A Business Card too tough to tear

By: Nick Dillard  |  Posted In: Design Tips, Fun Stuff, Marketing, New @PrintPapa  |  March 20, 2012

PrintPapa.com has recently introduced the “Indestructo-Card” aka Plastic printing stock. Is it truly indestructible? Well no. However, if you want a printing medium that better withstands the wear and tear of everyday use or handling, then you want Super Products comprised of 4-12 mil vinyl. The major benefit of this new material is the versatility. Whether you want a tougher than usual business card or signage great for outdoor use, plastic is the way to go. What else can this super vinyl do? How about some super tough stickers? Yes please! Your band need new stickers? Your company looking for an awesome promotional item? Vinyl Stickers are absolutely the direction you want to go. Need to make a statement that wont wash away at the first sign of rain? Vinyl Bumper Stickers are the ticket. Let’s not forget about flyers. Face, your average quarter page flyer can get a bit boring depending on the graphics and paper stock can be downright flimsy. A Plastic Flyer can change all of that. Hand someone a plastic flyer and automatically, your company has made a good, quality impression.