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Designing Tips to Create Door Hangers

Printed door hangers can be used for assorted purposes, for example advertisements, do not disturb signs, contact us pages, double sided messages and many more. There are various companies which can do this tedious job for you. Finely printed door hangers can also be used as a marketing tool for your business.


You can be assured that marketing your products or your services through door hanger can be very viable. This method of advertising is much more cost effective than bulk mailing or brochure and booklet distribution. The design of the door hangers is as important as the message that it holds.

You can create your custom made door hanger designs as per your requirements. Astounding designs coupled together with exceptional content can grab the attention of new and existing customers. Striking and abstract colors can be used to ensure that people pay attention to the message. Bright photos, contrasting hues, and even assortment of color patterns can grasp attention.

Custom designed door hangers should always have big and bold headline. Bold headlines are very distinctive and can impress potential customers for your business. An extensive range of color combination can be used to make your door hanger stand out from the rest. These features work as a catalyst in speeding up the sales of your business.


You can also have double sided door hangers made for you. In one side you can mention the type of business that you own, and on the other side you can print a detailed map locating your showrooms or service centers. Similarly political campaigns and movements can be conveyed through door hangers to spread the message appropriately.

If you have a point to make or a message to spread to your community or around the city, than door hangers are your most reliable option. Various restaurant owners can also print their menus and phone numbers for take away orders through promotional door hangers. This makes it easier for both, the consumers and the service providers as well.


You can display your messages in ways that you want and design the door hanger yourself. Various online printing service providers are ready to help you decide on the design, help you choose the color combination and print it for you.
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