2 Fundamental Reasons That Make PrintPapa Your Best Choice for EDDM Postcards

Postcards are one of the most target-oriented printing tools available today. Their mobile nature makes it easy to carry them across long distances in order to reach a strong target audience. Moreover, the fact that they reach the very door of the customers makes it easier to have a positive impact on them thus having an increase in the chances of customer acquisition.

If you are looking for effective postcard printing in Santa Clara, look no further than PrintPapa. PrintPapa provides both flat and folded postcards (half-fold and tri-fold) not only for print but also for print&mail (EDDM) services. You will be able to choose from a varied range of sizes including 3.5×5 inches, 4×6 inches, 5×7 inches, 9×6 inches, 9×9 inches, 11×5.75 inches, 13×10 inches, and lots more.

custom postcard printing

Here are 2 reasons which make PrintPapa your foremost choice for EDDM postcards:

  1. Cutting edge design and finish options: Choosing custom postcard printing from PrintPapa with a variety of options for design. Other than various sizes and paper options (gloss or matte), you get to decide whether you want printed sides or not, UV coating, and corner rounding.This lets you give your postcards a great appearance that has higher chances of sustaining in the minds of the audience rather than a shabby regular postcard.
  2. Experience: Being in the industry for more than 15 years makes PrintPapa a pro in Every-Door-Direct-Mail or EDDM custom business postcard printing services. Our professional staff makes sure that your postcards reach your target audience to their very doorstep within the stipulated time frame. You do not even need a mailing list. Just provide us with the target zip codes and we will deliver the postcards to all the houses in the area.

Choosing PrintPapa for your postcard printing online in California assures guaranteed satisfaction in brand marketing. To know more or to opt for our services, visit www.printpapa.com today.

2 Effective Catalog Design Tips for Your Electronic Products Launch

The launch of new products, be it of any kind, requires you to showcase them to your audience in an effective manner. It should not only uphold your brand’s identity but should also make the visibility of the products as clear and as elegant as possible.

In this web blog, we shall be talking about how a catalog is the most effective tool for the above-mentioned purpose. A catalog can act not only as a way to showcase the products but also as a manual for those who are willing to buy them. As for the catalogs themselves, PrintPapa is here, for all your catalog printing considerations. And everything will be taken care of perfectly.

Here are 2 design tips for your electronic products catalog:

    1. A thorough product description: Since it is about electronic products, you should mention each and every detail of them which you think is essential for the customers to know. This allows them to have a clear idea of which product is better suited for their use. The better the presentation, the better is the brand identity.

      Printpapa’s catalog printing services offer varied sizes of catalogs for you to choose from, e.g. 5.5×8.5, 3.75×8.5, 4×11, 5×8, 6.62×10.25 and many more along with many page options.

    2. Great photography and design: Showcase high quality photographs for all your electronic products. This shows elegance and class that naturally has a positive effect on the minds of your audience. Along with this, having a great finish adds more to the overall catalog design as well as the brand’s personality while offering the potential customers an almost tangible experience. At PrintPapa, we provide high-quality custom catalog printing services online that includes full-color prints, multiple papers for cover as well as inside pages (gloss, matte and uncoated). This enhances the photographs of the products big time, thus helping you give your catalog a high-end finish.

Keeping these 2 points in mind will help you design an effective electronic products catalog. As for the printing, choose PrintPapa, the one-stop destination for high quality catalog printing in Santa Clara. For more info about catalogs, dial 408-567-9553.

3 Fundamental Reasons Why You Should Choose Colored-Insert Luxury Printed Cards

Business cards serve the most important function for any business i.e. creating a strong first impression. Naturally, the first thing that a businessman or businesswoman gives you at the first meeting is his or her business card. And if you are one of them and are looking for a great business card design that helps showcase your brand better, come to PrintPapa. PrintPapa provides high-quality business cards at affordable prices with guaranteed satisfaction.

In this blog, we shall be talking about a very important aspect of business card design. And that is color-insert business cards, also known as luxury business cards. Business cards printing at PrintPapa is done on a triple-thick 46 point uncoated paper (a little bit thicker than an ATM card). There are many sizes available including 3.5×2 inches, 2×2 inches, 2.5×2.5 inches and more. The insert has a colored layered effect that sets the brand apart.

online business cards printing

Here are 3 ways in which colored-insert business cards let your brand stand apart:

    1. Thickness for wrinkles and tears Free Business Card: A very physical aspect, and a very natural one, is that the thickness of the card prevents any kind of wear and tear. Opting for layered edge online business cards printing takes a toll on your competitors.
    2. Stress on brand uniqueness: Certainly, having the layered insert in your brand’s color lets your business card attract attention even amidst other business cards. And certainly, colors have always had an attractive quality. PrintPapa even provides a lot of additional colors for the special order. Opt for business cards printing in California with PrintPapa and turn your business cards into the perfect image of your brand.
    3. Brand-worthy: A continuation of the second point, giving the brand-oriented colored layers to your business cards makes them more brand-worthy. PrintPapa provides effective custom business cards printing service with layered inserts that help you showcase your brand better thus making them a great brand-worthy tool.

