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Tips To Design Your Own Notepad

Notepads are one of the most commonly used items both at home and office. Although notepads can be purchased from the open market it is ideal to design a custom notepad which will promote your organization.  However don’t confuse a notepad with a company letterhead as both of them are different and serve different purposes. Here are few simple tips that can help you in designing your custom notepad:

  • Know The Size: Talk to your printer and find out the printing size before you start designing. The most common  sizes are the 4.25×5.5 (qtr page), 8.5×5.5 (half page) and 8.5×11 notepads (full page). Changing the dimensions at the last moment can spoil the layout so have perfect dimensions to start with.
  • Use A Tool: The best way to design a notepad is to use a DTP tool like MS Publisher, Pagemaker,  Corel Draw or Photoshop. All of these will give you the opportunity to play with text and graphics while designing your notepad. But do not clutter the notepad with too many things as the main purpose of a notepad is to write so blank spaces are necessary.
  • Use Your Logo: Your notepad should establish your brand and thus it is important that you use your logo in it. Place your logo on the top portion of the notepad on either side. The logo should be made prominent in the notepad. This can be done by making the logo brighter or using a shadow behind it. This will make it stand out and draw attention.
  • Text Is Key: Make judicious use of text in your notepad. Too much of text will spoil the show and too little of it won’t make it look like a notepad. Make sure that you type the company name, address, phone number, fax number, website and email contact information in an appropriate, legible font. Avoid using fancy fonts as they tend to look unprofessional.
  • Multiple Copy Layout: Printing on large sheets of paper reduces the printing cost in most cases. Make one notepad and then copy and place it on the adjacent side. The number of copies in one single print page will depend on the size of the paper and dimension of your notepad. This should be done in consultation with your printer.
  • Margins Are Important:  Always leave a few millimeters of space on each side of the notepad while sending it for the purpose of printing. This will be used by the printer while cutting adjacent copies and resizing of your notepad to the exact size.

You should complement your design with high quality printing and can hire the service of a printers like PrintPapa. They have over the years built expertise in printing of all kinds of corporate and domestic materials such as business cards, notebooks, posters, postcards, banners and many more.

The Advantages of Short Run Printing

Short run printing is the biggest buzz in the printing industry. But one thing should be clarified in this respect that short run digital printing is never going to replace offset printing. Though the short run is a more updated option but offset printing is always the favorite for people looking to place bulk printing orders to their printing agencies. Short run printing is a great option to compliment with offset printing since it can cover all the options that you might not find in offset printing. With the need of businesses to print more and more varieties of promotional materials such as business cards, bookmarks, banners, flyers, etc. Now let us take a detailed look at various advantages of short run printing:

  • Cost Effective: This is a direct printing method so there is no need to go through the tedious processes such as creating plates, film stripping, color separation, etc. The files will just pass through the computer and transfers the data into the printing machine directly. Thus you never have to pay the cost of the materials associated with offset printing.
  • Number of Copies can be Low: In terms of bulk orders short run printing allows you to place order for the exact number of copies you require. Before short run printing came into vogue people had no option but to order for larger orders as they had to bear the cost of producing and dyes too. In the short run printing process the printer can enter the exact number of copies required and thus there is no excess and extra charges that have to be paid.

  • Time Saving: As short run printing does not involve lengthy process and you just have to insert the data in the computer and get prints from the machine it will save a lot of time. Another fact is that in Short Run Printing the colors are sprayed directly on top of the paper and then the paper is coated with aqueous finish. In this process the ink dries instantly. In case of offset printing to get the desired color effect the papers are run through 4 rollers for 5 or 6 times. This process requires more time for the colors to dry.
  • Helps in Direct Mail: Short run printing is a great boon for direct mailing campaigns as this process allows you to be more specific about the target audience as you can specify the number of prints to be produced for a given marketing area.

It may be for these reasons that short run printing is widely used by marketeers. All types promotional materials envelopes, calenders, doorhangers, greeting cards, letterhead, newsletter, postcards, rack cards, etc. are nowadays printed using this process. Print Papa is a printing service provider that can give good short run printing services.

Tips for Postcard Marketing

Marketing the products and services through postcards is a widely used tool in today’s business world. There are so many things that you can put into a printed postcard. But only the worth while information will lead to the success of your marketing campaign. This makes it important for you to choose the right approach and design before you go to a printer. Though there are many tricks of this marketing trade but these are the five main aspects:


  • Lifestyle – Marketing a lifestyle related to the product is the best way to go about your postcard marketing campaign. Using a lifestyle image at the top of a postcard is the best way to catch the attention of your clients. You can select a picture portraying a carefree attitude towards life, or a model with gorgeous dress or even a dude with some of the latest gadgets. If the postcards are printed in the proper manner then the visual appeal of these images makes the readers want to purchase the products instantly, and thus, gives your company a good launchpad.
  • Informative – Today’s age is an age of information. There are so many businesses around the globe that are marketing their products effectively by giving some vital information and statistics. Find out the relevant information about the benefits and dangers of the products and print them on your postcards. People take quite a notice to such type of postcards as they can learn a lot from them and use them in their personal or professional life. If the approach to the postcard is right then they can also make people buy your products. Though the approach is very simple it proves to be very effective.


