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Don’t just think outside the box…brand it!


So just how many uses can you come up with for a box? Let’s clarify though, this isn’t just any box. It’s a box small enough for a child to carry, yet big enough to fit 250 business cards, a few golf balls & tees, a nice stash of candy, stickers, a stack of post-it pads and…well, you get the point. The most distinguishing characteristic about these boxes is the fact that they are fully customized. Yes, Custom Boxes. Not blank, plain or generic. The beauty and uniqueness of these boxes is limited only by your imagination.

Uses are abundant. Starting a candy company? Graphic Designer that provides business card printing? Corporate gifts? Custom wedding favors? Custom birthday keep sakes? The list, quite honestly, can go on and on.

In a world where Branding is the key to success, custom packaging is a key to branding…now it’s affordable. You are welcome 🙂

That shirt is so direct…to garment.



These days, anything you can do to set yourself apart form the sea of marketing messages is a good thing. Cue the Custom T-shirt. A new product? No, not by a long stretch, but still one of the most effective means of getting your message out to the public. Everyone loves a free shirt, it’s a fact that’s been proven time and time again by musicians and marketing managers alike.

The only issue that arises with custom T-Shirts is the cost to make them. Traditional means of shirt printing include the tedious process of Silk Screening and comes at a pretty high price. These days, however, you can get a shirt printed a much cheaper rate and with far lower minimums…how you say? Direct To Garment or Digital printing. DTG machines print ink to shirts the same way traditional printers print to paper. Full color, no extra set ups or costly fees involved.

Whether for marketing your company, promoting a family event or starting your own clothing line, DTG Shirt printing is a terrific low cost alternative for custom shirt printing.

How they hangin?


What is a “Hang Tag” you ask. Well, to put it simply, it’s a business card with a hole it and a string attached. If we wanted to dig deeper though, we would see that it’s also a mini billboard hanging from your product screaming out to passing customers and imploring them to buy, buy buy!

A well designed Hang Tag can be the difference between a glance and a purchase. Esthetically pleasing yet informative without being too wordy, that’s the perfect Hang Tag.

They are typically used for and associated with clothing, but Hang Tags can be used for just about any product you can think of. Everything food items to toys can benefit from a burst of colorful artwork and a bit of information about the product and the company that’s providing it. These days, with the digital world being easily accessed by the physical with technology like QR Codes, you can easily introduce a potential customer to your online presence without them even having to actually buy your product. That way, whether you get the buy at that moment or not, you still may gain a future customer.

One sided or two, large or small, there’s really no wrong way to make a Hang Tag. You just need to decide which format works best for your product and where you product will be offered or seen. Have fun with the designs and let it all hang out…or something like that.