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Tips for Promotional Poster Printing

It is a much argued question that whether:

Is it good to print quantity posters of lower quality to reach wider section of people? OR
To print good quality posters and reaching only limited target audience?

 The solution to this is not so simple, as while printing a poster there are a lot of factors to determine. This includes the purpose of printing, the goal you want to achieve and finally your budget. Here, we highlight some important guiding principles for you to keep in mind while going for promotional poster printing:


The very first advantage of high quality poster is that, in good quality posters, the designs are generally very good, paper is very good, full color inks are used and the poster is given a finished look that amazes the on-lookers. All of this adds to the quality of the poster content. This is why nowadays only high quality poster are preferred to promote a movie or a play. As majority of people still judge a poster not only by its content but also by the paper quality, color and the effects used.


Poster printing is generally not cheap, instead you will find that printing high quality posters with colored inks and good quality paper is generally a costly issue. This suggests that if you have a tight budget you will be able to print only few posters which is not the same with cheaper poster printing. Secondly, printing many posters at a time means, you should have the ability to cover a wide area and have as many posters to reach every public place falling under your target.

However, this idea has certain drawbacks also. By printing cheap posters, there comes a risk factor for the company itself, looking cheap in the eyes of public. Business reputations can also be hampered if the poster becomes unable in casting a good impression upon the viewers.


Therefore, to acquire that fruitful end results you should be very clear about your objectives and the goal you wish to achieve and finally the quality of printing service you avail.

At we offer various options for poster printing:

1. Full Color Hi-Gloss Photo Posters: Printed on a 6 color Inkjet press with UV inks and on Hi-Quality Photo Paper. You can order 1 or upto 50 at a time. Very high quality printing, as good as your Photo Labs

2. Mini Posters (11×17): Get 50 or upto 10000 posters printed on various kinds of paper. These are much cheaper than the above, but the quality is awesome. These are printed on offset or digital presses

3. Mounted Posters: These are full color glossy posters or high durable matt vinyl posters mounted on 3/16″ Gator Board. Great quality. Order as low as 1 poster.

5 Tips to Create Custom Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are great giveaways on special occasions. Development in technology has meant that the cards can be customized according to tastes and wishes of the sender. Nothing makes a person more happy then to wake up on his birthday and see a beautifully designed greeting card bearing a memorable picture of his life. This is the power of custom greeting cards. It makes you a designer and you can create whatever you wish and not go for the same old stuff that all the others buy.


Creating a custom greeting card is a very easy task and it is a great tool for marketing too. Such greeting cards can be ordered from any of the printing agencies. But the better the printer the more prominent results you can expect. But here are 5 tips for those that want to create a custom greeting card sitting at home:

  • Hardware Required: You will definitely need a computer which has graphic editing software such as CorelDraw and Photoshop installed. To get good quality prints you also need to have a Laser Jet printer. High resolution laser quality prints make even an ordinary print look great and the greeting card look professional.
  • 0930047
  • Unique Idea: The designing and the content of the card would be focused on the event. For example if it is a Christmas greeting card then a picture of you dressed as a Santa and some personalized messages  is a good choice.
  • High Quality Paper: Do not pick any paper that you get. There have been so many instances when a beautifully designed card has suffered due to poor choice of paper. So it is of utmost importance to pick a paper that will give you high quality outputs.
  • 185_2593471
  • Bright Photographs: Choose pictures that are taken in full light. Dark looking photographs on top of the greeting card gives a dull look to it.
  • Designing: There should be separate designs in the front and inside the card. The top messages should be catchy while the inner messages can be more personalized. Adding some humor to the cards makes them more interesting.

It isn’t tough is it? But then again customizing a greeting card requires a lot of time and some amount of precision. So why not entrust the job to the printing service providers such as PrintPapa?

Business Benefits of Custom Envelope Printing

The use of envelope hails from the conventional era, when they were effectively used for carrying letters. Since those days till today envelopes have been differently modified with change in shape and size. With the term envelope coming in our mind the very first impression that comes is, a pack or protection for the inside content. Depending on the purpose of their use the envelopes are categorized into different types. The commonly available types are corporate envelope (or no 10), business reply envelope,  direct mail envelope, billing envelope etc. However, depending on the purpose of their use, envelopes can also be custom made.


