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Reasons to use Green Printing!

With widespread concerns about pollution in various quarters of life isn’t it wise to do whatever one can to save this beautiful planet? Green printing is the latest trend in the industry. This type of printing service not only reflects the caring attitude for the planet but is affordable too. Though green printing is not as cheap as some of the other conventional types of printing services, it has many other advantages that are making people go green. Below are some of the advantages:


  • Cost Effective – Though the costing for green printing might seem high initially but in the long run they prove to be an economic option. On top of this, there are many green printing agencies that offer very competitive prices for such services.
  • End Results – The recycled papers used in this process are of the highest quality and give great prints while the vegetable or soy inks are made to produce vibrant colors. Such prints also last for a longer time than the prints made from conventional printers.
  • Quick Shift – It is easy to make a switch from conventional printing to green printing. Just place your order and watch the results. These printers follow the same process as conventional printers.


  • Eco friendly – The sole purpose of using such printing service is to make others feel that you care for the planet. The earth has given so much to us. This is just a small gesture on your part.
  • Appreciated by Customers – Using green printing service is a feather in your cap. Your customers will appreciate the caring heart you have for nature. It will convey your obligations to the society and the environment at the same time.
  • Printing is Essential – Printing is needed by all organizations big and small for various purposes. So, if you are going to use the printing services why not use green printing and show your responsibility towards the planet.


  • Spreading the Thought – It might so happen that your green prints might inspire many other companies to take up this form of eco-friendly printing service.

When there is a way to thank the planet for all it has given why not use the green alternative! There are so many printing agencies (one of them is PrintPapa) that provides green printing services. So, use it and feel good!

At PrintPapa below are the list of things we do which classifies us as a Green Printer

  • Chemistry Free Plate Making Process: We use Presstek Computer To Plate Making machine to make the printing plates, which can just be rinsed with plain water. No need for developer or fixer, or polyester films, masking sheets and tapes.
  • Waterless Offset DI Presses: Our presses are waterless press and here is a link to read more about how environmental friendly is a DI Press.
  • We recycle all paper waste.
  • We recycle all metal plates
  • We turn off all lights, AC, fans before we go home.
  • We use electronic Job Tickets to save on paper and also allows us to be more efficient.
  • Plus many more small things we do everyday.