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Some Creative Business Card Design Ideas

Business cards are tools of communication between the business person and the clients. Such promotional materials can create an instant impression. If the card can be a catchy one, then it is bound to attract the attention of a person. What is your business will then automatically come into sight. But you are not the only one to give a promotional business card to a particular person. There will be many and it is your job to make your business stand out from the rest. That means you need a design for the card that will stand out from the rest and there comes the utility of getting a creative idea for the card.


Using a template or getting a card designed on the lines of another card because that business is flourishing is not the proper approach if you want to make a lasting impression. It should be such a promotional item that everybody would like to have in their collection even if they are remotely associated with the products or services you are offering. That would ease the job of promotion as these cards can be the objects of discussion at different forums.


The fonts and style of text is very important in conveying your idea to the people. There are hundreds of fonts and styles. Make sure that you get the correct combination and layout to define you as well as jump out at the beholder. Remember unlike the newsletters there can be a lot of experimentation in regards to font types made. Then comes color, probably the most important of all the factors. Choosing the right color is quite a task and the more difficult task is to combine the colors in both aesthetically and attractive way. Sometimes you may have a color scheme for your business and want to retain it as a brand image, and then the task becomes tougher. Make sure that the designer uses the color to convey the image of your business correctly.


Last of all you need to think of a shape. Conventional card shapes are easy to carry and easy to forget. Whenever you do something different, you will stand out. So why not experiment with the shape so that your card looks and feels different from the others. You can even choose materials that are different from others and order likewise to the printing service provider. Use various types of printing techniques that are available and you are sure to make a card that will introduce you as well as retain you in your client’s mind.

4 Winning Business Card Shapes

Business cards are the first thing that a client or customer sees and it is very important that it makes an instant positive impression. Most often people go for the classical shapes, designs and colors but unlike other promotional materials such as brochures and pamphlets there are lots of avenues for experimentation. Sometimes some business person tries to imitate particular designs because successful companies use them and sometimes they just design their promotional business cards in a particular way because they have seen such a design somewhere.


If you want the money you paid for making the cards to come back to you multiplied hundred times then make them appear unique. One of the things that attract people is the shapes that are not generally seen. So the regular 2×3.5 rectangle is out unless you innovate in terms of material or added gimmicks.

A very attractive as well as very popular shape is the folded business card. It is also called the hinged business card. Here the card is folded either down the middle or in some other way to convey the main message. Sometimes such business cards can be displayed on the table with some social or humorous message and that helps in reminding the person that you were there. It does not need a second opinion that humor attracts people.


Tag like cards with two pieces chained together can be another innovative idea. People are using it and quite successfully. It not only gives you some extra space to add details but also makes it look different from the typical card like appearance. The materials and card printing type also add to the specialty. Sometimes the material does matter and the plain old card paper is giving way to plastic and even metal. The words are often embossed on such business cards.

Business cards in envelopes is a good way to make people see what is inside the envelope and that makes a point. Often the extra surface you get can be used in conveying little details about your business. The envelopes also prevent your card from getting defaced in case your client retains it for long.


Finally you get the customized shapes to reflect the business you are in. So the chocolate seller designs the card in the shape of a bitten bar of chocolate and a management firm designs its card like a folio. You can have your card designed and cut in a shape matching your company profile.

But whichever design you choose it is important to get it executed in the perfect manner and thus choosing the right printing agency is of utmost importance.

Designing Tips to Create Door Hangers

Printed door hangers can be used for assorted purposes, for example advertisements, do not disturb signs, contact us pages, double sided messages and many more. There are various companies which can do this tedious job for you. Finely printed door hangers can also be used as a marketing tool for your business.


You can be assured that marketing your products or your services through door hanger can be very viable. This method of advertising is much more cost effective than bulk mailing or brochure and booklet distribution. The design of the door hangers is as important as the message that it holds.

You can create your custom made door hanger designs as per your requirements. Astounding designs coupled together with exceptional content can grab the attention of new and existing customers. Striking and abstract colors can be used to ensure that people pay attention to the message. Bright photos, contrasting hues, and even assortment of color patterns can grasp attention.

Custom designed door hangers should always have big and bold headline. Bold headlines are very distinctive and can impress potential customers for your business. An extensive range of color combination can be used to make your door hanger stand out from the rest. These features work as a catalyst in speeding up the sales of your business.


You can also have double sided door hangers made for you. In one side you can mention the type of business that you own, and on the other side you can print a detailed map locating your showrooms or service centers. Similarly political campaigns and movements can be conveyed through door hangers to spread the message appropriately.