From pocket sizes to banker ones, envelopes are available in a variety of sizes. This variation depends upon the size of the document inside. Apart from holding the inside materials, envelopes are also used for safe transfer of documents. Along with carrying your business logo, envelopes are one important marketing medium. So while going for envelope printing, there are some of the important benefits that you can achieve in your purpose.

The window envelopes with custom prints are good for business purposes. While the good printed billing envelopes always holds the impression of quality, carrying company image and boosting quality services again there are direct mail envelopes that require good printing schemes. All promotional materials require good packaging actually these are the features that adds to enhance the business strategies.


The corporate envelopes are used in describing the style, class and distinction in front of others. Thus corporate envelopes can successfully be used for marketing as well as storing files, legal papers, and corporate documents and similar other reasons. Business reply envelopes and custom envelopes can also come in the same domain. Custom envelopes can be modified according to the purpose of use.


Different printing services are available nowadays with the capacity of satisfying all printing requirements meeting individual client demands. Printpapa is one such printing services that  takes care of all the above factors while printing and designing of both business and personal envelopes. Visit our Envelope section to see a variety of envelope sizes, types and most of them can be printed in 1, 2 or Full Color.

Tips to Choose the Best Banner Printing Company

NO SIGNS MEANS NO BUSINESS. Banners are one important medium for the growth and development of any business. Posters and Banners make people know about the services it offers. These promotional materials also help you in making your target audience understand what kind of services you offer and how you manage that. This makes essential for you to select the right banner and in right way. In the present scenario, countless printing companies are involved in the business of banner printing but not all are equally reliable and competent to offer you the desirable result.


Here are few important tips to keep in mind before consulting a banner printing company:

  • The company you select must provide texts and images of high resolution at least not less than 1440 dots per inches.78_2556703
  • The provided material should be sturdy, waterproof and can easily be cleaned and bent.
  • The tendency of the printing company should not be like once everything is printed the services end. Rather they should be ready to provide their services till the end.
  • If you are to place your banner outdoors, ask the company whether there is any scope for limitations. This way you can prevent your banner from fading, thereby making it look new for longer period.


  • Last but not the least also consider the total cost of the banner printing services, investing your money in the right way may lead you getting better feedback.

Though there are many printing companies involved in the printing business, here at PrintPapa we offer 2 different kinds of banners

All our Banners are printed in full color with UV inks which means non-fading, water proof inks. We use high quality media from HP for printing our banner. Place your next order of banner online at

5 Tips for Creating Promotional Notepads

Promotional notepads are an important medium to make a work go smooth, these notepads are useful both at home and in office. When a notepad is printed for business reasons, the printing design varies, keeping the purpose intact. Designing business notepads are a little difficult than the usual ones. Therefore when a notepad is printed for business purposes there are five important designing elements followed to print the notepad. After you have decided to use the promotional notepads for your business, the next important thing to keep in mind is, choosing the exact size and design that can well carry your brand logo or a brief introduction about your brand, and most importantly the contact details. After mentioning all the details do keep in mind to leave enough space to write on. Make sure that your notepads are useful and can be used time and again.


Here are the five important printing elements that needs to be kept in mind while designing a promotional notepad:

  • The Header: The first important part of a notepad is the header. In fact the header is the portion where substantial attention is given while designing. This is mainly because in a custom notepad, a writer first reads the header before proceeding to anything else. Hence in a notepad the header is the most attractive design element to cast a negative or positive impact on a reader.
  • The Watermark: Watermark is the other important feature of a notepad and is considered one important marketing element to add business related messages and pictures. Apart from this, watermarks also break the background monotony of a notepad. Best designed watermarks can keep a notepad’s competitiveness.


  • Size and Shape: The size and shape of a notepad is the another important feature to maintain the competitiveness. As most people judge the quality of a notepad by its size, shape and design. Large size notepads are most preferred because of its functionality and practicality. However for promotional notepads the size and shape should be determined depending on the usability. Basically the oddly shaped small notepads are preferred most.
  • Durability: Lastly the durability factor is very important to wrap things up. A notepad can never be competitive if it is not durable. Hence to make your notepads reach to a wide section of people, it must be made with tough material. The more durable your notepad is, the more is the competitive factor.
  • Functional Features: The functional features are also very important. It is always suggested to add few extra functional features in your notepad if possible.


