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Why You Need to Update Your Logo Every 5 Years?

Large organizations changing their logo designs have become a common occurrence. Most of the companies change their logos after every five years or so. Last year two popular companies decided to change their logos. Logo change of Gap and Starbucks made headlines. While the new logo of Starbucks was well received by their fans, Gap attracted quite a lot of criticism. Thus modifying a corporate logo requires a lot of deliberation. The corporate logo is not only displayed in the product packages they are also essential to elucidate what the company is all about without speaking a single word. Though some companies seem to be in frenzy about changing their corporate logos (at times even thrice in as many years) but too much change can distract the loyal customer base. Changing the logo once every five years is an inevitable fact for businesses.

But what are the reasons for logo change and how it can help the businesses? Let us find out:

  • Growth: With every passing year businesses will invariably grow and have higher profits. There are many ways in which a company grows. Some companies opt to merge with other big names in the industry to create a stronger brand entity. While some other companies grow by acquiring other smaller companies to add more value to its current business. Some companies might grow independently without taking recourse to the above mentioned steps. Whatever be the situation, the company has to change their logo to signify the change or growth.
  • New Values and Practices: Sometimes the logo change might not be due to the financial prosperity. Logo design change may also be triggered by change of vision and mission. Logo change often brings out the true business objectives and helps in brand positioning. While some companies go for an entirely new logo to signify their change other companies try to make some required changes.
  • New Services, Products or Technologies: Companies always look to expand their list of services or products. You can make the customers aware of the latest changes in the company with logo change. Though updating the logo each time you introduce a product or service is not a wise idea, but if some of the products or services have been popular among the users then the same can be used in the logo design.
  • Bad Press: Many times companies make enormous mistakes that cause their disrepute. You have to take quick steps in such instances before the situation gets out of hand. May be you are harming the environment in some way, you can reboot your brand image by adding a green colored logo which will say that the company will take environment friendly measures in the future.

So changing corporate logo is important in many ways for the corporate houses. A company goes through many changes in five years and thus it is a fitting time to think about the logo change. Reputed printing service providers such as PrintPapa can help you create a catchy logo and then use the new logo in all your promotional materials. You can promote your company effectively with the new logo and various promotional materials available at PrintPapa such as Brochures, Envelopes, Business cards, Banners, Bookmarks, etc.

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