Brochure Beneficials: 3 Ways to Create Effective Brochures

Want to give your company the perfect “shape?” Opt for creative brochures. Let your customers and clients know more about your company at the first-go with creative brochures. PrintPapa provides effective brochures in a variety of styles and at very affordable prices.

However, opting for brochures printing is not enough. Keeping in mind how to go about designing it, is also important. PrintPapa lets you customize your brochures in a way that reflects your brand’s personality at its best.

brochures printing

Here are 3 ways in which you can add to your brochures:

    1. Folds: Choose a fold according to the amount of information you want to incorporate in your brochure. A good way to do this is by creating a soft copy of the design. PrintPapa also provides guideline templates and even animations to give you a better idea about the folds.

Online brochure printing at PrintPapa allows you to have different kinds of folds e.g. double-parallel fold, gate-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, etc.

    1. Paper stock: The kind of paper stock you choose for your brochure is also important. You can decide to go for gloss to give your brochure a shining look. Or you can also opt for a matte finish to give your brochure a more elegant texture. The matte finish also provides you with a writeable surface.

Custom brochure printing at PrintPapa has two options of card stock, the 80 lb which is a thinner one and 100 lb which is the thicker one.

  1. Design: PrintPapa provides you with 3 options in this case. You can either upload your own print-ready PDF or upload an artwork for them to fix if necessary or you can let them design it on their own after which you can check it out for yourself. Online brochure printing services let you choose from a large variety of fonts and colors. Choose not more than two colors that, in all probability, stand for your brand and a font that is reader-friendly. Keep in mind the spacing as too much clutter among words does not appear good at all.

Opting for brochure printing from PrintPapa will give your brand a perfect promotion. However, keeping these 3 points in mind will help you give your brochures a better shape and quality at affordable prices. For more details about brochures printing, visit or just give us a call at 408-567-9553.

3 Ways PrintPapa Ensures High-Quality Adult Coloring Book Printing for You

PrintPapa has garnered an amazing reputation over the years with its high-quality printing services. Now, with our book printing services, we have reached to all the writers and illustrators who want to self-publish their books at the most affordable package. So, if you are an illustrator and are looking for a company that can offer high-quality printing at affordable rates, PrintPapa is your one-stop solution.

If you are wondering how our book printing services can help you publish the adult coloring book that you have illustrated with so much zest, then you are in the right place. Take a look at the following points to know more.

custom book printings

Different Finish

It is the finish of the adult coloring books that can actually impress your customers. From glossy, matte and coated cover to gloss, matte and uncoated text print for the inside pages, you will get everything here with PrintPapa. The full-color printing option will help you make your adult coloring books more attractive and let the customers see all the colors in their full resolution.

Options for Binding

With PrintPapa, you will get saddle stitch, perfect bound and coil bound books that will be perfect for your adult coloring book. When you have limited pages in mind, saddle stitch can be the best option for you. And for a book that is designed to relax the consumers while coloring with its many pages, perfect bound can be a good option too.

Free Artwork Upload

Now, PrintPapa offers you maximum flexibility for custom book printing as you will get the option of free artwork upload. Now, upload your own illustrations and get them printed without any glitches.

So, now as you know how PrintPapa can help you with adult coloring book printing with not just affordable printing but also with many other facilities, what are you waiting for? Visit today or call at 408-567-9553 now for more details.

Customized and Affordable Cookbook Printing

Is it time to share your delicious recipe secrets to the world? If yes, you must be wondering how to go about the process of printing and publishing your very own cookbook. Look no further, we at PrintPapa offer affordable and high-quality book printing services which is going to make your life so much easier.

book printing services

The professional look

It is a big step from taking the recipes close to your heart and putting it out into the world. If you are a home-cook, you probably are feeling out of sorts thinking about how to give your cookbook a professional touch. We are here to help you through this and make sure all needs are fulfilled. All you need to do is write down the recipes and visit our website. If you select our online printing services, you will see that we have three kinds of book bindings available, namely, Perfect-bound books, Saddle Stitched books and Coil-bound books. All the options are detailed to avoid any confusion and you can make your dream come true hassle-free.

