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Which Brochure Ideas Can You Use Best

Posted In: Marketing  |  December 1, 2009

Most direct marketing professionals cannot make up their mind on which kind of brochure marketing idea would best complement their marketing campaign. Some would rather focus on graphic design, which forcibly attracts eyeballs at a trade fair or seminar while some would necessarily opt for better textual matter.

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Why CD Printing Helps Improve Your Professional Image

Posted In: Marketing  |  November 20, 2009

Why do you think firms and companies use printed CD/DVD jackets while shelling them out for sale? Protection from damage did you say? Wrong! The exclusively single reason that CD jacket printing is in existence (and popularly so) is because of the fact that they can be a great way to literally market your product (CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs) to the potential consumer base.

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How Notepads Can Be Used As a Promotional Tool

Posted In: Marketing, Tips & Tricks  |  November 10, 2009

Notepads, if developed, designed and printed with care, can be one of the best lead generating machines within the firm’s repertoire. This is more important in the contemporary market situation, where the economic recession has not yet released its strong clutch on the finances of most companies, irrespective of size, budgets or employee strength.

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Rack Cards and Their Involvement in a Marketing Campaign

Posted In: Design Tips, Marketing  |  November 2, 2009

Rack cards, like all other business marketing collateral have always been one of the top-notch promotional tools that not only help attract the consumers’ attention but also helps initiate new sales potential for the firm.

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