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Be Well Presented

In all honesty, the name says it all. Presentation Folders. The entire purpose of these marvelous inventions is to…well…present things. What sort of things? Anything really. Information, Images, products, events, absolutely anything. Who can use these folders? Another good question. The answer is anyone and everyone can use them. Photographers, wedding coordinators, graphic arts professionals, publishing companies just to name a few. There are multiple sizes for multiple applications. They are terrific marketing tools and rather inexpensive considering the high impact they produce.

Here is a more extensive list of the ways different industries can and do use the Presentation Folders:

  • Parent teacher associations and schools use our pocket folders as take home folders to build pride and foster stronger parental involvement.
  • CPA’s use our quality custom folders to enhance their image and reputation.
  • Real estate developers with new subdivision developments use our presentation folders to present floor plan choices and subdivision amenities to young couples with growing success.
  • Automobile dealers present purchase documents to new car buyers in our pocket folders and start down the road to lifelong customer relations.
  • Hospitals provide prospective parents with birthing center information in our custom folders and earn the trust and confidence of expectant parents.
  • Churches welcome new members with a packet of information conveniently kept in a 6″ x 9″ presentation folder.
  • Dental clinics welcome new patients with a list of specialties, services, hours, and emergency information, etc. all conveniently packaged in a  pocket folder.
  • Mortgage companies send new home owners off at closing with all of their important documents carefully housed in a custom folder.
  • Banks present loan proposals in a presentation folder and present a stronger, more secure image than competitors who do not.
  • Private banking services and bank trust departments need to present an image consistent with the expectations of their high net worth clients. Professional, foil stamped pocket folders are an important part of that first impression.
  • Tax returns prepared and presented to high-income clients in a heavy, cover weight custom folder helps tax firms maintain confidence of clients.
  • Real estate agents find they have less fee pressure and earn more client confidence when they present their marketing plan, their credentials, and market comparables in a high quality custom presentation folder.
  • Wedding and banquet facilities find that the bride to be and her parents (who are often paying) appreciate receiving menu choices, date availability, fees, and service information in a convenient pocket folder. The facilities find their success grows just by presenting the image their clients are seeking.
  • Investment advisers find clients place more trust in their expertise when they present an image of success. Many elements impact this image. A simple and cost effective step to take is using high, quality custom folders.
  • With the growing trend in preplanning funerals many funeral directors are finding their clients want a convenient way to store these important papers. These same funeral directors are using our presentation folders both as a way to present their services and choices to their clients and then as a way for their clients to have a safe place to keep these papers.
  • Manufacturers are finding that in today’s increasingly competitive business environment they need to give their sales team every competitive edge they can. One way to earn trust and the confidence of prospective customers is to present the right image. So they are making sure their sales people dress properly, communicate clearly and make the best possible impression every time. They are finding a pocket folder is the perfect way to present their sales literature and a great extension of their sales and marketing efforts.
  • Chambers of Commerce across the country are now using our custom folders to welcome new members and make sales calls on new businesses to show them the benefits of joining their local Chamber.
  • Convention centers find that their client and event sponsors appreciate receiving local information / activities, facility features, menu choices, date availability, fees, and service information in a convenient presentation folder. The facilities find their success growing just by presenting the image their clients are seeking.
  • Insurance agents find clients place more trust in their expertise when they present an image of success. Many elements impact this image. A simple and cost effective step is using high, quality pocket folders.
  • Attorneys who present a more affluent, successful image have higher billing rates, more community involvement and enjoy more success than those peers who are less image conscious. Image is everything when you are selling your expertise and time. Quality, custom folders are a simple, yet highly effective element of creating the right professional image.
  • Professional and semi-professional sporting teams are increasingly using our presentation folders as part of their marketing communications mix.
  • Childcare providers are finding a pocket folder is the perfect way to introduce new clients to their services.
  • Apartment complexes use our custom folders to present floor plan choices and complex amenities to potential renters / tenants with growing success.
  • Magazines are using our presentation folders on a growing basis to present their media kit to advertisers. These kits include the editorial calendar, rates, special promotions, submission deadlines, etc.
  • Television and radio stations are using our pocket folders on a growing basis to present their media kit to advertisers. These kits include the advertising services, rates, special promotions, submission deadlines, etc.

Direct Mail…it’s kind of a big deal.

One of direct mail’s biggest advantages is its ability to make personal one-to-one contact with your prospect. The ideal items to use for this correspondence are Postcards & Brochures.

Other Direct Mail advantages include:

Quick to produce. You can prepare and mail a small promotion within days or weeks. Direct mail is perfect for quickly testing prices, offers, and potential audiences. You have complete control over the media, the audience, and your offer.

Quicker response. Not only is direct mail quicker to prepare, but response time to direct mail is usually quicker as well. You can project the final results of a mailing quickly and accurately. You can build an advertising campaign with more confidence by testing small lists, then building to larger lists.

Highly targeted. Using carefully developed lists, you can target your mailings more selectively than you can with most other media. You can reach almost any market segment, buyer profile, or area of the Treasure Coast you feel is most appropriate for your business.

Less competition. Your advertising message does not have to compete with other advertising messages. And, your competitors are less apt to know your current strategy.


More personal. Not only can letters be personalized via mail-merging techniques, but you can use more informal language in writing your letter and you can direct your letter to the specific interest of the reader.

Enhance newspaper advertising. Build on customer awareness by complimenting your print advertising with the impact of targeted mail.

Easy to respond to. The inclusion of an order card and return envelope makes it convenient for the consumer to respond to direct mail.

List of loyal customers. Direct mail allows you to build and maintain a list of prime prospects for your future direct mail campaigns.

A Short Introduction to PrintPapa

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Door Hangers, a forgotten art.

An often overlooked marketing tool, the doorknob is one of the most widespread and widely used tools in the country (even though I don’t think there is research to prove it). That being said, why not utilize it? “How” you say? Door Hangers!


It’s always a good idea to get creative and when in doubt, make it funny. 1 part comical phrase, mixed with one part company information and you have the recipe for a very effective marketing piece. Big bold text is the key to an effective design. You want your Door Hanger to be eye catching since its not actually at eye level. Keep your colors vivid and have fun with it!



Another creative way to use Door Hangers is as Water Bottle banners. Great for events where water is being given away. Cheaper than printing custom labels and easier to apply than stickers.