Showcase Your Real Estate Achievements with Just-Sold Postcards from PrintPapa

One of the most speedily growing businesses today is that of the real estate. And just like any other business, a real estate business also needs promotions. And it is needless to say that postcards play a vital role in reaching out to buyers and sellers in a perfectly subtle and succinct manner.

If you are looking for low-cost high-quality postcard printing in California to promote your real estate business, PrintPapa is your perfect choice.

custom postcard printingHowever, while most real estate professionals focus on promoting referrals, listing info and neighborhood introductions, they miss out on one very important aspect i.e. the “just sold” postcard. A Just-sold postcard, instead of focusing on what you can provide your clients with, focuses on what you have achieved.

There are a handful of things that a “just-sold” custom postcard printing incorporates which can make you appear more professional and trust-worthy.

  • A seller’s testimonial and photo
  • A buyer’s testimonial and photo
  • The best properties sold

Postcard printing services at PrintPapa offer both flat postcards and as well as folded postcards that allow you to add more information without making it appear cluttered.

Based on your targets, the prospects of your “just-sold” postcards will vary. So, it is essential that you know to whom you will be targeting the postcards in order to be more effective and increase your chances of having a higher customer acquisition.

Here are 3 targets and their requirements for your “just-sold” postcards:

  • For potential buyers: If you are targeting your postcards to potential buyers, stress on the fact that great homes are selling fast.
  • For sellers: If you are targeting sellers, brag about yourself. Mention how a deal for $X was finalized for a better sum of $Y in only Z days. Use CTAs like “A worthy deal for your worthy home”, etc.
  • For a neighborhood: If your target is a neighborhood, mention the properties you have sold here.

PrintPapa is one of the best postcard printing services based in California. We also provide Direct Mail and EDDM services which make it even simpler for you to reach your target audience quicker. Visit today or call at 408-567-9553 now for more details.

Make a Distinguished Impression with Die Cut Business Cards from PrintPapa

Being the co-founder of PrintPapa, one of one of the most reputed printing companies in California, I always suggest my clients to think of exchanging contact details with business cards as a crucial first step for successful networking. So, when you are trying to impress your potential clients, invest in high-quality business cards that will carry not just your contact but also your brand’s reflection.

And that is why I encourage for die-cut shapes when someone comes for business card printing. No one likes what is boring. So, why not giving shape to your business card according to your industry and brand’s image? Take a look at the following points to get inspired.

business card printing

Slim Business Cards

Elegant yet close to conventional, slim business cards are Mini in size, and are extremely useful for creating a modern appeal with the networking. So, if you are a consultant or a freelancer, these cards will be the perfect representation of your class as well as professionalism. So, choose this when you are going for online business card printing.

Round Business Cards

Now, these are really a classy and creative choice. Elegant and unusual, round cards are perfect for those who are in the beauty and grooming industry. Market your spa or promote your gym with these cards. Design it beautifully so that it can create the desired appeal for your brand. We, at PrintPapa, one of the best business card printing services will be happily design it for you.

Half Circle End Business Cards

Now, these are pure works of art. You are daring to be unconventional while making sure you are creating an unforgettable impression. Do you own a business of interior design? Or an eatery? In any case, this can be a great choice for you.

So, now as you know about these options, pick up the one you like. You can also go for some other options while hiring us for business card printing California. Visit for more shapes or call us at 408-567-9553 now.

2 Fundamental Changes That Signs Have Undergone through History

Signs are one of those common means of print promotion that have had a long history, one that has seen a lot of changes over time. But no matter how many changes it goes through, signs are still prevailing as one of the most opted-for print means for the promotion of any kind of business.

Most of the businesses today opt for sign printing for both long-distance promotions as well as indoor and neighborhood promotions. And PrintPapa has just the right kinds of signs that you require for your business promotion, no matter the type. However, since we mentioned the history of signs, let’s find out how they were earlier and how they are now.

Sign Printing Online

Here are 2 fundamental changes that signs have gone through in history:

  • Material: Outdoor signs date a lot back in history, from 300 BC to 500 AD. During those times, signs were made out of stone, wood, bronze, copper, marble, etc. All this made them heavy and needed to be carved out of.

Today, on the other hand, custom sign printing at PrintPapa uses PVC, DiBond, Gator Board, Corrugated Plastic, Styrene and foam core.

