Ideas You Can Explore With Graduation Party Banner Printing

Graduation parties are all about celebrating the wonderful times you have spent with friends. Of course you will bid goodbye to many of them and you need to do it style. Banners are a must-have at graduation parties and they make the event memorable. At PrintPapa we have been involved in custom banner printing for more than a decade and have seen fair share of graduation party banners. Let us take you through some ideas which you can try with your graduation party banner printing.

banner printing

  • Throwback Pictures Banner – There isn’t anything that makes graduation party banners as exciting as throwback pictures. In fact this is the most common idea that is being explored in online printing. Find some of the coolest pictures and print them with good captions. It doesn’t get any better, does it?
  • Congratulatory Banner – There are dozens of ways in which a person can be congratulated. Graduation is without doubt one of the most momentous occasions in a person’s life. You can be creative with your message and say it in style in the banners. Pick up a congratulatory theme and work on different banners that would be installed in different places in the venue.
  • Keepsake Banners – Don’t have an idea on what to print on the banner? Leave it blank and ask everyone graduating to sign and write their messages on the empty boxes in the banner. It will surely be the perfect keepsake banner and one that everyone would hold on to like a treasure.
  • Banner Games – If you want to add a bit of fun and excitement to the event you can conduct games during the event using banners. Think about a treasure hunt or something else and print a map or hidden clues in these banners and you will definitely make the graduation party exciting.

These ideas are cool and would definitely add to the occasion. For bespoke banner printing or any other kind of online printing services you can get in touch with our team by calling 408-567-9553 or visiting our website at We bring state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience in the job to deliver results.

How to Win Student Council Election Using Vinyl Banner

If you have decided to run for student council election, it is a great decision which can help you well into the future. It is the perfect way to prove yourself early on in your career. Since you have decided to battle it out you need to put your heart and soul into the campaign. At PrintPapa we believe there isn’t a better way to launch your campaign than opting for vinyl banner printing. As one of the leading banner printing services in the country we have worked closely with students who have successfully contested student council elections.

vinyl banner printing

Why Choose Vinyl Banner?

You should have no doubts in your mind regarding the importance of promoting yourself and the issues you stand for. This is where vinyl banners can work best for your campaign. You can install them indoor or outdoor and they would definitely create a positive impression in the minds of the voters. Vinyl banners are better than posters (which most other candidates are likely to use) as they are big inside and grab attention from a distance. Once voters get closer to them they deliver your message in a powerful way. If you are creative with your banners, it will speak to the voters from the walls and alleys.

Install Banners Everywhere

Online printing allows you to get your banners printed at highly competitive prices. Thus you will be able to get lots of banners printed for your campaign. Ideally you should choose a mix of small and large banners depending on the places you plan to install them. Choose areas in the school that sees large amounts of footfall and install your banners there, only after you have obtained necessary permissions.  Identify the most advantageous spots along with your supporters and you will see the difference it makes.

To conclude vinyl banners is one of the most powerful tools for anyone fighting a student council election. As the leading online printing services company we offer you high quality banners at competitive prices with low turnaround time. Call us at 408-567-9553 or visit our website at and we shall guide you in making the right choice with your election banners.

5 Booklet Printing Ideas That You Can Try to Promote Your Business With

Booklet is a pretty powerful marketing tool if used creatively. They offer detailed information on products and services and most importantly meet the needs of your potential customer. At PrintPapa as market leaders in booklet printing services we have printed lots of custom booklets and catalogs over the years. Let us now share five creative booklet printing ideas that you can explore for your business promotion –

booklet printing

  1. Information Booklet – A non-promotional booklet can work wonders for your business. Create one with general information about your industry, products and developments taking place. If the customers are convinced about buying these products they are likely to knock your door before anyone else.
  2. Promotional Booklet – Design a promotional booklet that shows value in the product to your potential customers. For instance you can showcase how your product is better than others or how can solve real life problems for your target audience.
  3. Product Guide – Not every person believes what they read on the Internet! This is where product guides are still one of the best things to do with booklets. You can create a detailed booklet on the products. Your customers can refer the same when they need it.
  4. How To Guide – Is information the most important asset in your business? You could be a legal consultant or someone who sells investment products and in such cases you can order booklets in bulk though online printing and serve your clients well.
  5. Booklets For Decision Making – If you have wide product line, potential customers are likely to be in dilemma on which product to choose. Print a booklet that helps them arrive at the right decision weighing in on all the pros of each product and choosing one that serves their needs best.

