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Design Tips For Labels And Stickers

Though small in size labels and stickers are very important and go a long way in promoting your business. Stickers have become simple and effective marketing and advertisement tools. They are placed in cars, helmets and computers or are distributed through company mails. Labels on the other hand come in handy for most organizations especially those involved in product manufacturing.

Removable bumper stickers are the most popular ones and serve best for short term promotion. Full color stickers grab immediate attention of an individual. When it comes to labels square cut labels and round corner rectangle labels are popular with the product manufacturing industry. There is also a huge demand for mailing labels in this industry.

A well designed label or a sticker can promote any business in the same manner as a business card or an impressive letterhead would do. Some things that should be kept in mind while designing labels and stickers are:

  • Design to create Impact – The designing part of the labels and stickers should be such that they create an impact. Stickers should be designed creatively as they are aimed at marketing the brand. Labels on the other hand have a much stricter design guideline as they are usually pasted on the body of the product.
  • Brand Your Organization – One primary objective of labels and stickers is to create awareness about the brand  in front of the target audience. The logo and the brand name should find prominent position in both the sticker and the label. Once the name of the brand is established in the minds of the target audience labels and stickers have achieved their goal.
  • Make Full use of the Space – Labels and stickers are small in size and thus you need to make optimum use of the space. Do not leave empty spaces in the sticker or label.
  • Play with Color – Color tends to create an emotion in human mind and bright colors tend to attract us all.  Design your labels and stickers in full color which will create a buzz around the industry. However in cases where color detracts from your message, it can be avoided.
  • Don’t Compromise with the Printing – A well designed label or a sticker needs to be complemented with quality printing on high quality paper. Hire a professional printer who has expertise in such printing both short run and long run.

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