  • Electric signs and shapes: Beginning with gas illumination (running for 5 hours at a stretch) in the 1840s, signs then moved on to incandescent bulbs in the 1880s (courtesy of Thomas Edison). Next came the neon tubes in the 1900s (letting the makers bend the tubes into any shape). They were followed finally by the fluorescent tubes in the 1930s. These brought in more colors that were not so in the case of neon tubes.

Today, backlit sign printing like those at PrintPapa is a modern version of electric signs in that they themselves do not require any electricity. Instead, the material they are made up of i.e. Translucent Polyester, allows light to shine through it by means of any light source. The 8 mill matte finish produces high-quality images rich in density.

As for the shapes, PrintPapa provides a long range of die-cut signs made out of PVC, DiBond, Gator Board, and other materials (as mentioned in the previous point) according to your choice.

Keeping in mind the inconveniences that signs of the earlier times used to bring, opting for sign printing online at PrintPapa lets you print effective high-quality signs at affordable rates for multiple sue. They provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction to all their customers and clients. For more info, visit or dial 408-567-9553.

2 Things to Keep In Mind While Designing Your Posters at PrintPapa

Posters are perhaps one of the most popular means of business promotion all around the world. From movies to events to services to products to everything else, posters play a significant role in almost all business genres. And if you too are looking to promote your new business using professional posters, then PrintPapa is your one-stop destination.

Poster printing services at PrintPapa offers you with high-quality full-color posters at an affordable rate.

custom poster printing

For a more knowledgeable mind, here are 2 design characteristics of a PrintPapa poster:

  • Multiple sizes: A well-sized poster has the ability to attract a large audience without being overwhelming. Dual-color posters also have the ability to have a long-lasting impression on the audience due to their clear message visibility. Thus, the size plays an important role as too few words in a too-large poster can appear inappropriate.

PrintPapa posters are available in a long range of sizes e.g. 11 x 17 posters, 13 x 19 posters, 18 x 24 posters, 20 x 30 posters and many more.

A perfect-sized poster is one that utilizes words such that it reflects the message in a clear manner without making the viewers struggle. On the other hand, too of empty space might make the poster appear incomplete. This can also have negative impact on the audience. For more details on poster printing, visit

  • Poster boards: One of PrintPapa’s custom poster printing options is poster boards that use 3mm PVC. These posters are light-weight, can take any shape and heat and chemical resistant, and scratch-resistant. These have a long range of applications e.g. exhibits, kiosks, framing, interior signage, etc.

PrintPapa poster boards are available in a Width of up to 46 inches and height of up to 94 inches. Easy installation along with the above-mentioned characteristics make poster boards the most popular PrintPapa sign product.

Additional: Dry-Erase posters have an 8-mill Matte paper with a dry-erase laminate. A dry erase poster lets you use it over and over again for different purposes. These are perfect for classroom posters, training posters, in restaurants and cafes, etc.

Online poster printing at PrintPapa comes with facilities like fast turnarounds and low minimums for orders. 100% guaranteed satisfaction makes PrintPapa one of the best printing services in California. For more info, dial 408-567-9553.

Plan Your Runaway Fashion Booklet with PrintPapa

Today, fashion is available and accessible to anyone. It does not dwell on clothes but on the taste of a person’s sense of dressing. And this had led many people to create fashion start-ups showcasing their own custom-made apparel based on their own designs. If you are one of them, then you would agree that such start-ups need a strong promotional strategy for their products. And a perfect way to showcase your fashion products is none other than booklets from PrintPapa.

Booklet Printing basically lets you showcase your products without letting you extend your budget. PrintPapa booklets have their pages ranging from 8 to 60 which provide you with ample space to incorporate your products in a clear manner.

booklet printing services

Furthermore, here are 2 strong points that make PrintPapa booklets perfect for your fashion start-up:

  1. Color: PrintPapa uses the four-color printing process or CMYK printing. This is a coloring process that is more suited to and is used all over the world of print media. Separate levels of the four colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key [Black]) are mixed together to bring out the desired color tone.

    Full-color booklet printing services at PrintPapa allow you to choose from a large array of sizes including, 5.5 x 8.5 booklets, 8.5 x 11 booklets, 4.25 x 5.5 booklets, 8.5 x 8.5 (square) booklets 8.27 x 11.69 (European A4) booklets and a lot more. Although an 8.5 x 11 booklet is considered the most common, you can opt for one which you think is better suited to your purpose.