  • Art – Art is one of the popular themes for marketing a product. Everyone likes a beautiful postcard and then there are some that collect such postcards. Beautiful designs and images along with a provocative marketing message and the logo of the company goes well for most marketing campaigns. But in such marketing techniques the skills of the printing agency play an important role.
  • Forms – Sending forms along with postcards is a great way to get instant clients. Sending the form will make the customers directly order for the products after reading through your benefits and exclusive offers.
  • Souvenir – Souvenir advertising containing facts and images of some important places in the city or some other facts along with your company’s message go well with the clients. This is very useful for people, and thus, they are referred to regularly.


Getting clients to read postcards would mark the success of your postcard marketing campaign. With the choice of the right printing agency like PrintPapa, you can maximize the potential of your marketing campaign.

Recycling Used Postcards

Though this is the age of Internet and emails but postcard is still considered as one of the best ways to greet and inform people. This is the reason each year you get so many postcards from your friends, relatives or many other companies trying to promote their products or services. But once the postcard is read it is of no use and soon gets disposed of in the garbage box. But wasting paper is a crime in itself especially taking into consideration the rate at which the greenery is being shed all around you. So why not try and put minds into play and find some ways to use the postcards that are lying in a corner of your house.


The postcards are made of high quality materials and a lot of hard work goes in on the part of the printer to design them. So using the recycled postcards is also paying respect to the printing agencies. There are so many innovative ways to use the used postcards. Below are some of the ideas that you might put into use:

  • Creating a Collage: Cut some of the pieces of the beautiful custom made postcards and put them together to create a collage. You need to have a creative mindset to turn the pieces of postcard into an artwork. If the collage gets the desired effect then place it within a frame. This artwork can be given as a gift to any friend or even sold.
  • 114_2561270
  • Making a Birthday Scrapbook: Use the postcards to make pages of the scrapbook or the borders for the photos. The text portions of the postcards may also be used to create captions on the photos.
  • Creating Gift Tags: Beautiful images and designs are made on the postcards that are used for marketing. The printing service providers put in a lot of effort to make the postcards look the best. So if you have bought a gift for your friend then use the desired images from the heaps of postcards at your disposal. Just make a hole and then attach the image with a string or ribbon.
  • 201_2590973
  • Making Home Décor Items: Use the best images in your postcards and then place them in frames to make things of table and wall décor. These images may also be pasted on the glass and you will get a beautiful looking candle holder.

Custom printed postcards are the best things that can be used to decorate a home without spending a penny. So use them and that will in itself be showing respect to the printers.

Top 5 Tips for Using Postcard & Direct Mail for Marketing Your Business Easily

Creating postcards and direct mail are effective ways to produce sales leads. It also helps to create a lasting impression on clients without burning a hole in your budget. Most importantly, it is an inexpensive and effective way of communicating about your business prospects. It reaches out to a vast number of people too.

Top 5 Tips for Using Postcard & Direct Mail for Marketing Your Business Profitably

Not all businesspersons are aware of how to unleash such marketing strategies. So, here are top 5 tips for using postcard & direct mail for marketing your business:

Make Things Simple – Keep things simple and don’t clutter your postcard into complex font art. Using different fonts should be avoided as it tends to confuse customers. Create a simple postcard, using simple fonts and designs so that a person can skim it and get the information instantly.

Slogan and Materials – Have a cheeky or apt slogan to help people recognize your business. Your direct mail and postcards should reflect your slogan and leave an imprint on people who see it. Remember, Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” which accompanies their all ads? It is such a popular slogan that it has become a synonym for Nike.

Track Your Postcards – Include a note or coupon asking people to bring back postcards and avail discounts on services. This way, you can determine whether your postcards are effective enough to pull more customers to your side. All you need to do is compare the received postcards from the sent numbers to determine the effectiveness.

Convey a Personal Message – Try to make your business postcard as personal as you can, without trying to sound too casual about the products and services you are offering. The idea is to establish a personal rapport with your customers so that they feel valued. It also helps them to recall your brand when they are addressed in a personal way. Remember to print your signature at the bottom of postcard. Invite people to visit your location within their vicinity as a postcard is always an accepted medium for personal invitations or communications.

A last point to remember is simplicity.  Using direct mail postcard strategy is an efficient way to market your online business but keep it simple so that your message is understood and readers visit your site again.