At PrintPapa all our notepads are printed in full color on nice 70lb Text Paper, with 50 pages/pad and with a hard board backing. We offer 3 different sizes to choose from. Place your next order of notepads at

Best Ways to Submit Work to a CD or DVD Duplicator

A CD or a DVD duplicator is a device used to duplicate from one DVD to multiple DVD copies in a very short time. The duplicators are best used when there is need for multiple copies of the same data. Duplication is best for quantities of 500 and less. For more quantities go for replication. The CD/DVD duplicators are available in variety of sizes. All the high performance brands can record the data without any loss in bits.  In case of errors it will spit out in a different bin.


The technology can efficiently be used to create equal space partition on the hard drive like the master disc ensuring maximum of HDD space. Most of the  DVD and CD duplicators have integrated ‘Master Error Proof  Technology’ that can be used to replace the master disc without wasting the blank DVD. Nowadays there are some professional duplication companies that are involved in the business of CD or DVD duplication. By following few simple steps the process could easily be done. So if you want to distribute some data, CD or DVD duplication could be the ideal way to do it.


Here are some essential tips and tricks to follow while choosing a reputable duplication company:

  • If you have printing on the CD or DVD then ask for the print samples of different print methods before allotting work to the duplication company you have selected. This would help you in understanding which print method would be good for you both professionally as well as economically.
  • Inquire about the media quality used, thus do not compromise with the quality. Go for CDs and DVDs with less error rates. (very important)
  • Always choose a reputed company in the industry.

Hence with a little knowledge and care the entire process of duplication can be easy, fast and cost-effective thus to make several copies of a CD or DVD.


So the next time you plan for outsourcing your work of CD or DVD duplication, make sure that you consult an authentic name. PrintPapa could be one reliable source in this regard. We at PrintPapa use the best quality media and equipment to produce your copies.

Advantages of using Postcards for Advertising

Marketing is one of the age old techniques to entice the people to buy a product. But nowadays there are so many tools at disposal of the marketeers that it often becomes difficult to choose the best. With the evolution of the Internet there are more and more online marketing tools available. But ask the enterprise owners and they will tell you that mailing is one of the essential components of any marketing campaign. People still like to receive advertising postcards then a direct mail from a company. Postcards have been popular marketing tool ever since the fall of the last century only the content and designing of the cards have changed.


The postcards can either be sent in the form of greeting cards or in order to inform or keep in touch with the clients. But all the content in these cards are advertising based and are accompanied with other marketing tools such as letters, flyers, catalogs and brochures. The heavy marketing content in the postcards differentiates them from other types of normal greeting cards and thus they are called advertising postcards.


These postcards are either sent to the existing client base or they are sent randomly to everyone. But it is always desirable to sent the postcards to the clients that belong to your niche business. The content of such postcards is primarily based on promoting or introducing a new product or service or to update the customers about some new event in the company. Most importantly there is enough of information about the company and its various other products or services present in the postcard. Like direct mails there are no issues of privacy or security. You can expect that the person receiving the mail will cast a glance through your promotional material.


Results for the postcard promotional campaign will only bear fruit if you get the postcards designed from a professional printing agency and one such agency of repute is PrintPapa. The advertising postcard should be catchy and handy as is the case with brochures. Only thing here is that all the information has to be given in compressed form. The card quality has to be good to catch the eyes of the customers and the design has to be unique from the rest of the crowd.

So if you have not used the advertising postcards then it is high time you go to a printing service provider and order for some!

Tips to Get a Great Looking CD or DVD

You are running a business, for which you want to get big profits beating all your niche rivals. But how is that possible until your message is spread to those interested in your services and products? Everyone knows that a good impression and a strong image helps any business to prosper among its target audience. In fact that marks your success. How this image can be created is always a debated issue. Although the experts have many opinions, great looking CD’s and DVD’s could also help to sell your products and cater your message to the prospective audience. Now unless your CD or DVD is made impressively you can never succeed in achieving what you aspire. Below are few simple tips and tricks of creating high-quality, print ready artwork for your next CD or DVD project.