  2. Binding: PrintPapa provides 3 types of binding techniques for its booklets.
  • Perfect bound booklet- These booklets are glue-bounded books with a spine.
  • Saddle-Stitched booklet- The booklets are bounded with 2 staples in the center.
  • Spiral bound booklet– These have a wire coil that runs through the spine and holds the pages, including the cover, in position.

As far as fashion booklets are considered, saddle-stitch is the preferred binding option as there are not many pages to consider. However, you can go for spiral bound booklet printing if you need more pages.

Online booklet printing services at PrintPapa provide low-cost booklets with fast turnarounds and low minimums. They assure high-quality and durability with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. For more details, log on to or dial 408-567-9553.

A Promotion with A Jingle: 3 Simple Ways That Make Flyers Effective For Promotion

Holidays usher in gatherings and celebrations among family and friends. This is the time when we express our feelings of love, care, and gratitude to those who mean so much to us. However, from a business point of view, Holidays bring a great season of sales and purchase. And if you are one of those looking for a great holiday promotion, PrintPapa is your one-stop destination.

PrintPapa provides online printing for a large variety of print products like catalogs, table tents, and flyer printing among many others. And as far as holiday messages and offers are concerned, flyers can be a very effective promotional print product.

custom shaped flyers

Here are 3 simple ways that make flyers effective for your Holiday promotions:

  1. Custom-shapes: PrintPapa provides full-color custom shaped flyers that will help you convey the Holiday spirit in a better manner. Opt for shapes that will carry the vibe better e.g. crosses, diamonds, triangles, and stars. Opting for flyer printing services from PrintPapa provides you with fast turnarounds and low minimums.
  2. Multiple sizes and finishes: PrintPapa provides multiple sizes and finishes for its flyers. Their sizes include 3 x 4, 5 x 7, 6 x9, 8.5 x 11 flyers, and many others. For finish, they have matte, gloss, and laser smooth. Keeping in mind that it is a festive season, opting for a gloss finish will be better able to reflect the vibe. However, you can choose the matte or laser smooth finish if you want; whatever conveys your message better.
  3. Design: PrintPapa lets you upload your own artwork for the flyers. Make sure that you have a high-resolution artwork or image. Since they will be seen at an arm’s length, dull images will have a negative impact on your customers.

Flyers can be used for hand-to-hand distribution as well as on tables in restaurants and cafes and even in retails stores. Their multipurpose nature makes them a perfect choice for Holiday promotion. Get high-quality flyer printing California from PrintPapa with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. For more info, log on to or dial 408-567-9553.

3 Questions to Make Your Business Cards Printing Endeavor a Smooth Sailing

For a small and medium-sized business, it is crucial to building a solid network around them. So, if you are in California and trying to create such a network, come to us at PrintPapa. We, with our attractive and affordable printed tools will help you achieve your goal. And if you are wondering which tool can help you in spreading network the most, then opt for business cards.

Portable, attractive, elegant and cost-effective, business cards are really important tool for brand promotion. No wonder business card printing is such a popular choice for many companies. Now, before you go for it, ask the following questions yourself and judge well.

business card printingDo Style, Color and Paper Matter a Lot?

Well, it does. Our experience says that when the business cards are attractive, your potential clients and associates are more likely to keep it with them and circulate them. So, if you are creating a high-quality business card, half your job is done. Choosing luxurious paperstock, using full-color printing and choosing the right style, all of these are important. When the standard cards appeal for services, die-cut shapes add a quirky appeal. Luxury finish cards are perfect for making a statement. So, when you are ordering online business cards printing with us, check all these points thoroughly.

Do You Need to be a Skilled Designer?

Not necessarily. There are many free tools online that will offer you free templates for designing your business cards.  You just have to enter the required information. Or you can follow our other blogs where we offer tips on business card design.

How can You Get Guaranteed Success?

You need to do your best for this. In a nutshell, you need to hire a reputed company that will offer you a fast turnaround as well as guaranteed satisfaction on printing your business cards. If you are looking for business cards printing California, then we can assure you high-quality end result as we are a BBB accredited business with 4.8 online ratings.

So, now as you have got all your answers, what are you waiting for? Visit and place your bulk order now. Comfortable in ordering over the phone? Dial 408-567-9553 right away.

3 Types of Folded Brochures You can get from PrintPapa

PrintPapa has dedicated itself to help all the small and medium-sized businesses to get a solid foothold with the help of effective marketing techniques and mediums. With our cost-effective printed tools, we make sure that, you, our esteemed client, can boost their promotion quite a few notches; and amongst all our recent popular products, brochures are really doing rounds.