Apart from these there are several other things that you can explore when it comes to booklet printing. We promise you affordable printing services coupled with the best in quality. Get in touch with our team right now by calling 408-567-9553 or visit our website at and we can discuss these creative ideas and much more for your next project.

Three Things You Must Know About Saddle-Stitched Book Printing

Do you know what is imposition or reader spreads? If you are placing an order for book printing for the very first time, you may find yourself lost in several terms and lingos. We at PrintPapa are used to seeing blank looks on our customers’ faces or hear long pauses on the phone line when such terms are mentioned.  But if you are planning to order for custom book printing you need to be aware of some of the basic terms for saddle-stitched books (which you are likely to order). As a book printing company that believes in educating customers, here we have listed three things that you must know about saddle-stitched book printing.

custom book printing

  • Reader Spreads – This is something every customer needs to be aware of. In simple words this allows you to visualize the layout of the book once it is printed and bound. Adjacent pages may not be printed side by side in an offset printer but the need to appear in the order once the book is bound. It helps us with the next term on our list.
  • Printer Spreads – If reader spreads is about how you’d visualize the book and how the layout should be once it is printed the Printer Spreads allows us to arrange pages in your book for them to appear side by side. Depending on the pages in your book printing order, we shall arrange the pages in the pre-press stage.
  • Imposition – This is a process of page arrangement we undertake prior to the printing process. This is done to ensure once the pages are printed, folded, bound and trimmed they appear in proper order.  While this may seem confusing to you, this is done to speed up the printing process and also ease the binding process.

There are dozens of more terms that you’d need to know to get your book printed. Just kidding! As your chosen online printing services partner we’d print the best books and booklets for you irrespective of how much you know about the lingo used. When you come to us with a need, we translate that into reality. Browse our website at to know about custom book printing or call us at 408-567-9553 to know more.

Make Your Own Posters with Online Poster Printing

Poster designing and printing isn’t rocket science and it need not seem so to an average business or individual. But poster printing has been made out to feel so by many of the online poster printing companies in business. At PrintPapa we have broken those shackles with our bespoke poster printing services. It’s easy, its fast and most importantly it is cost effective. Let us take you through the simple steps that would help you make posters with intuitive poster printing services assuming that you have your design ready –

poster printing

  • Choose Poster Type – We offer you three distinctive types of poster printing options – Matt Finish, Gloss Finish and Vinyl Posters. You need to choose an option that is best suited for your needs. If you are looking for posters that would last long you should choose vinyl posters. For sturdier option you can order for Poster Boards that’d be printed on 3mm PVC boards and can be installed anywhere.
  • Printing Option – If you wish to place orders for handful posters we’d print it digitally to keep the costs at the lower end. For bulk orders we print them in using offset technology where the costs per poster come down as the volume increases.
  • Poster Size – As the leading online printing company we offer you a wide choice of sizes. If you choose digital printing you can choose poster of any length with width between 18 and 50 inches. In offset printing we offer you several options with size starting from 11×17 inches all the way up to 24×36.
  • Place Your Order – Once you have selected the right type, printing option and size you need to upload your design and place the order and take delivery at your doorstep within few days.

It’s easy, isn’t it? As one of the leaders in online printing services we offer attractive discounts on your orders. You can check out the latest offers running on our site at and also call us at 408-567-9553 to know more.

