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Remember Past Years with Photobooks

“The years teach much which the days never know”- definitely each year is like a chapter in the book of life. As soon as a year is over there are so many retrospectives released mostly based on the life of sports and entertainment stars. But what about reviewing your own year! You can do the same with the help of the pictures that you have taken all round the year. The photobooks lets you select some of the best pictures and create a memorabilia of sorts for yourself. Often there are so many remarkable events in a year and these memories get lost with time. But if you have preserved the pictures in your photobook then you can relish the memories later on.

One of the obstacles faced by the people while creating their yearly photobook is how to select the pictures? So below are some of the tips that will help you in your quest:

  • Noteworthy Events: Try and remember the noteworthy things that happened in the bygone year. Life changing events are a good way to start the selection of pictures. There are events that you have been witness to such as – showers, weddings, moves, deaths, graduations, birthdays and holidays.
  • Create Archive Folder: Create an archive folder in your PC by the year and dump all the pictures in it. You can randomly put all the pictures taken all through the year in this folder.
  • Rethink The Ideas: Once you review the folder many new ideas will come into your mind. You might come across a musical event that you had attended and would want to dedicate a page in the photobook for that. Your home might have undergone major renovations to your home in the last year and you would want to give photos of the new looking house in the photobook. You might also want to include some of the short trips that you took during the year.
  • Collage of Pictures: At times there might be some pictures you would like to include, but these do not require an entire page. A few pictures from a baby showers celebration, some others from of the family gatherings or may be some other old friends’ meeting can be included in the photobook. You can create a collage of all these special pictures and use them in a page of your photobook.
  • Get Photos From Others: At times you might have been at a special event but could not capture the frames as you were not carrying a camera. In such situations you may find some of your friends or family members have taken the snaps. Nowadays people share the photos on the Internet. So get those photos from them and use in photobook.

After you are done with these steps you will have all the photos in hand to create the yearly photobook of your own. You will need a trusted printing agency to give a great output to your photobook. Print Papa is one of the most renowned printing service providers around and they deal with various types of photo products. There are products such as photo greetings cards, posters and banners, calendar, etc.

Latest Wedding Photobook Ideas

There is a common saying “Marriages are made in heaven and are consummated on earth”.  Thus the wedding day is the most important day in the life of so many couples. The memories of this day are cherished for many years to come and at times for an entire lifetime. Everyone wants to keep these memories fresh and that is why they use wedding album to preserve the photos. But nowadays the photo albums have been replaced by the photobooks for many reasons.

Wedding photobooks are not as costly as the digital albums and give pleasure to even the amateurs to develop personalized copies that look professional. If you want to use the wedding photobooks then there are many fresh ideas in stock, let us take a look at some of them:

  • Use Relevant Themes: There are many themes for the wedding photobooks available in the market. There are themes ranging from season specific to choice of colors. With the help of these options you can design your photobook effectively. Though there are stores that allow you to customize the traditional photo albums as well and with the digital albums the personalization options are a lot more yet the photobooks can be easily customized to meet the bill. You can personalize the wedding photobook by using themes such as cars, superheroes and cartoons.
  • Get Monogrammed Photobooks: Though this might look cliché at first look but in the recent past they have often come up as a great idea. Such photobooks are generally used in weddings where the photobooks have to be distributed among a great number of guests, friends or colleagues.
  • Using Canvas Prints: You can use this idea to get a sense of latest décor as well as love both at the same time. You will have a painting that will speak a great deal about the joyous occasion and give you a joyous feeling in the years to come.
  • Use Eccentric Covers: While the covers for wedding albums use the same routine elements, wedding photobooks use eccentric as well as nice ideas. You can use a collage of pictures for the cover or you may use separate themes for different parts of the ceremony just like the chapters in a book. Innovative covers will make the photobook look gorgeous as well as keep the photographs as well as the binding in place.
  • Spot the Bride/Groom: Though these are best utilized in the digital albums yet they can be used effectively in the wedding photobooks as well. You can distinctly mark the two luckiest people with spots. This will help in distinguishing the bride and the groom in a crowd.

So if your wedding is just round the corner then do not forget to make use of these creative ideas to make the onlookers say “wow”! But to get the desired result with your innovations you will require a good printing agency first of all. Print Papa is one of the most reputed printing service providers around. They not only deal in photobooks but other photo products as well such as calendars, banners, greetings cards, posters, etc.