So, if you are wondering how brochure printing can help your business promotion, you need to know about the folds of it and how you can use them. Take a look at the following types of folds that you can use for brochures.

online brochure printing

Two Fold or Bi-Fold

This type of brochures is made of one sheet of paper which gets folded in the middle. The standard size is this brochure is 8.5*11. If you are looking for ways to market your even, music gig, a travel company with maps and pricing lists, you can easily use this type of brochures. Add specs, content, and images to make it attractive. We offer different finishes too. Make sure you are choosing the right options while ordering online brochure printing.

Three Fold or Tri-Fold

You have a lot of brand stories to share but not as much as a booklet. In this case, you can use these three folds brochures that will offer you six panels that you can use for creating perfect layout with attractive images and compelling content.

Z Fold

Easy to carry, quirky and different from standard threefold, these brochures are pretty popular for handing out as well as direct mail. With plenty of space, you will get the liberty to tell your brand story or give details of your latest range of products along with clear CTA.

So, now as you know about the folds of brochures, what are you waiting for? Visit today for brochure printing California or call at 408-567-9553 for more details.

3 Reasons Booklet Printing can be the Best Tool to Market Your Non-Profit Organization

It is not just the businesses that are in need of marketing and promotion. In today’s world, when you are even doing something for a cause, it is necessary that you promote it well so that you can garner support from every remote corner of the world. Keeping this in mind, we at PrintPapa, offer printed tools for marketing to different nonprofit organizations too so that they can spread the words of their work all over the world.

booklet printing servicesNow, if you are running a nonprofit organization and wondering which tool can help you, then we would suggest booklet printing. It is certainly one of the most effective tools that can help you reach a wider audience with more impact. How booklets can help you in promotion? Take a look.

Presentation of the Cause

When you are promoting your organization or NGO, you need to make sure that you are presenting it well. Booklets let you present it properly with the cover and the highlighted message so that even those people who don’t have much time for perusing your information can get a glimpse of what you are doing.

Telling Your Story

Booklets offer you an ample amount of space that will let you tell the story of your organization pretty well. You can talk about the initiation and the establishment, the mission and philosophy of your organization and above all, the aim and the message you need to convey. With the help of our booklet printing services, you will get a chance to tell your story to the target audience.

Affordable Option

When you are promoting your nonprofit organization, it is obvious that you will have a limited budget. You are either spending your own money or from the donation which can be used for many other necessities of the NGO. Booklets can be a very cost-effective choice for you in that way. And when you place your bulk order with PrintPapa, you can save few more bucks too.

So, when you are looking for ways to market your nonprofit and looking for a company of booklet printing California, rush to PrintPapa. Visit now or call at 408-569-553 today.

“Sign”-In for Promotions – 2 Effective Signs for Your In-Store Promotions

We all know that before words came into existence, the only way to communicate was through signs. And as far as business promotions are concerned, it still is the best means of communication. Keeping this in mind, PrintPapa brings to you a long range of premium quality signs that can be used to promote your store and attract local customers in a perfect manner.

Sign printing online at PrintPapa provides you with a long-range of sign options to choose from. We provide custom printed full-color signs that are very much durable and long-lasting with zero-compromise on quality and durability.



Here are the different types of signs available at PrintPapa for your in-store promotion:

    1. Frame and side-walk Signs: Being one of the most popular choices for bringing in the passerbys, these signs can be put to great use when speaking about store promotions in the neighborhood.

      Custom sign printing at PrintPapa allows you to choose from a range of sizes suited to your purpose. Frame signs are available with replacement posters as well. This allows you to merely replace the posters on the signs whenever you are providing new offers or discounts rather than going for a whole new sign again and again.

  1. Point-Of-Purchase Signs- These signs are provided with stands so that you can place them on your store countertops for the visibility of your customers at all times. These can be used as event signs, new dishes, etc.

    Opting for sign printing online at PrintPapa will be a perfect choice as our signs are printed in full color on PVC board or Foamcore. While the first one is durable and better for outdoor use, the second one is better suited to indoor purposes.

Both these signs are great ways to grab the attention of a passerby outside your store and will certainly lead to higher sales and revenue. PrintPapa is one of the best agencies of sign printing California, carrying an A+ accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. We provide fast turnarounds and low minimums to all its customers with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. To know more about us or to avail our signs, visit or just dial 408-567-9553.