Get Noticed With Bespoke Flyer Printing

There’s one thing that unites every business and i.e. the urge to grow. If you are interested in selling your products and services you need to concentrate on brand building. Increased brand recognition brings more sales and profits. At PrintPapa, we have been working as marketing partners for several businesses and we can say this with authority that there isn’t a better way to promote your business than with flyers. With our flyer printing services you’d be able to reach out to the community and improve your brand recognition. We have been in the business of online printing services for more than a decade and seen businesses add to their brand equity with flyer printing.

flyer printing

Its tangible marketing…
You may wonder why in this era of digital marketing you should print flyers. The fact is flyers are tangible and something that your target audience would be able to hold in their hands. When you are creative with your message it immediately resonates in the minds of your audience. Compare this to the dozens of promotional emails and hundreds of ads that you see while scrolling your Facebook or Instagram account which you ignore and you’d know what we are talking about.

Promotional campaigns…
You can run different kinds of promotional campaigns with flyers. Print a discount coupon on the flyers and see the difference it makes to your sales. Similarly if you are launching a new product or service in the market there is no better way to introduce it to the masses.

You can get creative…
There is no limit to creativity when it comes to flyers. We offer you different kinds of flyers that include Folded Flyers, Rectangle Flyers, Club card Flyers and Shaped Flyers. If you have a stunning idea in mind we shall let you live your dream with flyer marketing.

To sum up, flyers are one of the most powerful marketing tools that can take your business to the next level. For flyer printing and other kinds of high quality printing services you can browse through our website or dial us at 408-567-9553. Our team will come up with the most attractive quotes for your needs.

Book Printing Lingo You Need To Be Aware Of

At PrintPapa our experience with book printing suggests that most clients aren’t aware of the basic terminology that is used to describe different aspects of custom book printing process. It goes without saying that a client who is aware of the different printing terms is likely to make a better choice while placing an order. So, here are some book printing lingos that you need to be aware of –

custom book printing

  • Imposition – Imposition is the process where printers arrange your book’s pages in a manner on larger sheets of paper in which the pages appear in the right order once they are folded and trimmed.
  • Perfect Binding – It is the most common binding option that you come across where the pages in a book are bound using gluing instead of sewing. The novels that you read are usually perfect bound.
  • Saddle Stitching – In this binding process the pages are bound using staples in the gutter (book’s fold). This binding option is preferred in case of booklets.
  • Embossing – This is a special treatment that is done to raise a certain portion in the book’s cover. This is usually done to the title of the book to highlight it.
  • Hard Binding – As the name suggests these are books that come with a hardcover which are usually made from paper boards and preferred in case of collectible books.
  • Dust Jacket – It is the paper cover that you find on hard bound books. The jacket sits over the binding but isn’t attached to the book.
  • Foil Stamp – This special treatment using a foil is usually used to print the title of the book in hardbound books along its spin. This treatment can also be applied to paperback books though this isn’t as common.

To sum up if you are in need of custom book printing services you can trust us to impress you with our work. We have been offering online printing services for more than a decade and have built a long list of satisfied clientele. Take a look at our online printing services by visiting our website at or call us at 408-567-9553 if you have any query.

Market Your Business with Direct Mail Postcards and Generate Trade Enquiries

You may be apprehensive even to think about marketing your business with direct mail postcards. In this day and age of Instagram, Facebook and other marketing mediums, which business uses post cards? It seems most of them do, and at PrintPapa we are seeing more and more people coming in with orders for postcards. If you are looking to get the best out of your postcard mailing services and generate tons of trade enquiries here are some of the things that you should keep in mind.

direct mail postcards

  • Target The Right People – While postcards are cheap to print and mail, it doesn’t mean you will send them to everyone without specifically targeting potential customers. The entire community can be your target audience but what we intend to suggest is that you need to first identify and then target them.
  • State your Goal – You need to set your goal clearly. Do you wish to promote a new product? Are you looking to promote your after sales services? Do you want to inform them about a sale in your store? Irrespective of your goal, it should be clearly visible in the postcard. Don’t try to pack in too much of information as it can often confuse the recipients.
  • Use for Remarketing Direct mail postcards are a great way for remarketing. It reminds your customers about your business and shows them that you care. This is one of the best ways to gain customer loyalty that will help you survive the competitive market.
  • Call to Action – The idea behind promoting your business with postcard mailing services is to encourage an action that leads to higher sales and revenue. Hence your postcard should have a Call to Action element in it. It could simply be your business phone number or a creative appeal but the fact is it should have a CTA.