If you have a point to make or a message to spread to your community or around the city, than door hangers are your most reliable option. Various restaurant owners can also print their menus and phone numbers for take away orders through promotional door hangers. This makes it easier for both, the consumers and the service providers as well.


You can display your messages in ways that you want and design the door hanger yourself. Various online printing service providers are ready to help you decide on the design, help you choose the color combination and print it for you.
If you are looking to promote your business or advertise your services then look no further than creative door hangers. One of the most prominent and consistent printing agencies for door hangers in the US is PrintPapa. Visit PrintPapa to find out more.

Getting In Touch with Customers with Thank You Cards

How to thank your customers for giving you business? Do you simply write a small note below the invoice? Or do you feel that the quality of your service is enough to impress the customers? One thing should be said in this respect, you are not the only good service provider in your niche business there must be many more other companies. So sending an impersonal note that lacks any personal touch does not do any good to the business prospects. If you show your appreciation to the clients that will make them happy and bring you quality business which even a thousand banners can not bring. So in order to show sincere appreciation to the clients thank you cards are best tools for the businessmen.


But how can the thank you card be used effectively to meet your business needs? Lets see:

  • As A Token Of Respect: You can show respect to your clients through the simple and affordable means of a thank you card. It doesn’t take much time to list down the names of the clients and then send them a token of appreciation. It will make the customers believe that they are your treasured clients and special attention is paid to their work. They will also not think of switching from your service. Such greeting cards also create a humane picture of the company and you are identified not just by the products or services you deliver. Respecting and appreciating your client’s will be more potent than sending brochures or booklets promoting your business.


  • Personalized Cards: Do not go for flashy designs while choosing a thank you card. Write words and sentences specially for the client. You can start off by addressing the client as dear and then go on to describe his/her project type and the work that has been done. These things will make the recipient feel special.
  • Except Holiday Occasions: All the companies send thank you cards along with newsletters after an occasion. Thus this has become a common practice. Think out of the box! Send a thank you card after a a client has taken your service for a specific time period.


  • Customize the Cards: Always get the thank you cards printed from a professional printing service provider such as PrintPapa. The thank you cards are generally hung up on the walls and thus they will draw attention. Choose high quality paper while selecting the card and use customized envelopes while sending them.

Making A Brochure or Flyer Stand Out

Sending flyers and brochures along with your marketing mails is one of the standard promotional operations adopted by the companies worldwide. There are many other ways that the marketeers are adopting to get their flyers or brochures noticed by people. While some leave them on the door knobs, others place them on the windshield while others might think of unique ways. There is not one reputed company that has not used  promotional materials to build their brand image. In this rapid rat race every company has only one instruction to their printing service provider that is to make their flyers and brochures stand out from the rest of the crowd. So below are some tips to make your brochures or flyers look unique and attractive at the same time.


  • Coloration: It is known to all designers around the world that color schemes for your brochures or for that matter any promotional material should compliment with the logo of the company. But this doesn’t not mean that you can not use creative designs. Use engaging images that compliment with the logo and the niche business that you are in. Suppose you own a pets shop then the images of dogs and cats eating together could be a good design. While designing you are not always handicapped by the color of the logo. Rather you can minimize the size of the logo and use other colors around it to create a design and coloration of your liking. One of the ways to create an impact with colors is to use such colors that the readers will least expect. You may try red font colors against a black background to draw attention. At times the color of the logo may also be changed for certain campaigns. Such as if you are trying to promote a environmental campaign then the color of the logo may be changed to green. Many companies also use different patterns and shapes that will act as separators between different offers and services. This is not only an attention drawing technique but one in which you as a designers will never fall short of ideas.


  • Sizes: It can simply be said that the oversized brochures create more appeal to the recipients and thus they are read with more interest then their smaller sized counterparts. To get good return on investment you must order for some oversized brochures the next time around. Though the standard sized brochure is of 8.5-inch by 11 inch but to get attention in the crowd you will need 11 inch by 17 inch. In case of flyers too, the bigger the better. So 8.5 inch by 14 inch or poster sized flyers of 11 inch by 17 inch have a better impression then the rest of the lot. But one small difference is that in the recent past the quarter page or card sized flyers are also a craze as they can be conveniently inserted in the purse.


Every company prints flyers and brochures in order to draw more attention then any other company in their niche. So everyone is on the lookout for unique ideas. But one of the key decisions is selecting a printing agency and this where companies like PrintPapa come into the frame. Such reputed companies make your promotional items distinct from the rest of the lot.