PrintPapa is your one-stop destination for effective business cards printing. Guaranteed satisfaction and fast turnarounds make them one of the best printing agencies in Santa Clara. For more details, log on to www.printpapa.com today.

Make Your Ladies Nighta Great Success with PrintPapa’s Club Card Flyers

If you own a bar or nightclub, you will know this for a fact that it is much easier to get men into the club. But the challenge is with the ladies. And the fact that they are more attractive between the two makes your business drive like nothing else. And if you are into this, all you need to do to incorporate this strategy in your marketing is by printing unique flyers to promote a “ladies night” at your bar. As for the flyers themselves, look nowhere other than your foremost printing companion PrintPapa.

PrintPapa offers high-quality flyer printing at affordable rates. And since we are talking about a promotion in a club or pub, we have just the right kind of flyers for it i.e. club card flyers.

flyer printing services

Here are 2 ways to design your ladies night flyer:

    1. Important info first: It is very important to showcase what the ladies can expect from the event. If you are offering free drinks, that is the most important info. Next, if you a famous DJ coming over, mention that too, perhaps make it the highlight. If you are offering free or reduced cover charges, that should also be clearly provided on the flyer.

      PrintPapa’s flyer printing services allows you to print upto 2500 club card flyers. This is more than enough for any pub event.

    2. Attractive Finish: Our custom flyer printing offers full color club card flyers with both the sides on thick 14pt card stock along with high Gloss UV Coating. As for the size, you can choose from 5 different options, 3×4, 3×5, 4.25×5.5, 4×6 and 5×7 inches.  Thus, you do not have to do anything at all. Just opt for club card flyers and leave the rest to us.

Other than club card flyers, PrintPapa also provides high quality custom die cut flyers, folded flyers and rectangle flyers as well.

These 2 points show how you can have a great promotion of your pub’s ladies night with the help of club card flyers from PrintPapa, one of the best online flyer printing in California. For affordable rates and guaranteed satisfaction call us at 408-567-9553 today.

3 Campaigns to Spread the Buzz about with the Help of Posters

Posters have always been used to promote campaigns since time immemorial. They are simple to make and a very cost-effective marketing tool to spread the words. And if you too are thinking about opting for posters for spreading the word about your campaign, PrintPapa is your one-stop solution. PrintPapa is one of the most renowned agencies of high-quality online poster printing services in California, providing full-color posters at affordable costs.

However, in this blog, we shall be talking about how you can use poster printing for different kinds of promotions. That is, we shall be discussing how you will be able to use posters to promote different types of campaigns.

Here are 3 types of campaigns that can be effective with poster printing:

  1. School Campaigns: Posters play a huge role in campaigns in schools. Be it to promote upcoming events like club meetings, bake sales, prom nights, pep rallies, or for sports events like soccer and rugby. Your audience, including your schoolmates and teachers, are sure to take note of your posters while going to class.PrintPapa offers high-quality custom poster printing in various formats like large format, poster boards, and dry-erase posters. Choose the one which suits your needs the best.
  2. Event Campaigns: If you along your friends’ committee have organized a concert for a rock band or homecoming or any other event, posters are a great tool for promoting it. When promoting an event it is very important to spark excitement in the viewer.PrintPapa’s poster printing allows you to upload your own artwork along with gloss and matte lamination. This allows you to give the posters an attractive touch. PrintPapa’s large format posters can be of 18” to 50” wide to any length. Have your posters placed around the specific areas where you want to promote your event to remind the viewers multiple times why they should be interested in the event.poster printing
  3. Fundraising Campaigns: The most important thing about fundraising posters is to include ads and sponsors to boost profit both for you and the advertiser. Moreover, sponsors help you gain the trust of the viewers and will make them take note of the event better, thus raise more funds. PrintPapa’s poster boards can come in handy in this case with their photographic quality printing on stiff 3mm PVC.

Custom poster printing at PrintPapa comes at affordable costs along with low minimums and fast turnarounds. This makes fundraising even more fruitful.

PrintPapa is a renowned large poster printing company based in California that assures guaranteed satisfaction on its poster printing. For more info or for discussing custom order, dial 408-567-9553.

3 Points to Prove the Effectiveness of Backlit Signs for Business Promotion

Signs have always been one of the best ways to attract the audience. With various kinds of signs available like Yard signs, A-frame signs, POP signs, Window signs, Backlit signs and others, it has become a necessary promotional tool for brands and businesses.

