Rack Cards To Promote Pizza Business

By: Shawn Nag  |  Posted In: Marketing  |  September 21, 2010

Rack cards are often found in restaurants and coffee shops around the world and are a great source of promotion. They are very cost effective and attract the attention of the people when placed on a table in such places. They can influence people to buy pizzas in a pizza shop. Here are five ideas by which rack cards can be used to promote your pizza business through rack cards:

  • Pizza Menu – Rack cards can be used for making pizza menus. The shop owner can inform people about various toppings available in the shop through rack cards. The ones with attractive toppings can be included in the image section.
  • Free Pizza Cards – For regular customers, these cards can be turned into free pizza cards. Customers can pick up a rack card on his/her visit. A collection or five or seven of such rack cards can make him/her eligible for a free medium or large sized pizza.

  • Discount Cards – Rack cards can be used as discount cards at pizza stores. They can have a percentage of discount printed on them. You could give different discount amounts to people of different bill value. The higher the bill more can be the discount percentage.
  • Tear Off Cards – The rack card’s tear-off part can be used to give a few freebies to the customers. They can tear off the portion and submit their names and contact numbers on the tear off part. A lottery can be held weekly and weekend movie tickets can be handed out to the winners.
  • Business Cards – You can create a rack card which has a tear off business card attached with it. This will promote your shop among the masses. Make sure that you are very creative with your business card or it won’t be able to attract enough attraction to be torn off from the rack card.

All these will serve as great yet cost effective methods to promote your pizza business. To make the rack cards look impressive it is important that you get them printed from a high quality printer. PrintPapa is one of the ideal printing service providers for this job. They are a modern printing agency who are equipped with the latest in terms of printing technology. They have expertise in printing banners, business cards, calendars, envelopes, catalogs, booklets, books etc. They have a huge list of satisfied clients who have been provided quality work on time.