Variation in sizes and pages

You can choose from a variety of sizes that we supply, along with our personalized recommended options for each type of book. We have divided our recommendations based on the number of pages you want your cookbook to have, from below and above 60 pages to a maximum of 200 pages. One of the deciding factors for book printing is the kind of pages you want to use. Our options vary from matte, glossy and uncoated pages which are further categorized according to their thickness. The thicker the paper, the more long-lasting it is.

Easy artwork and pictures upload

You obviously want to include pictures of the dishes that you want to present in your cookbook. One of the biggest advantages of online printing is that you can easily upload PDF files with the pictures that you want inside the book and for the cover of the cookbook. You can customize the look of your cookbook with trendy designs and colors of your choosing because we at PrintPapa fully respect our customers’ wishes. For more details, please visit our website ( or you can give us a call to answer your queries at 408-567-9553.

3 Effective Ways of ‘Directing’ Home Care, Travel and Tourism Business

If you are starting a new business, it is only natural that you would first go to your neighbors and tell them about it rather than going through the trouble of making a Facebook page or a whole website and then start promoting it which takes a lot of time. And an effective way of making your neighbors aware of your business is EDDM marketing or every door direct mail marketing.

Businesses like home care, travel and tourism can be a lot more effective when promoted via every door direct mail marketing.

Printed materials like postcards, folded mailers, and even inserts in newspapers, can be distributed in your neighborhood at a very affordable budget and give you a much higher Return-On-Investment. PrintPapa, a famous online printing service in California provides high-quality every door direct mail printing with 100% guaranteed satisfaction and fast turnarounds.

every door direct mail

Following are 3 effective EDDM printing tools:

  • Post Cards

They are perhaps the most affordable means of your EDDM marketing. If you have health care or a tourism business, an effective postcard can give you a large number of loyal customers every time they plan to opt for the services, you provide. Although small in size, this is what gives your customers the first impression of your brand. A good design is sure to have a positive effect on your customers and will certainly motivate them to avail your services.

Opting for Every door direct mail printing at Printpapa allows you to print business cards at attractive wholesale prices. Opting for these will definitely bring you good results along with higher savings.

  • Folded Mailers

While postcards limit you to add only the necessary details about your company, folded mailers allow a more in-depth presentation of your services. You can incorporate images, different fonts and attractive colors to enhance the look of your folded mailers. For example, in the case of a tourism sector, you can use pictures of attractive locations; whereas, in case of health care, you can show-off images of your staff performing their job. All this gives your folded mailers a powerful impact.

PrintPapa provides high-quality EDDM mailers which are even added with monthly deals.

  • Inserts in Newspapers

Newspapers are availed by almost everyone. And there are many who get them delivered to their household. Grab this opportunity to place your travel, tourism or health care inserts in the ads section of your newspapers. This is a great way of promotion as people who are reading the newspaper have a higher chance of going through your insert thus increasing the chances of higher CTAs.

If you are opting for every door direct mail California, PrintPapa is your one-stop destination. A BBB accredited business with an A+ rating; we provide fast turnarounds and guarantee 100% product satisfaction.

As a Matter of Size: 4 Types Of PrintPapa Posters Based On Their Sizes

Opting for posters for your business promotion is a great decision. But do you know which size to use? Which will be more effective? And budget-friendly? It’s true that posters can be used in various ways but in order to make your promotion more powerful, nowadays posters come in different types and sizes which can be used indoors or outdoors, or both.

Custom poster printing at PrintPapa lets you choose from 4 different types of posters and a varied range of sizes according to their purpose.

Custom poster printing

Here are 4 different types of posters available at PrintPapa:

  • Large Format Size Posters:

Height (inches) -18, 8.5, 12[lower range] and 50, 50, 50 [upper range] respectively;
Width (inches) – 20, 11, 12 [lower range] and 160, 160, 160 [upper range] respectively

These are definite-size posters are perfect for window signs and bulletin boards, among other uses.