5 Non-Holiday Occasions to Send Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are the  graphical illustration expressing friendship or other sentiment to   make people come closer. In order to keep the clients informed and to keep in touch with them  greeting cards can effectively be used. But one thing that most of the marketeers wish is, to have more occasions to send the greeting cards. So they look out for every special occasions when they can communicate with their clients with the use of the greeting cards.

To help the marketeers out of this situation, below are some occasions when greeting cards can be sent:

  • After A Client’s Meeting: You have just had a meeting with one of the client’s, (this may be over the phone or face to face) and want to appreciate for their time given to you. Send a greeting card to mark the occasion. The messages within the card should not be sales based rather write an appreciative note.


  • To Cherish A Major Life Occasion: Greeting on holidays is for a wider celebratory cause but if you wish a person on his/her special day then it is remembered. You can congratulate a person on buying a new home or a customer whose child has graduated, etc. Not only do the congratulatory cards have effect on the recipient but same is with the conciliatory ones. You can of course send greetings cards to someone who is sick or a customer who has just lost his near ones. Do not make the mistake of sending any promotional material along with the greetings during such times.
  • Celebrating A Major Business Milestone: This is very applicable for the B2B companies. You can send cards along with your brochures to the customers congratulating them on a partnership, expansion, acquisition, anniversary, innovation, etc. If your customers understand that you monitor their progress and are associated with them, they will pay more heed to the promotional materials that you sent with the mail.


  • Declaring Your Milestones: It is good to share your joys with the others. So if your company has achieved some milestone, or if you are celebrating some grand  event you can of course consider sending a greeting card along with the usual newsletters.
  • Just Like That: Any time can be a good time to  get in touch with your client by sending a greeting card. So if you feel that you are not getting an occasion then send a greeting card just out for nothing.

Thus greeting cards are one great medium to stay in touch with the customers as well as to market your services. Use the custom printed envelopes bearing your company name and logo. The messages though should be personal but the name of the company should be mentioned.

In order to get the best greeting cards you will always require a good print service provider. PrintPapa is one such company that specializes in the printing of various types and sizes of greeting cards.

5 Places to Choose for Flyer Distribution

Flyers are one of the most cost effective yet efficient way to promote your products or services. As flyers are low costing, creative designing is one such aspect that has to be paid special attention. Almost everyone distributes flyers on telephone poles and bulletin boards. But there are many other unique avenues where the distribution of flyers may bear better fruits and give you an edge over stiff competition.


  • Mails: Each month you send many bills and other type of mails. So why not place a flyer inside the envelope. You never know how many people will come across the mail after it has been opened. Print the company name and the URL on the envelope so that it is seen by people.
  • Handbills Distribution in Strategical Locations: Distributing handbills at any place is not beneficial for any business. Rather try and distribute them in places where they will catch the attention. People waiting in the subway are good examples. The handbills will give them something to read and thus your marketing material will serve its purpose. You can also influence the staff at the cafes and restaurants to keep the handbills in the empty seats so that they are read by the customers.
  • Bookstores: There are so many people who just love reading. Whenever they close or open a book they need bookmarks. So why not have a discussion with the bookstore owners and provide a bookmark to the buyers that will bear your company’s name and details.


  • Laundromats: People have to wait for their laundry and this is the time when they can read any material that comes to hand. You will find bulletin boards in the laundromats and these are ideal places to post a flyer. Tabbed flyers at such places allows the readers to tear of the important information.
  • Pay Phones: Though cell phones have caught the market, there are many people who use pay phone booths to get in touch with others. In these booths people have to spend some time and thus a strategically positioned flyer will surely catch anyone’s attention.


Locations may vary but one thing remains constant and that is the need for high quality prints. PrintPapa is a company that has added value to the print promotions of their clients over the years. We print millions of flyers every month. There are 5 sizes of flyers which we print. You can order from qty as low as 50 to 10000.

Creating a Brand Image With Printed Marketing Materials

Are you having problems with deciding how to go about your printed marketing campaign? You might have already decided upon the company messages, the fonts, the colors, the emotions, the logo as well as the target audience. But are you finding it difficult to choose methods to make your print marketing campaign a grand success? Then the below given list of ideas will be of help to you and and your business prospects:


  • Corporate Identity Packages – This is one of the first choices that is suggested as a starter for any marketing campaign. These may not have as much glamor as the other marketing materials but with massive repetitions they can lead to success. A corporate identity package makes use of tools such as letterhead, envelopes, business card, brochures and presentation folders. All the materials that are part of this package, bear the company’s name and logo, so that the recipient has a high recall value.
  • Direct Mail – From simple postcards, flyers to 80 page catalogs anything can be included in the direct mailing elements list. With the direct mails you can get the promotional messages right in the hands of your prospective clients.  There are many people that will not respond to your first mails but it does not mean that they will not do so in future. So keep repeating the act frequently.


