Design Tips for a Trifold Brochure

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  May 4, 2010

There are many ways to build a corporate identity with growing means of corporate promotions evolving everyday. In this age of expansion you as a business person have to choose the best promotional material that will give you a large client base and create a name for yourself in the business world. One such promotional tool is the brochure. Amongst a host of varieties of promotional brochures, the trifold brochure is much used nowadays. It is a very important device to create a favorable brand image so most of the business owners like to leave the designing part for the trifold brochure to the experts. Yet it is important to know some of the aspects that go into designing a brochure.

  • Content: The first step in brochure designing is to prepare a content that will be included in the brochure. The text should be in line with the design of the brochure. The content should be simple and precise. If a lot of information is provided then it would become boring to read and thus the recipients might not be interested. So all the hard work made in designing and printing will go in vain.
  • Format, Size and Fold: After the content has been created you can decide upon the fold and the format. For example a trifold brochure might be folded vertically or horizontally whichever folds gives a good look to your promotional material.
  • Messages: The values held by the company should be clearly reflected in the messages that the brochure bears. The content should not only reflect the benefits of the product or service but it should also state clearly the main beliefs that the company has. Thus trifold brochure forms an important tool in introducing the company to a customer and building a favorable corporate image.
  • Knowing Target Audience: Before you decide upon the theme, content and design of a trifold brochure you should have a clear idea about the age group of people you are targeting. For example if you are looking to target youth then the promotional material should be more exuberant than if you are targeting a middle aged professional.
  • Mixing Text and Images: Text is an important part of a trifold and equally important are the images. So the text should leave enough space from graphical designs. The images should rhetorically connect with the content of the brochure and they must be clear and catchy.

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