rate to assess how effective the campaign can be and accordingly make adjustments. Also, being local, companies can curtail the cost as they don’t need to send mails to longer distances.

If you want guidance regarding your EDDM campaign, PrintPapa can help you create the artwork and print the materials. Also, if you don’t want to take the responsibility of bundling, postage, and delivering the bundles to the post office, we can help you. Our full service EDDM ensures printing, bundling, postage, and delivering your products to the post office on your behalf, with complete professionalism at a single price.