  • Press Release – These are generally printed on the company’s letterhead and given out to the media. They are very powerful tools of creating a good brand image. Published press releases can give you an unbiased third party promotion.
  • Point of Sale Displays – There are various types of POS displays that are widely used by the businessman such as brochure, coupon book or a menu. Some marketeers also sponsor charity events which makes the company’s name stand out.
  • StickersStickers can be used and added to anything. The stickers can be affixed to anything from floors, walls, notebooks, mirrors to many other things. The better you design the stickers the more are the chances of it gaining in popularity. Companies are many times seen handing out stickers to children in parades.


  • Calendars – This promotional material will be in front of the recipients eyes every day of the year thus they have a great recall value.
  • Banners – Sponsorship in a big occasion such as sporting events, rock shows, festivals are a great way to attract attention. For this you will need a well designed banner which will portray your corporate image in front of thousands of spectators.

When you are looking for a print marketing campaign then it is imperative that you pay extra attention to the materials used by the printer. Only with good quality materials and ink, the promotional materials get their desired worth. PrintPapa is one such company that specializes in the making of high quality marketing materials.

How to Self Publish Books, Manuals, Reports or Newsletters

Self publishing is one booming source of income in the present economic scenario. If you are good in writing and willing to write books or manuals that millions of people across the world enjoy reading then chances are that you can make a lot of money by writing and self publishing. The present age is the age of information and people are eager to know more and more about anything and everything. But before you actually step into self publishing of books, manuals, reports and newsletters do a small market research and make out whether actually there is a need for the information you provide.
If you are interested to communicate an idea to people, or if you are expert on some subject, writing and then self publishing would be the best for you both to earn money as well as to make yourself known. You can find unlimited publications on magazines and manuals, filled with ads by people like yourself. Simply review all the advertisements and jot down the popular topics and subjects that have been written in books, newsletters, manuals and others in last few days. Now compare your piece of information and think that you have the equally interesting information to present before the audience. If the answer is in the positive then you can rightly enter into the market with an opportunity to earn more money and fame.
The following list of ideas can help you in getting ideas to self publish books, reports, manuals and newsletters:

  • Target your market and write the materials required
  • Cash in on your creativity and expertise
  • Know how to package your information
  • Focus on those subject material that are sale able
  • Fill the entire material with self interest benefits
  • The material you develop must evoke emotions and desires
  • Do frequent advertising of your self publishing venture


At PrintPapa we offer various kind of printing options for Self Publishing. You can order as low as 5 soft cover books at a time. We offer 3 sizes and you can order the book printing option online. We also offer spiral binded book, booklets (ranging from 8 to 60 pages).

Benefits of Custom Banner Printing

Posters & Banners are an indispensable element for different promotional campaigns, rallies, discount and clearance sales. Usually Posters & Banners are used for promoting goods and articles. Any business in its initial stages as well as to exist for longer period requires catchy Posters & Banners to convey the promotional messages to the target audience. Not just for business purposes but Posters & Banners are even used to convey personal messages to the near and dear ones. Educational institutions also largely depend on custom banner printing especially during some special events and occurrences.


Because of their colorful and descriptive nature, Posters & Banners attract the attention of viewers forcing them to view and follow them. Hence they are visually appealing. Generally the custom banners are made of very flexible fabric thus making them fit on different surfaces irrespective of the texture. Banners are printed in different sizes from miniature size to big ones depending upon the purpose of use.


Posters & Banners can be customized in different ways depending on the shape and color. Even the printing alignment can be customized as vertical or, horizontal. The cost of printing these banners depends upon the quality of paper or fabric used. The benefits of custom banners are far and wide. Right from conveying personal messages to customizing trade, banners are frequently used in variety of ways. Since the custom banners are designed splashy, colorful, pictorial, informative and affordable way, the frequency of message delivery is fast and clear.


So if you need to print Posters or Banners for your company, then take up the services offered by some authentic sources. At PrintPapa we offer various kinds of Banners & Poster Printing Services. Our Banners are printed in 2 different kind of materials

Our Full Color Posters are available in sizes from 11×17 to large 24×36 inches. Also we can mount the posters on stiff gator board. Visit out Poster section to learn more.