PrintPapa, one of the best services of online sign printing provides all the above mentions designs and more at affordable rates. However, in this blog, we shall be talking about how PrintPapa’sbacklit signs benefit your business and its promotion in an effective manner.

Backlit Signs

Here are 3 points which make backlit signs beneficial for your business:

  1. Better Visibility: If your brand is placed in either an unnoticeable location or has other brands close-by, backlit signs get noticed without any effort. They shine out and draw attention from people letting them find your brand without any inconvenience or going back and forth in the same street. Custom sign printing at PrintPapa provides you with backlit signs that are weather resistant with upto a year of outdoor use. They provide sizes including 16×20”, 24×36”, 36×48” and more. They also provide custom sizes of upto 100×50”.
  2. Brand Identity: Opting for PrintPapa’s sign printing online for your backlit signs, contribute to the visual scene by making it a clear and prominent landmark. All of us have, during sometime or the other, planned to meet someone below a building with the sign of some brand. So, in this case, your brand becomes the identifier of a particular location and vice versa. This is undoubtedly one of the strongest ways to spread awareness about your brand and create a corporate brand image.
  3. Professionalism: 8 mil translucent polyester backlit film material used by many sign printing agencies provide the impression of a professional company, thus provoking them to choose you. Backlit sign printing due to its attractive design will certainly make people think that if a company cares so much for its branding, then it will certainly care more about the services it offers to its customers. This provides for a professional approach towards your company and makes people choose you over your competitors.

If you are looking for a high-quality sign shop in California, PrintPapa is one of the agencies providing custom sign printing. Opting for their backlit signs assures you guaranteed satisfaction along with fast turnaround and low minimums. To know more, visit www.printpapa.com and place your bulk order.

3 Tools to Boost Your Niche Marketing as an Independent Building Contractor

Giving steep competition to your competitors is a necessary thing when you are trying to establish yourself on a strong foundation as an independent building contractor. Now, when you are doing so, it is necessary that you market yourself well. And for that, just spreading networks and increasing visibility won’t be enough. You need to think of niche marketing too. And if you are looking for the most cost-effective printed tools that will help you in niche marketing, then you are in the right place.

We, at PrintPapa, offer you the best-printed toolsthat can easily boost your business amongst your relevant customers. Our print products including brochures, door hangers and booklet printing are designed for such purposes only. Take a look at the following points to know how these tools can help you in niche marketing.

booklet printing

When there is already a section of customers who are ready to trust you even as an independent building contractor, you can provide them with relevant information about your project. Our custom booklet printing services will cater to your needs perfectly. Choose from portrait, landscape, comic size, square and European size booklets of various sizes. Go for high-quality UV coated 100lb gloss text for the cover page that will showcase the best of your project. In the inside pages, add necessary information in text too along with premium quality images.

Maybe a particular buyer is interested in a property that you have recently developed. Now, it is time to share some information as well as some attractive images with them. The limited quantity of content will require less space than a booklet. In this case, our brochures can be of great help to you. You can choose 2, 3, 4 and Z folded brochures depending on how much information you are going to share. For more folds, go for 8.5”*11” or for a standard two fold one, stick to 5.5”*8.5”.

Door Hangers:
When you are trying to up your game of niche marketing, opt to appeal to the locality you are developing your property in. Distribute door hangers around the houses and get a remarkable response from them. We print paper and plastic door hangers that will cater to your needs of marketing perfectly. For standard option, you can choose 4*11. Or for a more impressive touch, go for 5.5*11 die cut door hangers.

So, for reliable and eco-friendly affordable brochures, door hangers and online booklet printing services, come to us at PrintPapa today. Prefer to place an order by phone? Call us at 408-567-9553 now.

3 Large Scale Businesses and How You Can Promote Them Using Banners

Banners have always been one of the most creative ways of promoting a brand. And if you own a business too, then be assured that a creatively designed banner from PrintPapa will take both you and your business a long way.

PrintPapa is one of the best agencies that provide affordable high-quality banner printing in California. And in this blog, we shall be talking about some examples of businesses and how you can promote them better with banner printing from PrintPapa.

banner printing

Here are 3 examples of promotion with banner printing by different large businesses:

  1. Tourism brands: Perhaps one of the largest businesses in the world, tourismbrands have always had their own unique promotional techniques. To showcase tourism, a great way would be to incorporate tourist attractions like waterfalls, valleys, and rivers in them. For example, you may bring waterfall to life by a man in a kayak, mounted to the top edge of a building. Or you can show a person rock-climbing in a valley. PrintPapa offers custom banner printing of any size based on their type like vinyl, fabric, mesh, pole pocket, and more with upto 3 years of outdoor use making them perfect to be used on buildings and bridges.
  2. Zoos: A zoo is another great attraction, for kids and adults alike. So, promoting it in a unique manner is necessary. A simple yet innovative way would be to use lamp posts as a three-dimensional measure. For example, have banner printing with a giraffe’s portrait and hang it on the pole strategically so that the lower portion of the pole becomes the rest of its neck. Paint this portion in the giraffe’s pattern to complete the look. You can do the same with an elephant and its trunk.
  3. Hospitals: These are places where people come to heal. While going for online banner printing services, you can choose a godly picture like that of Michelangelo’s The Creation Of Adam. The only difference being cropping out Adam and keeping only God. Stick it beside the elevator in a way so that whenever a person presses the elevator button, he or she shares the touch of God almighty.