If you are looking for high quality printing services for your postcards or other print marketing material you can rely on us. For more than a decade we have been one of the leading names in online printing business and offering high quality finished products at the most competitive prices. So, visit our website at or give us a call at 408-567-9553 for more information today.

When Do You Need to Choose Flyers over Brochures for your Campaign?

Should you choose a flyer of go for a brochure for your upcoming marketing campaign? Years into online printing business we must admit that many marketers don’t know the difference between them and use these terms interchangeably. Surprisingly even some designers don’t know the difference though they design both the kinds. While flyers are single sheet promotional material, flyers have folds. Flyers can be printed on a single side and brochures are printed on both the sides. Naturally both of these have distinct purposes as far as marketing is concerned. So when should you opt for flyer printing over brochures? Let’s find out –

flyer printing

  • Flyers are cheap to print compared to brochures and hence if you are looking for a mass marketing campaign instead of a targeting one you should opt for them. Whether it is an event announcement or informing people about an upcoming sale or offer flyers would serve you well.
  • When the goal and purpose of the campaign is short-lived flyers serve as a great choice as they are printed in average quality paper and are meant for reading and throwing it away. This isn’t to suggest that flyers aren’t a marketing material that can be retained. In such cases you will need to print them on thicker quality paper.
  • Flyers are mostly used in outdoor promotional purposes where you’d hand them over to people as you come across them. Brochures on the other hand are handed indoors and mostly to potential customers or clients who have shown interest in your products or services.
  • If your campaign is short-lived and the information printed isn’t something that people need to retain flyers would be a better choice instead of wasting your money in brochure printing. Flyer printing online is highly affordable and you can print them in thousands at one go.

If you are looking for state-of-the-art online printing services for your flyers or other marketing materials you can get in touch with us. At PrintPapa we have been in this business for more than a decade and served the niche needs of our clients and built great reputation in the industry.

5 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Signage

Investing in a new signage, even if it is a temporary one, should be done categorically and thoughtfully. At PrintPapa we often come across clients who want custom sign printing but are vague with their ideas or do not know how to design their signs properly. After so many years in the business we definitely have a clear idea about signage printing and what are the things that can easily catch your customer’s attention. Today we take a look at five tricks to keep in mind while going for sign printing online so that your customer sees it immediately.

sign printing online

  1. Emphasis on Logo – Whether you are redesigning your logo or creating a new one, it should be attractive enough to catch everyone’s attention. It is also important to strategically place the logo so that the brand association remains for long.
  2. Right Placement of A New Signage – As important it is to have an attractively designed sign for your store’s frontage, it is equally important to rightly place it. You cannot place it where it is hardly seen.
  3. Adhering to Design Aesthetics – It is important that your design speaks volumes about your brand and everything you want to convey. You must use contrasting colors so that the legible fonts which are evenly spaced can be easily read.
  4. Properly Mounting the Sign – No matter how well designed your sign is, if it isn’t neatly mounted on your window or door, all your efforts can go wasted. It is important that every sign is professionally mounted.
  5. Printed on Quality Materials – Depending on the longevity of the sign you must care to print only on quality materials. If you want the sign to stay for a long time you must print it on very good quality material whereas you may use a lower quality material if the signage is only for a temporary purpose.

If you are looking for high quality printing services you do not need to look anywhere else. Our wide array of services meets the requirements of all types of customers. So, visit our website at or give us a call at 408-567-9553 for more information today and you won’t regret the association.