Custom poster printing at PrintPapa allows you to opt for gloss (shine), matte (not shiny, textured) or vinyl (longest lasting) coating according to your use and purpose.

  • Bulk Posters:

They come in various standard sizes, with their width ranging from 11 to 24 (inches) and height ranging from 17 to 36 (inches). Opt for these when the number of prints is more than 50. They are perfect for window signs, bulletin boards and product posters.

Online poster printing at PrintPapa allows you to print bulk posters at attractive wholesale prices. This makes them extremely cost-effective.

  • Poster Boards:

Width:  Upto 46 inches
Height:  Upto 94 inches


Our 3mm (1/8 inch) thick White Poster Boards have long term applications e.g. Exhibits, Kiosks, framings and, interior and exterior signage. All this makes them PrintPapa’s most popular sign product.

  • Dry-Erase Posters:

PrintPapa provides 3 kinds of dry-erase posters.


Regular dry-erase poster:

  • Height: 1′ to 50 inches
  • Width: 1′ to 10 ft

Dry-erase poster board:

  • Width:  12 to 24 inches
  • Height:  12 to 36 inches

Dry-erase self adhesive poster:

  • Height: 1′ to 48 inches
  • Width: 1′ to 8 ft

They are perfect for cafes and restaurants that seldom provide offers, weekend specials, special delicacies and dishes, classroom and training posters.

Availing poster printing services from PrintPapa gives you the ability to choose from a wide range of posters based on their sizes and according to your use. Knowing which poster size to opt for along with the quality will certainly give you an effective ROI.

Attract Passer-bys with These Tried & Tested 4 Flyer Printing Tips

While walking down a street, you must have noticed colorful flyers on walls or glass windows that tell you about a discount on your favorite product, which immediately compels you to make a move.

No matter where it is placed, be it on a glass pane of a retail store, or in a park or a café, a flyer is always able to grab hold of our attention at the very first glance. An effective promotional tool, flyers play a primary role in bringing customers to your doorstep.

However, the power of a flyer rests in its design. Obviously, nobody bothers about a flyer which has just the name of the store and two digits to show the discount, that too in black and white. So, while you are designing your flyers, make sure that they are attractive enough to grab on to the attention of the audience at the first sight.

Flyer Printing OnlineHere are 5 steps you should follow in order to have effective flyers:

    1. Simple Look: A flyer should be attractive. But this does not mean that you have to incorporate everything you can into them. You need to keep in mind that flyers will be seen by passersby who will only give it a glance. This glance should be enough to tell them what you provide and how they can get it. Hence all that you need are a headline, a powerful CTA along with your contact details and website URL (if you have one).Opting for Flyer Printing Online from PrintPapa lets you choose from a long range of sizes according to your purpose and flyer positioning.
    2. Big-sized Content: Your flyer should carry less content. This will naturally give you a lot of space to utilize. Use this space wisely. You may use large graphics and images to attract attention. But keep in mind not to use too many of them as the audience will not waste a single second trying to understand them.
    3. Use bold colors: Your audience won’t be looking for your flyers obviously. You have to grab their attention immediately. So, opt for bold colors. Use not more than 2 colors for your flyers, as more than 2 might overwhelm the audience. Flyer printing services by Printpapa use high-quality vibrant colors that elevate the professionalism of your flyers.
    4. Readable Fonts: There is no use in printing a flyer if your audience cannot read its content. Thus, use a reader-friendly font like Times New Roman, Calibri, etc. Remember to keep them well-spaced and use contrasting colors for fonts and background, so that people will be able to see them from a distance.

A good way to test your flyers’ efficiency is to show it to people who can provide an unbiased opinion e.g. friends and co-workers.

Keeping these 4 points in mind will definitely help you in effective flyer printing. PrintPapa provides print services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and even monthly deals which make our relationships with our customers even more fruitful. To know more about our services, visit or call us at 408-567-9553.