PrintPapa provides vinyl banner printing online along with fabric, mesh and other custom banner printing in sizes from approx 5 to 16 ft. Affordable rates with fast turnarounds and low minimums make PrintPapa one of the best services of banner printing in California. To know more, visit www.printpapa.com or call 408-567-9553.

A Colorful Promotion: What Makes Full Color Flyers Effective In Print Marketing

Flyers have been used for many decades by entrepreneurs to spread the word about their new business. The fact that flyers are easy-to-carry and showcase a brand in a crisp manner makes them perfect for a new business.

Flyer printing at PrintPapa offers a long range of full-color flyers available in regular as well as die-cut shapes. However, for a new business, there are 3 things that need to be kept in mind for flyer distribution.

flyer printing services

  • Defining the goal: This involves having a clear purpose for your flyers.
  • Targeting the audience: Target those whom you think can be your customers. If you have opted for flyer printing services for your new gift shop and are promoting it for valentine’s day, promoting it near colleges, shopping centers and so on are the obvious choices rather than at the local dentist’s office.
  • Uniqueness: What makes you better than your competitors? This is what you need to uphold in your flyers.

However, the thing to keep in mind is that since it is a new business, the design plays a vital role and the most important aspect of the design is the color.

Here are 3fundamental ways in which color can affect the overall look of the flyer.

    • Being bright: Always opt for bright colors while keeping in mind the nature of the brand. Use not more than two or three colors. More colorsmight overwhelm the readers.PrintPapa uses high-quality inks, be it for its regular flyers or die cut flyers. Our state-of-the-art machinery makes printing faster and more effective.
  • Contrast: Having a contrast of colors makes the flyers more attractive and visually appealing. Have a font color that contrasts with the background color. This will make it easier for the readers to go through what is mentioned in the flyers without any inconvenience.
  • Gloss or Matte: Based on the nature of your brand, you can give your colored flyers, glossy or matte finish. While gloss makes the flyer appear shinier, matte adds a textured appeal. Matte also adds for a writeable surface.

It is very important, for a new business; to have a flyerthat is able to engage the audience. If the first impression is strong, it will certainly lead to a positive effect on them. For high-quality full-color regular or custom die cut flyers, visit www.printpapa.com or dial 408-567-9553.

3 Ways to Boost Digital & Offline Marketing with Catalogs from PrintPapa

Catalogs have always been one of the most opted forms of print promotions, both for digital and offline marketing results. They have the strong potential to reach out to both offline and online customers simultaneously; thus increasing the chance of higher sales and revenue.

If you are looking for high-quality catalogs that will serve your business perfectly, both offline and online, PrintPapa is your one-stop destination. Low-cost catalog printing at PrintPapa enables you to make the perfect use of your catalogs for better customer experience.

Here are 3aspects ofPrintPapa catalogs that add to their effectiveness for digital and offline marketing:

  • Tactile: The physical aspect and the sense of touch cannot be replaced by any online experience.
  • Leisure: The fact that customers can take their own sweet time going through the catalogs increases the chances of them buying products from your online store.
  • Presentation: Catalogs allow for a clear presentation of products or services that a business provides without being overwhelming. Moreover, the reader is not bombarded with ads here and there as is the case with an online search.

Catalog printing services at PrintPapa allow you to choose from a long range of low-cost high-quality catalogs of different sizes, finishes and paper stock options. Opt for one which best upholds your brand.

catalog printing services3 Tips to keep in mind for an effective Digital&Offline catalog design:

  • Not outdated: Make sure that the services or products that your business provides are not unavailable, or out of stock. This can be misleading for your customers and you may lose them forever.
  • Effective design: A simple design with a clear font is always better than a fancy one. Add the best sellers in the first few pages.
    PrintPapa’s catalog printing services online lets you design your own catalogs. Or if you want, we can fix it for you as well.
  • Proper product and service info: The increase in your sales depends highly on this. So, make sure to have the right information to answer all the questions which the customers might have in their minds.

A well-designed printed catalog can be a significant boost in sales for your digital and offline marketing. Custom catalog printing at PrintPapa provides effective catalogs that will help you take care of your brand promotions perfectly. For low minimums and fast turnarounds, just visit www.printpapa.com or dial 408-567-9553.