Talk To Your CD DVD Printing Vendor: Before ordering for your CD or DVD to a printing company the very first step you need to take is, checking whether your vendor has specific instructions regarding your requirements or not. Hence for getting a quality work in return of the hefty payment that you do, necessarily communicate with your vendor and make him/her understand your demands. Absence of instructions might confuse them in giving you the satisfactory result.

Use The Template of Your Vendor: Always try to use your vendor’s templates. This will help you in understanding the measurements. By using your vendor’s templates you can ensure that your CD/DVD will move early into the production phase without any throwing additional cost on you.


Apart from the above discussed tips there are some other important printing aspects also for you to follow, and these include:

  • High Resolution Artwork – 300dpi or Greater
  • Layered Files
  • Create Your Artwork in CMYK
  • Font Size and Selection
  • While Using the Safety Margin do not Crop the Center Hub Area
  • Send all Original Source Images


So the next time you plan for printing CD or DVD, consult any authentic printing agency and make sure if the agency you select offers all the services you require. PrintPapa is a reputed printing service provider that you can consult for all your printing services.

5 Tips for Designing the Ideal Business Card

First impression is the most defining impression about who you are and how professional people think of you. This factor has to be given special emphasis while designing a business card. A business card is a piece of paper that can say a thousand words and act as constant reminder about you and your company. Though very small in size but if used properly you can get a lot of good business merely with a professionally designed business card.

There are many printing companies that will advice you designs that suit them, but you have to judge which business card design will be more beneficial for you. So here are a few tips that will guide you:

  • Use images and logos that will instantly tell a person about who you are and what your business is all about. In business cards stating the obvious is not the smart thing. Let the people instantly know that this is a card that is of interest to them. Suppose you have a pet shop so giving pictures of some cute pets will help the people understand your occupation.
  • pi008062
  • Impressing people is the prime task of your business card. So you should use credentials whenever possible. And credentials does not always mean the titles (such as doctor, engineer, etc.) but you may include picture of the award winning garment designs (if you are a designer) on your card.
  • There are certain industries that have a certain mood or atmosphere around them. While choosing the colors one should be mindful of the industry. In case you run a spa and wellness center then choosing colors such as light blue and pink is ideal.
  • If there is a special product that you deal in then do use the image and information of that product. This will give out a good notion to the people and they might be interested in your other products as well. Advertising the product might in turn also increase its sales and thus the card will perform a dual purpose.
  • 27_2567541
  • There are many online design tools that help the people to design the cards as per industry and type. But these tools offer templates and these may be used by many other people. So going for unique designs for printing your business card is the best option.

Designing business card might become one of the best decisions in your career. To get the desired effects from the business cards you may use reputed printing agencies. PrintPapa is one such printing service provider. So choose wisely and plan well!

Advantages of Pro-Environmental Digital Offset Printing

Conserving environment is one of the top issues in the list of the scientists all over the world. With careless human activities enough damage has already been done to nature. So today everybody needs to be that extra bit careful in their daily activities and check whether their activities are hurting nature. Printing and the materials used in it are also causes of environmental pollution albeit to a minimum amount. Now there is the option for going the green way with your printing projects. Digital offset printing is not only environment friendly but also gives you the desired result for your printing project. There are more and more printers that are using the digital offset printing and thus doing their bid to save nature.


But it is important to know the detailed benefits of using such pro-environment printing. So here they are:

  • Green Printers: Most of the digital offset printers nowadays use green printers. Such printers are specially designed to reduce pollution. The chemicals used in these printers do not have the harmful chemicals in large amount. The ink is made with organic pigments. The paper used in these printers is the recycled paper but even then the prints are long lasting and of distinct quality.
  • Less Time Required: The orders can be delivered in quick time. In other types of printing the solvent has to be dried out and only after that can it be cut and folded. Digital prints will make the prints ready to use.
  • 49_2523853
  • Less Quantity Orders: Orders can be made as per requirement. Though there is a minimum order margin but that is very low too. So you do not have to pay a large amount for the material used in your printing project.
  • 83_2611873
  • Last Minute Updating: The content and designs for the materials can be changed at the last moment too. As the turn around time is not much, so changes can be incorporated easily into your project. Say you are printing a catalog and you want some changes in the prices of a couple of items, you can do that easily.

If conserving nature and getting great quality could come in a package what could be a better deal! One such printing agency that offers ideal eco-friendly digital prints is PrintPapa. So go for the green today!