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Photo Greeting Cards: Something New To Gift

Pictures speak louder than a thousand words and this is where photos hold their dominance over text mediums. While gifting, everyone is accustomed to getting a greetings card along with the main gift item. Greetings cards have been the most popular gifting item for such a long time now, isn’t it good to be a little creative? Printing technologies have evolved enormously over the last decade and now you do not have to buy the designed and printed greetings cards from the stores near you. You can be creative and make a special greeting card from one of the custom printing service providers. Photo greetings cards offer you the option to select a photo of the recipient, write custom messages within the card and then design the greetings card as per your liking.

The popularity of the photo greetings cards have made them apt gifting items on all the occasions or such is the claim made by the printing agencies. Let’s take a look at how worthy gifting items these are in terms of the special days in your life:

  • Christmas: This one of the occasions that has become synonymous with the greetings cards. There is a lot of enthusiasm over the exchange of greetings cards. Just think how unique it would be if you gift a photo greeting card to some of your family members containing the merriment that they undertook in last year’s Christmas. You may also design the card with the bells and reindeer.
  • Anniversaries: Wedding anniversary is a very touchy day for all married couples. You would definitely want to make your spouse feel special, so why not gift a personalized photo greetings card carrying a sweet picture of your wedding day! You may gift this alongside chocolates, diamond rings, etc. You may also include a handwritten romantic message specially dedicated to your beloved.
  • Birthdays: Birthdays celebrate the life of the person. So gift them a photo greetings card containing a memorable picture of the person. You may also write some beautiful lines to add cherry to the cake. Some people also design the card with images of candles and cakes.
  • Father’s or Mother’s Day: Parents make us what we are thus it is very important to make them happy. You can make these dates special by gifting a photo greetings card having your picture in your father’s or mother’s lap when you were a baby. It will flood their hearts with a lot of pleasant memories and make them feel you hold them as precious as you did when you were a child.
  • Thank You Card: You may send the thank you cards thanking people for attending your wedding, anniversary or any other occasion. You may use a picture of the guests and you as the cover of the photo greetings cards. This will make the guests feel special as also remember the occasion for a long time.

To get the desired result with the photo greetings cards you will require the services of a high quality printing agency. Print Papa is one of the know names in terms of offering high quality printed products of various sorts. They offer an assortment of photo products such as calendars, photobooks, banners and posters.

How and Where to Promote Your Books?

The first thing that comes to the mind after writing a book is how and where to promote your book. If you are a well known author you might not require external promotion since your publisher will be happy to promote your book. For the first time self publishing authors however, promotion isn’t as easy. You can use a lot of mediums to promote your book from the Internet to banners, posters and event book stores. You need to keep the following things in mind while promoting your book:

  • Identify your target audience and use a medium which appeals mostly to them. In case of the older generation you could advertise your book through the newspapers but to target the youngsters, Internet is the best medium.
  • Get your book reviewed by a famous magazine or newspaper. Try contacting the book reviewers directly as this is the best publicity you can get.

  • Look for the magazine genres that are to be read by your target audience. If you are writing a sports biography, placing an advertisement in a sports magazine will serve ideal.
  • Try contacting a few book stores in your city and place some posters promoting the book. You can also promote your book by adding bookmarks to other books a month before you release your book.
  • Send a few free copies to the media organization and libraries around you. This may not add to the direct sales but will definitely make you popular.
  • If you have written a book on the youth you could promote it by distributing flyers outside the colleges as the students are your potential readers.
  • Try putting up some posters in coffee shops around the town a few weeks before the release of your book. This will create a hype around the town about your book just before it’s release.
  • You can use the local FM radio to promote your book if your topic is very localized. In case you have a big budget you can also opt for the television which will have a wider reach compared to a FM radio.

Promotion plays a very vital role in the success and failure of books in today’s market. It is important for you to print the book with high quality printing technologies to make it look impressive. Print Papa will serve as the ideal printer for you. They are experts in printing booklets, brochures, rack cards, catalogs, newsletters, door hangers and presentation folders. They are equipped with the latest technology in printing and have built a list of successful clients over the years.