Spread your Real Estate Business with Booklet Printing at PrintPapa

Real Estate is an area which incorporates a maximum of two to three investments for a person in a lifetime. This makes real estate business a strategically crucial marketplace. Realtors need to have an open eye in order to grab the best deal from the consumers. And to do so, they require an elaborate marketing campaign that helps them build their brand and thus be opted for by the consumers.

Booklet Printing Services

A very effective way to market real estate holdings is via the use of Booklets. Properly designed booklets from Booklet Printing Services not only grab the attention of the client but are also able to convey their message in the best possible way. This has chances of higher customer acquisition.

PrintPapa provides a long range of Booklets of different shapes and sizes for you to choose from that will reflect your real estate brand’s personality. Be it local homeowners or prospective buyers, booklet printing is a great means to show your properties in an affordable manner.

Based on what characteristics you want to add to your booklet, PrintPapa has various choices for you.

Here are 3 fundamental choices for your effective booklet design

  • Cover Page and Inside Pages Quality: Gloss or Matte. Most businesses opt for gloss as it has an attractive appeal and makes the colors look more vibrant. However, keeping with their elegance, some businesses opt for matte which adds a bit of textural. Matte is also writeable.
  • Paper Stock: PrintPapa has a long-range of paper stocks from thin to thick based on your choices and budget.
  • Proofing: PrintPapa allows 1 to 7 days’ time to resubmit your proofed content in case you find errors. Based on the proofing procedure (PDF or Hard copy Mock-up), the number of turnaround days may vary.

Online booklet printing services offered by PrintPapa ensures effective booklets at affordable prices that certainly help your real estate business take a better shape. They help you present your business in front of your customers in a manner that is professional and which reflects your brand’s value. To know more or to avail our services, visit a or just give us a call at 408-567-9553.

Looking for Effective Brochure Designs? Here are 5 suggestions

A business can never prosper or flourish unless it has a good promotion. No matter how long a business has been in the market, after a point of time, it ceases to expand unless promotions are carried out.

And as far as promotions are concerned, brochures play a key role. Be it a new service or product, or an offer or discount, or a new business itself, a brochure can help you make your audience aware of it in a subtle and effective manner. Opt for brochures printing at PrintPapa (a BBB accredited business with A+ rating) to give your business a perfect promotion.

There are different kinds of designs for your custom brochure printing based on your choices.

Here are 5 effective brochure designs to enhance its looks

  • Photography Brochures: If you run a business that incorporates photography, you probably will know that a good quality high-resolution picture never fails to influence its beholders and certainly leads to faster Call-to-Action(s).

Also, no matter what business you have, a good quality picture adds a lot of subtlety to your business brochure. After all, everybody remembers a good picture and that too for a longer period of time. Quality Brochure Printing at PrintPapa provides high-quality finishes which make your pictures look even better.

Quality Brochure Printing

  • Event brochures: These brochures are used to promote events. They are basically based entirely on your imagination and there is no procedure to follow. Good design and strong content have higher chances of pulling a larger audience.
  • Food brochures: The brochures which businesses that deal with food items, e.g. bakery, etc. use, come under this category. These can be made effective with high-quality pictures of food items provided by the business. Providing recipes is also effective and have a positive impact on your audience.
  • Holiday brochures: These brochures incorporate holiday mood in them. For example, during Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can opt for Custom Brochure Printing and include special festive offers and discounts. You can even add festive giveaways like mugs, notepads, etc.
  • Typographic brochures: Be it any kind of business, the font of your brochure plays a vital role. Choose a user-friendly font for your content, which the readers can read without any inconvenience.

Using not more than two fonts, one for headings and another for details, for all your promotional means can give your business a unique identity and will be immediately recognizable.

Brochures printing at PrintPapa will allow you to design effective brochures at attractive affordable rates with 100% satisfaction and fast turnarounds. To know more, visit or call us at 408-567-9553.

