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Business Card Design Tips That Work

Have you ever thought that business cards can be used as a marketing tool? If you answer “no” to this question then you are not alone. Most people fail to realize the importance of business cards and the impact they can have on  business. In fact, if designed in the right way, your business card can create that valuable first impression on your future clients. Just imagine how you would feel holding someone’s business card which is designed in a sloppy way!

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Since first impression is the last impression, don’t let go of this opportunity to impress potential customers. Below I have mentioned some tips that will help you to design impressive business cards:

  • Logo – Use your company’s logo on your business card. If you don’t have one then it’s high time to get one designed. Take professional help if necessary.
Use your logo on your business card
  • KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) – Some people try to put everything about their business on the business card. Avoid clutter!
Design Simple Business Cards
  • Color – Use colors that are used on other stationary of your company. It will give you a unique identity. Stay away from flashy colors.
Use a balanced color scheme for business cards
  • Contact Details – Include website address and your email ID on your business card. Just the postal address and the phone number won’t be enough for net savvy customers.
Put your contact details on your business card
  • Use the back of the card – Put a map or some other useful information at the back of your card.
Put useful information like maps at the back of business cards
  • Readability – Don’t use tiny fonts or those which are too much stylistic. You don’t want your customers to read your business card using glasses.

Make your business cards easily readable

Hope you’ll find these tips to be useful for designing a great business card that would make a wonderful first impression on your would-be customers. If you need any help regarding this, we are always ready to help you at PrintPapa.

How to Design an Effective Business Card
How to Design an Effective Business Card
Date: 2nd August, 2009 | Under: Design Tips | 3 Comments

Top Tips To Design Business Cards Properly

Just like a well-crafted resume brings you more career opportunities to pursue, a well made business card is a powerful advertising tool to impress your existing and prospective clients and it helps to increase sales. A good business card creates a lasting impression about your business, which is how it leads to the development of a new relationship with a vendor or a potential client. That’s why it is important to follow tips to design business cards properly.

Practical Tips to Design Business Cards Properly

Business cards have always been in use. So, it is important to help you understand how we make sure that your business card stands out? Here are a few tips to help you design business cards properly.

Simplicity – Keep your business card design simple and uncluttered. Use fonts that are clear and easy to read like Arial and Times New Roman. Choose a layout which looks simple and neat.

Utilize Space – Try to use both sides of the card. The space at the back can inform clients more about the products and services of your business. Make sure you include multiple ways for clients to contact you like e-mail, mobile number, address and so on.

Make Clear What Your Profession is – Create a one-liner that describes what your business is all about. Avoid putting phrases such as One-Stop-Shop and The Branches. Display your company website so that interested persons can visit your site for more information about the services you provide.

Tagline – Make a tag line or list of your business features, benefits and qualities of your services/products. If you want to impress a customer into buying your services or products, having a tag line is very important.

Your Logo is Your Identity – Choose a logo that reflects what your business model represents. Logos make it easier for a customer to remember your business by recalling an image to the mind.

Paper Quality – The quality of a paper is really important as it defines your commitment to quality as well. Avoid using cheap flimsy paper as it creates an immediate negative impact in the minds of potential clients.

Resolution – The image that you place on your business card should have the right resolution that suits the size of a standard business card. In case the image is small, it will look bad when the cards get printed.

A last point to consider is to distribute your business cards generously. That’s just the beginning of finding new opportunities in your business.

Date: 25th May, 2009 | Under: Design Tips | 2 Comments


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