6 Unique Business Card Styles and Sizes

As is said by Sonya Parker, “Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression.” Business cards speak volumes about your personality and the recipient almost immediately develops a perspective about you. We at PrintPapa not only deal with online business cards printing, but also offer you a variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

business cards printing

Standard Business Card

These are the most commonly seen business cards which help you shape that first impression ideally. The most common size available is 3.5” X 2” and goes on to different styles like slick cards, tiny cards and European cards.

Square Business Card

It is generally accepted that uncommon sizes grab the attention sooner and create a lasting first impression. We offer the square business cards printing in the dimension of 2” X 2”, 2.5” X 2.5” and 3” X 3”.

Luxury Business Card

You cannot fail to create that charming first impression with our luxury business cards. These cards are triple thick 46 point which is almost as thick as a credit card with colored inserts. The basic luxury card is 3.5” X 2” and comes in the varieties of slick cards, European style cards and square cards.

Fold-over Business Card

Our fold-over business cards come in two options, one that flips open upwards and one which flips open sideways. The fold-over card that opens upwards has the laying flat size of 3.5” X 4” and folded size of 3.5” X 2”. The fancy business card that opens sideways is 5” X 2” and 3.5” X 2” respectively.

Shaped Business Card

We as a business cards printing service provider offer shaped card in the form of round, cloud-shaped, diamond-shaped, flower-shaped, heart-shaped, ink-drop shaped, oblong-shaped and many more options to choose from.

Opaque Plastic Business Card

These are fully colored on plastic and are extremely durable. We provide these cards in the US standard size (3.5X2 inch) with options in square, European and slick business cards. These are water-proof, economical and hold the color for a continued period of time.

For more information on business card styles and sizes, please visit our website at or you can even call us at 408-567-9553 and get your online business cards printing done hassle-free.

Catalog Printing: 7 Simple Steps to Create Effective Catalogs

Catalogs are one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions available. They are great for sharing information about your business, products, and services. With superior full-color printing, precise binding, and an array of paper options, PrintPapa’s catalogs are sure to make a big impact.

As far as catalog printing is concerned, most people do not know how to get started. You should not be inclined towards displaying all of your information in your brochures. Rather, begin by chalking out the objectives of your business catalog and mapping your aims in a better way. The next and the most important step is to position yourself in the place of your audience. You need to know what attracts them, what info they want and how to impress them and get them to turn the pages. Once you have a clear idea about these, you can go move to begin designing your catalogs.

catalog printing

Why Stress on Catalog Design and Quality?

The print quality and design of your catalogs is what shows the quality of your brand to your audience. This is just as important as the content itself. Poor print and low image quality will take away the interest of your readers.  PrintPapa provides Custom Catalog Printing in a variety of print quality and design and lets you add your own set of colors to personalize your catalogs in the right way. But make sure to not use many colors as too much coloring hurts the vision of the readers.

With the following suggestions in mind, you can design effective catalogs:

  1. Opt for design elements that best suit your brand along with a good selection of images and colors.
  2. Choosing a font of simple nature always work. An easy to read font with a sober size and color engages the reader.
  3. Utilizing space effectively is crucial. Too much text disengages the audience.
  4. Keep a good balance. Don’t use too much or too little text or images.
  5. Elements and information which are not needed should be removed.
  6. Opting for an apt size for your catalog distribution depends on your purpose. Moreover deciding upon your distribution technique also needs to be considered, be it, handing-out, mailing or hanging on a display, etc.
  7. High-resolution images are crucial for your catalogs as your readers will be seeing them at arm’s length. Low quality images will lose their interest.
  8. Having a style that remains consistent throughout the catalog helps establish the brand’s personality.

Catalog printing Services at PrintPapa let you design your catalogs in your own terms. If you want to add a design, you are most welcome. Do not know how to go about designing? Let us help you. PrintPapa has a wide range of catalogs of various sizes and paper-stocks which will definitely suit your use and purpose. To know more, log on to or call us at 408-567-9553.